Top 5: The best LED strips in the test

LED strips Test 2016

LED strips — the flexible illumination

LED strips are practical all-rounder. The several-meter-long LED strips can be used very versatile. They serve as an indirect light source in living rooms and bedrooms, as a backlight of the TV and for the ultimate home theater experience. Or they come under cabinets and furniture, on stairways or along the floor or the ceiling for use. Cabinets, shelves and cabinets are illuminated with LED strips in a decorative way. With their bright colors and high luminance, they also are perfect as party lights.

Thanks to the adhesive backing, the installation is a breeze. The strips keep wherever they are needed, without drilling and screwing. Moreover, most bands can be cut to the desired length. In general, the LED strips therefore come as a complete set, with power supply, remote control and all that is necessary for operation.

There are differences in the length of the strip, the number of LEDs used, and at the selectable functions and light effects. Given the small size of the LED supply LED strip much light in a compact product . They can be installed anywhere unobtrusively, without taking up much space.

The LED strips compared (Tenlion, Salcar, ALED LIGHT, LED universe and Philips)

Tenlion LED Strip Set
Tenlion LED Strip Set
Salcar RGB LED Strip with 150 LEDs
Salcar RGB LED Strip with 150 LEDs
LED RGB strip universe Set
LED RGB strip universe Set
Philips Friends of hue — Light Strips
Philips Friends of hue - Light Strips
Award The Affordable The Light The bestseller The quality The Moderne
customer Rating 4.1 stars4.1 of 5 107 Amazon customers
4.1 stars4.1 of 5 140 Amazon customers
4.1 stars4.1 of 5 96 Amazon customers
4.4 stars4.4 of 5 8 Amazon customers
4.2 stars4.2 of 5 32 Amazon customers
length 5 meters 5 meters 5 meters 5 meters 2 meters x2
LEDs per meter 30 30 60 60 30
programs 6 6 8th 2 infinitely
remote buttons buttons buttons touch app
test read Review read Review read Review read Review read Review

(The Affordable) Tenlion LED Strip Set

Tenlion Stripe Set-AnTenlion Stripe Set RedTenlion Stripe Set GruenTenlion Stripe Set BlueTenlion Stripe Set-AnTenlion Stripe Set RedTenlion Stripe Set GruenTenlion Stripe Set Blue
Tenlion Stripe Set-Off

length 5 meters
LEDs per meter 30
programs 6
remote buttons
rating The LED strip set with 4.1 of 5.0 stars 107 opinions

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The least expensive of the presented LED Strips. The kit includes an AC adapter and a remote control. The LED strip has a length of five meters and can be shortened if necessary to the desired length. According to the manufacturer, the product is very safe because it with an integrated circuit (IC) is operated.Even against a short circuit, it should be well protected. Power consumption is one watt; the item is alternatively with up to four watts available.

The handling is very simple — like most LED strips are these self-adhesive and therefore ready for immediate use. 20 colors available on the remote control to select. To correct RGB LEDs it is not, however. Each LED has a color , namely red, green or blue. Other colors are so mixed together from these individual LEDs. As a result, the mixed colors are not as clearly defined as it is the case with strips with actual RGB LEDs. However, the individual colors shine intensively. When the lighting time is not to be colorful, is white and warm white light can be adjusted.

The Tenlion LED strip set at a glance

  • + Attractive Price
  • + Energy efficiency class A +
  • + 1 year money-back guarantee
  • — Rapid heat generation
  • — Light stench at 1st use

tenlion-led set-box
tenlion-led set-package contents
tenlion-led full-set
tenlion-led set-remote


(The Bright) Salcar RGB LED Strip with 150 LEDs

Salcar RGB LED Strip-AnSalcar RGB LED Strip-RedSalcar RGB LED Strip GreenSalcar RGB LED Strip Blue
Salcar RGB LED Strip-Off

length 5 meters
LEDs per meter 30
programs 6
remote buttons
rating The RGB LED Strip with 150 LEDs with 4.1 of 5.0 stars 140 opinions

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This LED Strip 150 LEDs are distributed over five meters. After every third LED Strip can be cut. 20 colors can be selected directly. Six self-mixed colors can be stored. Leisure facilities include six color changing modes. The brightness can be regulated . Is operated the bar with an infrared remote control with 44 buttons. These LED strips come with all accessories: controllers, power supply (12 volts) and remote control.

