Top 5: The best LED headlamps in the test

Hands free thanks to LED Head Lamp

Headlamps are now actually stocked only with LEDs, and for good reason. In terms of durability and power consumption make them the obsolete bulbs far behind. LEDs are small, resulting in a compact construction of lamps allows the lamp and also makes it easier. Unlike a flashlight, you have free with a headlight both hands. So it is almost no matter whether it is outside light or dark.

To use the practical lights come in sports such as hiking, mountain climbing, jogging and other outdoor activities such as camping. Simple but effective: Thelight shines exactly where you look . For varying distances usually be adjusted several brightness levels, for what is right in front of one, has to be less illuminated than distant objects.

Typically, the lamp head can also be tilted downwards. This not only allows a more precise orientation of light, it also prevents other people are blinded.With an elastic and adjustable band , the lamp is worn on the head. The lamp head also serves as a battery compartment. Thanks to LED technology, the batteries must be changed rarely.

The LED Headlamps comparison (Two brothers, Black Diamond, Petzl, GRDE® and Daffodil)

Zweibrüder LED Lenser H7R.2
Zweibrüder LED Lenser H7R.2
Black Diamond Spot 130 lm
Black Diamond Spot 130 lm
Petzl Headlamp Tikka
Petzl Headlamp Tikka
GRDE® LED Head Lamp
GRDE® LED Head Lamp
Daffodil LEC005
Daffodil LEC005
Award The bestseller The Versatile The easy The Flexible The Cheap
customer Rating 4.5 stars4.5 of 5 297 Amazon customers
4.6 stars4.6 of 5 118 Amazon customers
4.8 stars4.8 of 5 74 Amazon customers
4.6 stars4.6 of 5 40 Amazon customers
4.4 stars4.4 of 5 66 Amazon customers
light output 300 lumens 130 lumens 80 lumens approximately 150 Lumen No information
headlight 160 meters 75 meters 40 meters 80 meters No information
test read Review read Review read Review read Review read Review

(The bestseller) Zweibrüder LED Lenser H7R.2

LED Lenser-H7R2-OnLED Lenser-H7R2-Rueck
LED Lenser-H7R2-Off

light output 300 lumens
headlight 160 meters
rating The LED Lenser H7R.2 with 4.5 of 5.0 stars 297 opinions

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The LED Lenser is a very popular headlamp and goes almost through a classic.Here she is in an improved version, which offers even more comfort and adjustment. The dimming is now even more convenient and the lamp has been expanded to include additional functions. In total there are five settingspossible. With their ergonomic head lamp fits perfectly is also comfortable.Neither she slipped, nor interfere in sporting activities. Weighing 160 grams, it is also not too heavy.

At the highest level the lamp reaches a light output of 300 lumens and a maximum beam length of 160 meters. The headlamp is extremely light and strong, even in terms of light duration convince. This of course depends on the modes in use and can be up to 60 hours. The required lithium-ion battery is included in the product scope. Conveniently, it has a charge indicator . Not least speak the numerous positive customer reviews for the quality of this LED Headlamp.

The Zweibrüder LED Head Lamp Overview

  • Super Bright light
  • Various settings
  • Maximum comfort


The Versatile Black Diamond Spot 130 lm

Black Diamond Spot From
Black Diamond Spot On

light output 130 lumens
headlight 75 meters
rating The spot 130 lm with 4.6 of 5.0 stars 118 opinions

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This extremely bright head lamp is fitted with a high-beam mode and a scattered light for the illumination of the surrounding area. The brightness can be regulated, by tapping with your fingers on the housing, so that the light can be adjusted easily to the respective requirements. When high beam of powerful spot is used, which comes on a light output of 130 lumens with its Triple Power LED. The headlight is depending on the brightness level 8-75 meters. At the highest level of Spot donates up to 70 hours of light, at the lowest maximum of 200 hours.

The short-range light of two white single power LEDs that come at 16 lumens.At full brightness, the lamp lights up to 10 meters wide in this mode and 17 hours; on the lowest level is 2 meters headlight and 80 hours of light. In addition, there is a red night vision mode, a blinking light and a lock featurethat prevents accidental switching on during transport.

The Black Diamond LED Headlamp Overview

  • Different modes
  • Brightness easily adjusted
  • lightness

  • (The Light) Petzl Headlamp Tikka

    Petzl tikka onPetzl tikka specialPetzl tikka From

    light output 80 lumens
    headlight 40 meters
    rating The headlamp Tikka with 4.8 of 5.0 stars 74 opinions

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    Super Lightweight and compact presents the headlamp made by Petzl. It weighs only 85 grams (with batteries) and features two modes: The main mode is designed for close-range and allows various settings. The light output is here up to 20 lumens , the beam width to 20 meters and the light duration 120 hours. More Powerful is the second mode, which is designed for use on shorter distances. Here the lamp reaches 80 lumens , lights 40 meters and provides 60 hours of light.

    The push button is located on top of the lamp head. Thus one finds his headlamp in the dark, it has a bright reflector. Three AAA batteries are required and included. Unlike some other models the headgear this lamp goes around only around the head. The band can be adjusted easily and is washable. What distinguishes the luminaire, is their low weight and high durability and runtime . The LED headlamp gets almost exclusively very good reviews and is available in various colors.

