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LED Grow Light Test 2016

Lighted plant

Transform the living spaces into a garden

He who loves his plants, strives to provide the best possible conditions  to create in order to grow and thrive splendidly. Besides water, primarily the right lighting is essential. Many plants depend on a consistently high light supply.But our weather can ensure that not always. The spatial conditions and the lighting conditions at home also play a role.

Where daylight is not adequate, special lamps are used, which the plantoptimally supply . An LED lamp plant, also called plant luminaire is ideally suited for these purposes. The big advantage is its low energy consumption.Power-conserving plant lights can be operated daily over a long period — without a bad conscience about the environment and without the cost of electricity to drive up. Using modern LED technology is the lighting requirements of all plants, regardless of their location, covered.

Another distinct advantage is the minimal heat emission . While other lights are hot and strain the plant either by high temperatures or require a lot of energy for cooling, guarantee the best LEDs gentle light supply.

For a quick overview simply look at our Grow lamps comparison, which all featured LED Grow Lights presents succinctly. For further information on each product, simply click on «Read Review» in the last line.

The LED lamps plant compared

TaoTronics, eSmart Germany, Arespark, Galaxhydro and Roleadro®

TaoTronics plants E27
TaoTronics plants E27
eSmart Germany plant lamp Faye
eSmart Germany plant lamp Faye
Arespark 180W plant lamp
Arespark 180W plant lamp
Galaxhydro 300W LED Grow Light
Galaxhydro 300W LED Grow Light
Roleadro® COB plant lamp
Roleadro® COB plant lamp
Award The all-rounder The Tricolour The round The Powerful The power light
customer Rating 4.7 stars4.7 of 5 260 Amazon customers
4.1 stars4.1 of 5 50 Amazon customers
4.2 stars4.2 of 5 15 Amazon customers
4.5 stars4.5 of 5 24 Amazon customers
4.3 stars4.3 of 5 7 Amazon customers
weight 358 g 140 g 2.8 kg 2.5 kg 3.0 kg
input 12 Watt 15 Watt 180 Watt 145 Watt 220 Watt
light output kA 800 lumens kA 5800 lumens 7760 lumens
number of LEDs 12 12 60 100 2 x 64
test read Review read Review read Review read Review read Review

(The Allrounder) TaoTronics plants E27

TaoTronics plants E27 - LED Grow Light product image

weight 358 g
input 12 Watt
light output kA
number of LEDs 12
rating The plant bulb E27 with 4.7 of 5.0 stars 260 opinions

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The TaoTronics LED grow box overview

  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Silent passive thermal solution
  • Also suitable for water plants
Services of TaoTronics plant lamp
  • 12 Watt
  • 24 Watt
  • 36 Watt
TaoTronics plant bulb Package E27 base bulb lamp compartments LEDs plant lamp plant illuminated Red and Blue LED's TaoTronics houseplants lamp side

(The Tricolour) eSmart Germany plant lamp Faye

eSmart Germany plant lamp Faye - LED Grow Light product image

weight 140 g
input 15 Watt
light output 800 lumens
number of LEDs 12
rating The plant lamp with Faye 4.1 of 5.0 stars 50 opinions

The air supplies plants with 12 lamps : eight red, three blue and one orange.Since plants need a great deal red light in photosynthesis, this makes up the largest proportion. With the blue light, the growth is promoted. The combination of the three colors of light covers the needs of ornamental and useful plants completely. The large viewing angle of 120 degrees allows the light supply large or multiple plants.

The light output is 800 lumens very high for such a small lamp. The following wavelengths are for the LEDs: red 630 nm, 610 nm orange, blue 460 nm In a low power consumption of 15 watts, the life is on average 50,000 hours.. The power saving is substantial, both as compared to sodium lamps as well as to energy-saving lamps. The cooling of the air is silently vonstatten. For many areas of application and plant species that Faye is a good choice, as the positive customer reviews prove.

The eSmart Germany LED Grow Light Overview

  • Three colors for optimum light supply
  • Wide viewing angle
  • E27er base

(The round) Arespark 180W plant lamp

Arespark 180W plant lamp - LED Grow Light product image

weight 2.8 kg
input 180 Watt
light output kA
number of LEDs 60
rating The 180W lamp plants with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 15 opinions

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The light spectrum of this LED Grow Lamp powered plants both in the growth and during flowering. It is a white, round panel. The primary area of application is the various houseplants , about exotic nature, and the cultivation of example chillies or tomatoes, where the crop formation is supported. The lamp is attached to a rope suspended from a ceiling and the light shines from above onto the plants below it from. Fixing materials are also part of the product scope as the power cord required.

A total of 60 LEDs with a power consumption of three watts produce an optimal light for plant care. The angle is specified as a mixture of 90 degrees and 120 degrees. The lamp is CE approved and complies with RoHS directives.The fan is not working completely silent, but fairly quiet. Except with 180-watt lamp, there are plants with 138 watts.

The Arespark LED light panel overview

  • Full light spectrum
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • 50,000 hours average life
Services of Arespark plant lamp
  • 138 Watt
  • 180 Watt
  • 300 Watt
  • 600 Watt

(The Powerful) Galaxhydro 300W LED Grow Light

Galaxhydro 300W LED Grow Light - LED Grow Light product image

weight 2.5 kg
input 145 Watt
light output 5800 lumens
number of LEDs 100
rating The 300W LED Grow Light with 4.5 of 5.0 stars 24 opinions

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With 100 LEDs, each having a power consumption of about 3 watts, this LED is developed plants light primarily for use in greenhouses. The company provides its Galaxhydro Grow Light is also available with 600 watts. Three quarters of the LEDs contained generate red light. Moreover, infrared rays are used. As a result, the growth of flowers, plants and vegetables to be positively influenced by the cell division stimulated is. The infrared light is in operation less bright than the other lamps. This is normal and does not indicate a lack of quality.