The color rendering index is 80.00. With an energy consumption of less than 36 watts , the strips are quite economical. This is also reflected in the operating temperature of only 35 degrees. The SMD LED chips are provided with gold wires and sit in a copper case. According to the manufacturer, the colors are very pleasant, the light bright and durable LEDs long. The item is often bought and replaced mainly good customer reviews.

The Salcar LED chip bar Overview

  • + Well-made LED chips
  • + Attractive price / performance ratio
  • — Rickety remote
  • — Less features than other

Salcar RGB LED Box
Salcar RGB LED Package Contents
Salcar RGB LED delivery

(The bestseller) ALED LIGHT RGB LED Strip


length 5 meters
LEDs per meter 60
programs 8th
remote buttons
rating The RGB LED Strip with 4.1 of 5.0 stars 96 opinions

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The complete set of Aled Light has five meters long and with 150 LEDs.Supplied with the matching connector and a remote control with 44 buttons.This is a total of 20 RGB colors (red-green-blue spectrum) can be adjusted. Owncolor creations can be saved by means of six DIY keys are. Further, eight different modes to choose from, including a flashing light and a quick change of either three or seven colors.

The energy efficiency is class A, so could be a little better. Waterproof the item is not. This product customer reviews differ greatly. Some buyers warn downright before the LED strip or before the power supply. According to their information, there is a fire hazard, since the power supply to the load is not appropriate and may burn out. This contrasts with many really good reviews.The experience seems to be a very different nature. In any case, it isextremely inexpensive LED Strips.

The ALED LIGHT LED Strip Overview

  • + 20 colors available
  • + Eight different light programs
  • + Very bright thanks to 60 LEDs per meter
  • — By adhesive sheet total slightly sticky

aled-light-strip package contents
aled-light-strip komplettset
aled-light strip Remote Control

aled-light-strip plug
aled-light-strip cable

(The quality) LED RGB strip universe Set

led a universe-led universe-redled universe-greenled universe-blue
led universe-from

length 5 meters
LEDs per meter 60
programs 2
remote touch
rating The RGB stripe set with 4.4 of 5.0 stars 8 opinions

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Pro Meter has this LED Strip 60 LEDs , so 300 total. As usual with such strips, it can speed up after every third LED. With protection class IP 65, the article is also suitable for outdoor use and for areas where moisture is produced.Included in the product range are a controller, a power supply and a wireless remote control. The latter ensures that no errors occur when an infrared remote control for the TV is used as.

However, the remote control also differs otherwise from those that accompany most favorable Strips. So the color adjustment is not a button, but by touching the touch panel, which is marked with a color ring. Thus, the colors can be adjusted continuously and very precise. The remote control at a distance of 20 meters. For dimming pressing the corresponding point on the panel.Installation is as with other stripes well: They are simply glued.

The LED universe LED Touch operated Stripe Set Overview

  • Radio remote control with touch panel
  • splashproof
  • 50,000 hours life
Lengths of LED Strip universe
  • 2 Metres
  • 5 meters
  • 6 meters
  • 8 meters
  • 10 meters

led universe-set remote control
led universe-set-detail
led universe-stream
led universe-complete set
led-strip universe


(The Modern) Philips Friends of hue — Light Strips

Philips Hue Strip APhilips Hue Strip BluePhilips Hue Strip RedPhilips Hue Strip Dimmed
Philips Hue Strip Off

length 2 meters x2
LEDs per meter 30
programs infinitely
remote app
rating The Friends of hue - Light Strips with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 32 opinions

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From the home Philips this ultramodern Light Strips, which feature a view can be controlled App . This works with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, allowing a variety of light settings. In conjunction with the app called «hue» Philips sells several suitable light sources that can be gradually supplemented and combined. The product shown here is the starter. Included are two Light Strips of two meters in length, the required Bridge including AC adapter to power and a LAN cable.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology, the Light Strips in various respects maximum possibilities in the field of domestic lighting design. Approximately at the color choice that includes impressive 16 million colors. The brightness and intensity of colors can be customized. In addition, the light can be switched on from the road and off, in order to prevent break-ins. The handling of the app is simple and easy.