    The Petzl LED compact headlamp Overview

    • Small and light
    • Wide beam
    • Various settings

    (The Flexible) GRDE® LED Head Lamp

    GRDE-LED Headlamp-OnGRDE-LED Headlamp-Special

    GRDE LED Head Lamp Off

    light output approximately 150 Lumen
    headlight 80 meters
    rating The LED head lamp with 4.6 of 5.0 stars 40 opinions

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    One of the cheaper LED headlamps on the market. Despite the low price, the lamp offers some useful features. A: So there are four different modes strong light , which has a power output up to 300 lumens by the manufacturer, but we appreciate the light intensity to approximately 150 lumens, a dimmer lightto be, a red night vision mode and a flashing light for emergencies or better seen , The maximum beam length is 80 meters.

    Is operated the head lamp using a switch on the top of the housing. This requires a bit pressure, so it is not normally operated accidentally in your pocket. The adjustable headband runs around only around the head, without additional tape over the head. With protection IPX6 the lamp can easily be used in rainy weather. Three AAA batteries are in the order. Without batteries, the headlamp weighs 45 grams. With a size of 6 x 3.5 x 4 inches, it is a truly compact, comfortable air for many outdoor activities.

    The GRDE® LED head lamp at a glance

    • Different modes
    • Good price-performance ratio
    • Withstands rainwater

    (The Cheap) Daffodil LEC005


    Daffodil LEC005-OnDaffodil LEC005 special
    Daffodil LEC005-Off

    light output No information
    headlight No information
    rating The LEC005 with 4.4 of 5.0 stars 66 opinions

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    A real bargain, it’s brighter. For this, the lamp is convincing as the many positive customer reviews also show yet. Total 21 LEDs deliver the light. The brightness can be adjusted in three stages: At full power all LEDs, in the next stage eight and at the lowest setting just one. In addition, there is a red flashing light mode.

    Is also very convenient that you can snap off the lamp head. So you can, if required the light cone directed downwards by about other people not to dazzle. The headband runs around and over the head and can be adjusted easily. The Head Light may also be worn in the rain without taking damage.Power is supplied by three AAA batteries that are not included in the product scope. All in all a solid, for many purposes perfectly sufficient product for little money.

    The Daffodil LED head lamp at a glance

    • Flexible lamp head
    • Attractive Price
    • Withstands rainwater

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    Frequently asked questions about Headlamps

    Suitable to a headlamp for jogging in the dark?

    go jogging at night

    A headlamp is ideal when walking in dark conditions for a better view to care. Headlamps can be adjusted to fit your head size and sit by elastic straps tight enough to put away the shocks occurring while jogging. The seat on the head is generally stable, so that the light cone does not wobble too much. The battery life of the current models presented by low-energy LED technology in any case from the luminous intensity as well. The LEDs generate virtually no heat, so wearing remains comfortable on the head. Many models can choose between different lighting levels switch so that the battery protected and the environment is ideal illuminated.

    Can you run with a headlight and the rain?


    Basically it is possible to carry a headlight in the rain. You must merely ensure that the headlight also really waterproofis. For orientation there is for the so-called IP-value that indicates how much water can tolerate the headlamp. The scale ranges from a value of 1 for protection against dripping water up to the value of 8, which means that the headlamp permanently can be exposed to water. For rainfall ranges around usually a value to IP 4, so that the headlamp is also working in the wet reliably and smoothly.

    What must be generally considered when buying a head lamp?

    Checklist for buying

    In order to find exactly the right headlamp, one should own the purchase application purpose and the requirementsnoted on the headlamp. So then you can apply for the right belt assembly, decide the correct light output and any extra functions. The belt assembly can consist of one or more belts. A larger number of belts ensures mostly for better stability and more comfortable seating. The luminous power, which is given in lumens should be suitable for the particular application and need not be set too high. A lamp with 50 lumens ranging from jogging often, more luminous power often will also reduce battery life. Many head lamps also offer additional lights or an automatic dimming function. Depending on the application which can be quite useful.

    Where the benefit is on buying an expensive headlamp of example. LED Lenser?


    More expensive headlamps characterized by their better facilities , which in turn for a wider range of functions and a higher practicability makes. High quality models have an especially high luminosity, the more widely and brightly the environment. Especially in areas with poor or completely without backlight which is useful ranges of more than 100 meters are no problem, and the brightness is often surprisingly large. The battery life is extremely high despite the strong luminosity. In addition, the lighting can be adjusted to be individually and the beam itself can be focused. In addition, the high quality models are built very robust and will thus harder inserts.

    Do I need special LED lamps for cycling, fishing or ski touring?

    to go fishing

    Basically one needs for these applications, no special lamps, the headlights should but certain properties to identify themeet the situation to be. So when cycling the luminance is very important, because one case moves typically at a higher speed than, for example, while jogging. In addition to the range and quality of illumination and brightness is very important. For fishing the lamp should have a certain water resistance against the spray and also be either dimmed or own red light. That does not appear as strong and frightened by no fish. For ski the lamp should not only a high luminance and a high range also have good cold resistance.

    Light, easy and convenient LED Headlamps

    Children with lamps on their heads

    When buying an LED head lamp should always the intended use into account . It plays a role, whether to go with the lamp or runs and how long you wear them.Also, the question arises whether only occasionally want to be guided in the dark or perfect vision in dark needs, perhaps because one is traveling in rough terrain.

    Especially important is the comfort . Here, there is the one hand, on the weight of the lamp, on the other hand on the adjustable head band. Particularly light, for example, the tikka lamp by Petzl. Some models have an additional belt passing over the head. This is less a sign of quality as a matter of personal preference.

    Priced headlamp of Daffodil is ahead, followed by that of GRDE. Various settings are available for all five lights. In higher-priced models, the processing and materials are mostly in accordance with quality. All these head lamps are suitable for various outdoor and leisure activities. It all depends on, on what features you put the greatest value .

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