Unfortunately, there is on the German Amazon site have been few customer opinions on this plant air. But on the American side it scores well. The cooling system is noiseless by the manufacturer. For heat dissipation are two fansresponsible, which are approved by the independent testing UL. The built-in IC ensures also that the light does not flicker. According to product description, the lamp produces bright light from a secured PAR value. The life of the plant lamp is up to 50,000 hours.

The Galaxhydro LED greenhouse lamp Overview

  • Infrared rays for better growth
  • IC prevents flickering
  • Life up to 50,000 hours
Services of Galaxhydro plant lamp
  • 145 Watt
  • 175 Watt

(The power light) Roleadro® COB plant lamp

Roleadro® COB plant lamp - LED Grow Light product image

weight 3.0 kg
input 220 Watt
light output 7760 lumens
number of LEDs 2 x 64
rating The COB plant lamp with 4.3 of 5.0 stars 7 opinions

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Growth and bloom of flowers and vegetables to benefit from this powerful plant light. Here in the 400 watt version, there is the lamp with 800 watts of power. In the greenhouse, it is used as well as in the domestic plant breeding.The area to be illuminated should between one and eight square meters in size. According to the manufacturer, a high PAR value is given. In addition, the colors are beautiful uniform and it takes a lot of blue and red light are used.The light is generally well absorbed and the luminous efficiency is high.

It achieves a light output of 7,760 lumens. Thanks to the integrated heat dissipation system, which is called because of its shape as the «Sunflower-cooler», the plant lamp does not run too hot. This fan operates quietly, so no annoying noise. A device on the back side for a number of these plants lampsto be connected with each other . Satisfied the purchase price within the first 30 days will be refunded. Moreover Roleadro are guaranteed for two years.

The Roleadro® LED Grow Light Overview

  • Patented technology for better performance
  • 50,000 hours average life
  • Silent Cooling System
Services of Roleadro® plant lamp
  • 220 Watt
  • 450 Watt

Recommended accessories for plant bulbs

Cable with lamp socket for E27 - LED Grow Light Accessories

Cable with lamp socket for E27

To test the plant lamps with an E27 socket and a cable with bulb holder was naturally necessary. Because the lamp must be supplied with power after all. At Amazon we have about the product listing «Frequently Bought Together» on the product «cable with bulb holder white, E 27, length 4m with switch ‘attention, which is a bulb with up to 230 volts and max. can supply 40 watts. The price was completely okay with about 10 euros, because the cable is rated at 4 meters really long and very practical switch is well made and does not rattle.

Currently € 7.49 * at

revolt Digital timer - LED Grow Light Accessories

revolt Digital timer

To have not permanently, but for example. Only on the night, turned on the lamp plants, we recommend the revolt timer, which is fully digital and has a practical LED display. It can be, according to the manufacturer, program up to 140 on and off times per week. In addition, can the digital timer of course other manually by pressing a key on and off again. According to the manufacturer, the maximum switching capacity of 3,500 watts, which is, however, not even achieved with a fuel-efficient LED Grow Light in approach.

Currently € 12.70 * at

Brilliant 06301T05 terminal - LED Grow Light Accessories

Brilliant 06301T05 terminal

If you supply the future plant lamp not only with electricity and other a switch and will turn, offers the accessories of a practical Brilliant terminal, which allows the entire plant light-construction directly cabinets, tables or shelves to fix. For the small price a really cool accessories!

Currently € 15.37 * at

LE® 5W arm - LED Grow Light Accessories

LE® 5W arm

Your new plant lamp can also conventionally operate on an ordinary desk lamp. For just 20 euros there by Lighting EVER a practical set, consisting of swivel, table stand, desk mount and on top of that a LED lamp. Thus cause usable as a table lamp.

Currently € 22.99 * at

Frequently asked questions about plant bulbs

What exactly causes a plant lamp?

Operation of a plant lamp

The red light generated from the LED lamp plants, is responsible for the generation of the Chlorophyll A and B which is essential for the growth of plants. Although Photosynthesis is animated largely by the red light, but the blue light support photosynthesis the bargain.

Can a plant lamp help each plant?

Support of plant

Actually, a plant bulb, or also known as «LED Grow Light», each plant will help to strengthen its own growth. Be it flowers, fruits or vegetables. A plant lamp helps even roses, spices, wild plants and many more. It helps in all stages of growth. Be it at the beginning as a seedling or already full-grown plant.

Which frequency ranges are used?

frequency ranges

The red light a plant lamp emits at a wavelength of about 620-750nm and a frequency of 400-484THz and the blue light will light with a wavelength of about 450-495nm and a frequency of 606-668THz. Most, however, a commercial plant lamp has more red as blue LEDs.

Sufficient light for every plant

Whether professional or amateur gardeners, plant lovers or flower shop owner — LED Grow Lights help many people, to secure the necessary supply of light for their plants. They accelerate growth and ensure a dense growth . Even for exotic plants ideal conditions can be created. The product variety is huge and without any problems, you can spend several hundred euros for such a lamp.

The products presented here, however, are affordable. More power costs but of course more. Just as the powerful Grow Lights of Galaxhydro and Roleadro. Those who have no greenhouse and would provide only houseplants or vegetables, such as tomatoes, may on cheaper variants, such as the recourse of eSmart or TaoTronics. Both lamps are equipped with 12 LEDs and are similar elsewhere. A good middle ground , both price and technical performance, the plants light of Arespark.

LED Grow lights are perfect for low-light areas and places where not not enough natural light get there. Also during the darker seasons get the plants the light they need. Virtually every plant can be cultivated intensively in this way — reliable and efficient thanks to LED technology.

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