Top 4: The best LED flashlights in Test

LED Flashlight Test 2016

Nice handy and incredibly bright

Small but powerful — in flashlights act LEDs wonders. Because much of what has annoyed so with flashlights years ago, is today no longer a problem. Previously, the luminous efficacy of the lamp was often low. A small light was indeed capable to bring a little light into the darkness, but the performance was rather disappointing. For more brightness greater light had to be chosen, which had then not much to do with the concept of portability.

Given flashlights with conventional light bulbs were energy guzzlers such that the batteries had to be changed constantly. On the one hand it is annoying when the luminosity quickly subsides and you are suddenly in the dark.Secondly, the money goes into and is also very environmentally friendly. With an LED flashlight belong to such problems of the past. Thanks to the LEDs used, the products are light, efficient, robust and durable .

In performance, size and price there are major differences. Equally diverse are the application areas for practical lamps. It is worthwhile to compare the best products with each other before buying. A high quality LED flashlight is also provide good services with frequent use for many years.

The LED Flashlights Compare (VARTA Easy Acc, two brothers and NiteCore)

VARTA Day Light Torch
VARTA Day Light Torch
Easy Acc 3-in-1 torch
Easy Acc 3-in-1 torch
Two brothers Lenser P7.2
Two brothers Lenser P7.2
NiteCore Tiny Monster NC TM15
NiteCore Tiny Monster NC TM15
Award The bestseller The Cheap The all-rounder The Powerful
customer Rating 4.4 stars4.4 of 5 245 Amazon customers
4.4 stars4.4 of 5 499 Amazon customers
4.6 stars4.6 of 5 759 Amazon customers
4.0 stars4.0 of 5 7 Amazon customers
light output 28 lumens approximately 180 Lumen 320 lumens 2450 lumens
weight 140 g 259 g 180 g 454 g
test read Review read Review read Review read Review

(The bestseller) VARTA Day Light Torch

VARTA Flashlight Day Light - LED Flashlight product image

light output 28 lumens
weight 140 g
rating The Torch Day Light with 4.4 of 5.0 stars 245 opinions

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This flashlight VARTA makes its name. It is really small and handy and with less than ten Euros very inexpensive . Such light is in countless situations of use, whether in the home, on the road or during leisure activities. For the price it is worth considering, is to create more than one, for example, one for the car and one for home use. For many purposes, this LED flashlight is ideal.

With three LEDs, the lamp emits a bright light beam. For impact resistance , the solidly manufactured housing provides. The rubber casing makes the light particularly durable and impact resistant and can they also pleasant in the hand. As virtually Also the strap turns. This may, in addition to its intended function, are also used to tie the lamp while camping in the middle of the tent dome. Furthermore, the product is waterproof, making it a total of extremely insensitive. With various settings, this lamp can not come — there is a switch to turn on and off. Simple, but effective.

The VARTA LED torch Overview

  • included two AA Batteries
  • Cone of light shines 42 meters
  • Burn time of 58 hours

(The Cheap) Easy Acc 3-in-1 torch

Easy Acc 3-in-1 Flashlight - LED Flashlight product image

light output approximately 180 Lumen
weight 259 g
rating The 3-in-1 Flashlight with 4.4 of 5.0 stars 499 opinions

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A multifunctional LED flashlight with a lot of accessories offers the company Easy Acc. For little money here much was offered. The package includes, apart from the lamp itself, a headband for use as a headlamp, a bracket for mounting to the bicycle handlebar and a hand strap. For outdoor sports and active vacations, the lamp is ideal. Practically, the adjustable focus, which is regulated at the front part of the torch. At the far end is the on and off switch.With this three different modes can be set: two brightness levels and a flashing light as a warning light or in emergency situations.

It is operated LED flashlight Easy Acc either with three AAA batteries or one 18650 battery. A sleeve for the battery is included. The batteries or the battery itself must be purchased separately. For high luminosity makes the built Cree LED. According to the manufacturer a brightness of up to 500 lumens is achieved. The housing is made of durable aluminum and keeps vibration, shock and moisture, without being damaged.

The Easy Acc LED bicycle and head lamp at a glance

  • Battery operation possible — only one battery needed
  • Comes with practical attachments
  • Focus and brightness adjustable

(The Allrounder) Zweibrüder Lenser P7.2

Two brothers Lenser P7.2 - LED Flashlight product image

light output 320 lumens
weight 180 g
rating The Lenser P7.2 with 4.6 of 5.0 stars 759 opinions

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Technically sophisticated and rolled into user-friendly presents the LED flashlight of Two Brothers. The product provides a high performance powerand will also meet the requirements in the professional environment, as in the workshop or in the emergency services, justice. The light output of 320 lumens achieves high luminance. Thanks to the light width of 260 meters and distant objects in the dark are clearly recognizable. The name High Performance wearing this LED flashlight so rightly.

Four included AAA batteries power the lamp with current. The brightness can be set between 100% and 25%. Moreover, the is focus adjustable , with just one hand, which can be very convenient in daily use. The manufacturer has made a point that the lamp is as simple as easy to operate. So it is safe and secure in the hand with its profiled surface. An oversized switch also allows a comfortable switching on and off, even when wearing gloves.

The Zweibrüder LED power lamp at a glance

  • Comes with hand strap, holster and batteries
  • Advanced Focus System
  • 50 hours burn time
Zweibrüder LED Lenser P7.2 Standing Lenser P7.2 LED lens from Lenser Case of Two Brothers Zweibrüder LED lamp Lenser P7.2 - beam 1 Lenser P7.2 - beam 2 Lenser P7.2 - cone of light 3

(The Powerful) NiteCore Tiny Monster NC TM15

NiteCore Tiny Monster NC TM15 - LED Flashlight product image

light output 2450 lumens
weight 454 g
rating The Tiny Monster NC TM15 4.0 of 5.0 stars 7 opinions

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Professional and all who make high demands on the performance of its LED flashlight set, the company NiteCore holds ready the suitable product. Among the rechargeable searchlights lamp from the Tiny Monster series in terms of brightness is unmatched. For the distinguished brightness of up to 2450 lumens responsible. Even the lowest of the four levels of brightness is still very bright and perfectly adequate for many purposes. On this basic level is called Lower the light output of 95 lumens and provides up to 52 hours of light. A flashing light function is also available.

This LED flashlight holds like a lot. She is high-quality, durable and up to two meters waterproof, so therefore suitable for the exchange Sport. Thanks to the integrated charger is operating with four 18650 batteries designed especially straightforward. Batteries are not included in the delivery, but a power supply, a charging cable and a holster. It is operated by a single switch. Settings and functions are made through different pressing the button.

The NiteCore LED searchlight Overview

  • Extremely powerful light output
  • built-in charger
  • Suitable for use in underwater

Flashlight is not the same flashlight

Flashlight with LED technology

There are several situations in which a torch useful. Moreover, they are in some fields of work as standard. LED flashlights are available for every demand and every aspiration. From the lamp for occasional use to professional headlights offer manufacturers flashlights in every price category.

For many people a more favorable enough copies, as presented here by VARTA or Easy Acc from. If the lamp is rarely used or is not high luminosity and visibility required, there is no need to invest in an expensive flashlight. As the model of Two Brothers shows, but you get really great lamps with impressive performance already in the middle price segment.

Who is looking for a robust power flashlight, this is used for example in the lamp of NiteCore. Here lets the light output nothing to be desired. Accordingly, such a product will cost a bit more. In each of the flashlights, LED technology enables impressive Brightness, t in a small lamp.

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