Top 3: The best LED workshop lamps in test

LED Workshop Lamp Test 2016


LED work lamps for mobile use

In the workshop, where you work, tinkers, repairs and tinkering, the right lighting is essential. Such activities require the most flexible use of lighting, with which one can light intensively selected sites and see what you are doing.For this reason, offer compact, transportable workshop lights on. They are battery powered and have a hook with which they can be hung up anywhere.So the light is always where you need it straight.

In addition to flexibility, the performance of the work lamp is critical. If the light is not bright enough, important details are not properly recognized, which quickly leads to frustration while working. An LED lamp workshop fills this gap —LEDs provide extremely bright light . By their low power consumption, the batteries significantly longer than traditional bulbs.

Another plus is the low heat generation of LEDs. The lamp is during extended use is not hot, which favors a comfortable and safe working. Portable LED workshop lamps are available in many forms, such as a torch light or pocket-sized.

ELRO 7660 Workshop Light
ELRO 7660 Workshop Light
Brennstuhl 20 + 3 universal lamp
Brennstuhl 20 + 3 universal lamp
Andrew James 2 x 72 LED magnetic light
Andrew James 2 x 72 LED magnetic light
Award The Battery Operated The Versatile The Practice
customer Rating 4.2 stars4.2 of 5 34 Amazon customers
4.8 stars4.8 of 5 41 Amazon customers
4.1 stars4.1 of 5 14 Amazon customers
number of LEDs 60 20 + 3 2 x 72
Magnet available  —  +  +
test read Review read Review read Review

The Battery Operated ELRO 7660 Workshop Light

ELRO 7660 shop light - LED workshop lamp product image

number of LEDs 60
Magnet available
rating The 7660 workshop lamp with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 34 opinions

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This inspection lamp is supplied with an adapter and car adapter. A built-in battery and wall charger are also included in the product scope. Thanks to the low power consumption of the battery must not be charged too often. The lamp is more than 50 centimeters long and up with a hook provided. It is operated via a switch on the bottom. Especially in smaller operations on vehicles or generally in the workshop, the lamp proves useful.

60 LEDs generate a very bright light . Their performance is roughly equivalent to conventional bulbs with eight watts. With its low weight of 500 grams, the lamp can be taken anywhere easily you go. Like the good customer reviews show that most buyers are satisfied with the LED workshop lamp. Criticism there by some critics that the indicator light does not indicate when charging, when the battery is fully charged. In terms of light output and runtime can convince the torchlight but.

The ELRO LED Strip light Overview

  • Complete Set
  • 2 year warranty
  • Ideal for illuminating small workspaces

(The Versatile) Brennstuhl 20 + 3 universal lamp

Brennstuhl 20 + 3 Universal Light - LED workshop lamp product image

number of LEDs 20 + 3
Magnet available
rating The 20 + 3 universal lamp with 4.8 of 5.0 stars 41 opinions

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A handy, inexpensive light from the house Brennstuhl. On the front there are 20 SMD LEDs, a light output of 105 lumens reach. In addition, sitting three LEDs with 18 lumens in the head of the lamp. About the switch selects one, if 20 or 3 lamps should illuminate. The light is cold white with a color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin — ideal for working. The operation is carried out with three AAA batteries that are included. With fully charged batteries, the Universal Light donates more than six hours of light.

The movable plastic handle allows variable mounting styles. One is to the lamp hang it or place it on the bracket. Second, a is magnet inside the bracket , so that the light simply stops frequently. Since it weighs only 145 grams, which is also easily possible. From the buyers these LED workshop lamp gets remarkably good reviews. Contributes the light output as well as at the high degree of flexibility, which brings with it the lamp

The Brennstuhl LED work lamp Overview

  • Two control levels
  • Super price-performance ratio
  • Flexible mounting options

(The Practical) Andrew James 2 x 72 LED magnetic light

Andrew James 2 x 72 LED magnetic light - LED workshop lamp product image

number of LEDs 2 x 72
Magnet available
rating The 2 x 72 LED magnetic light with 4.1 of 5.0 stars 14 opinions

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In a twin there is this practical small workshop lamps. The required four AA batteries are the same with this. So For an affordable price you get two out-of-glow. They are both a flexible hook and with a strong magnet provided on the back. Thus, for the work lamps arbitrarily attach and align. Among the LED array is the on / off button.

Each bulb contains 72 high-quality LEDs that provide sufficient brightness. With a length of 22 centimeters and 155 grams in weight, the lights are very handyto use and for various purposes. In the workshop or garage, for hobby or camping it in good stead. Priced they are almost unbeatable. Also speaking for the product, the life of 50,000 hours, the robust housing as well as the two-year warranty. The majority of customers are satisfied with the LED workshop lamps.

The Andrew James LED high power lamps at a glance

  • Inexpensive two-party set
  • Wide range of applications
  • Approximately 50,000 hours life

Practical LED Work lights for little money

Must grab deep into their pockets to for efficient LED work lamp really not. For 10 to 20 euros you get a decent product. It’s amazing what light output comes from the small lamps. Thanks to low consumption , the batteries or accumulators remarkably long . For mobile use, which is an important factor.

That portable LED workshop lamps completely different can look shows our product range. Here we have the torchlight of Elro, the quadrangular Brennstuhl lamp pocket-sized and an elongated, rectangular version of Andrew James. The owners are not always the same: time it is an immovable hook, even a flexible or a bow and two models also have magnets. Most features and options does certainly the universal light of Brennstuhl.

Which lamp is the right one, depends on the predominant purpose. Particularly compact models fit in a jacket pocket. If the size is not important, actually comes every workshop lamp in question. Bright light and a long service life thanks to LED technology guarantees anyway.

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