The Philips LED app-controlled Strip Overview

  • + Operation via App
  • + Various settings
  • + Various extensions available
  • — Slightly high price

Philips hue Stripe Box
Philips hue-Package Contents
Philips hue-komplettset
Philips hue-led set
Philips hue-control
Philips hue-stripe-full
Philips hue-stripe-detail
Philips hue-iphone

Recommended accessories for strip

5x Connection cable for LED RGB Strips - LED Strip Accessories

5x Connection cable for LED RGB Strips

Cheap 5-piece cable set for easy connection several LED strips.The soldering is thus no longer necessary. The cables are 17cm long.

Currently € 6.49 * at

4x iFoxtek RGB Strip corner connector - LED Strip Accessories

4x iFoxtek RGB Strip corner connectors

The cheap corner connectors of iFoxtek enable assembly without tools. The practical clip system, the installation is very easy!

Currently € 7.99 * at

FAQ strips

Have LED Strips for ceiling mount?

Mounting on the ceiling

Many LED strips have an adhesive film on the underside. Use it to attach it directly to smooth and clean surfaces. That’s because for so you can attach the LED strips both on a wall, and on the ceiling. However, if the tape is not self-adhesive, you can install it with double-sided tape on the wall or ceiling. With this variant, you can attach the LED Strips to any surface that supports the tape.

Is it possible LED strip to cut?

Shorten the strips

LED strips consist of units of 50 cm. The transition between two units is characterized by a scissors icon , font «cut here» or a red line. Among them is a solder joint, where you can cut the strips with scissors. The copper points must be maintained on both sides, so you can combine functional the rest again. Simply connect only the copper dots together and solder them then, so that the electrical circuit which carries no loose contacts. This procedure is absolutely safe and does not require an electrician.

Are there programmable LED strips in the market?


Yes, there are numerous programmable LED strips in the market. However, these are a bit more expensive than LED strips, which you can not program. They offer a variety of options with which you can customize your LED stripes. So models are available, for example, in which you can choose the color of each LED. You may even choose to be changed so that a LED lights up in different colors. Other models can be, for example, also in their luminosity or in their activity time program. This allows a variety of projects, realized to easily animated mini movies. Here your creativity no limits.

Can you attach wallpaper LED Strips also?

Attaching to the wall

Yes. You can clip LED Strips on many different materials. Many LED strips have an adhesive surface on its underside.With this you can attach the LED strip to any smooth and clean surface. Here, however, you must note that there is not only smooth wallpaper. While LED strips can be attached to wallpaper in principle, it may be that problems in the attachment to ingrain or other wallpapers created with a protruded uneven surface. Here you do not need, however, lose your courage, because for every problem there is a solution craftsmanship. If your LED Strips have no adhesive surface or fail to keep to the desired wallpaper, then there is still the possibility to fix them by means of a double-sided adhesive tape on the wallpaper.The difference depending on the craftsmanship falls this to little more and you can track their projects without any problems on.

Have LED tapes stick well with hot glue?

Caution caution

When fastening LED strips with hot glue, you should prefer caution be exercised. While there are numerous cases in which occurred no problems and the LED strips without incidents could attach with hot glue, so there are a few known cases where precisely this became a problem.
A well very unpleasant, but rather harmless problem here is in the properties of the hot-melt adhesive. This can namely not be placed only once to melt and thus offers potential that the heat production particularly bright LED bands the Kleber brings to melt again and they fall down.
Furthermore it has the hot melt adhesive in the liquid state particularly high temperatures , which of the electronics may damage LED strips. Here you should definitely avoid programmable LED to attach ribbons with hot glue because they are so highly sensitive that an increased incidence of damage to the electronics and they were completely useless. So it is possible, but should be your last choice when attaching the LEDs.

Versatile LED strip color to the home

Colorful LED Strip for lighting

Four of the five products have certain common features: The LED strips are five meters long, self-adhesive, come in complete and be by means of a remote control operated. In the Philips product is a different kind LED strips. In general, most of LED strips are very similar, both visually and in terms of their functions.Nevertheless, there are important differences.

Priced the strips of Tenlion lie ahead. However, the strips of ALED LIGHT ® and Salcar can be assigned to the same price level. A significant price jump there View of LED universe. These strips are the only one displayed here waterproof and operated by a wireless remote control. Deeper still must reach into his pocket one of the App-controlled Light Strips, with almost endless adjustment possibilities, from home or on the road, come up.

Practical and versatile all LEDs Strip. It is, for example, standards that they separated after every third LED and can thus trim several different lengths Strips. Which is the right product depends on the individual needs, such as the number of LEDs or the individual functions.

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