Top 3: The best LED work lamps (Kunzer, Brennstuhl and Kraftmax)

LED Work Lamp Test 2016


LED Work Lights — Flexible and powerful

LED work lights are available in various designs, for example in the form of fluorescent tubes or as a handy lamps that resemble a flashlight. To use the compact Work Lights are mainly where worked technically is — be it at work or as a hobby, in the workshop, the garage at home or in the basement. Especially with repairs and tinkering on vehicles the small lamps are warmly.

Good lighting is essential when working and pottering. With a compact LED work lamp succeeds effortlessly, accurately illuminate the place where the light is needed. Thanks to their small size, the lamps are completely flexible . They are either hand-held or mounted on a bracket. Some examples are provided with a magnet, so that they adhere to metal surfaces.

Power is supplied in many models by batteries or rechargeable batteries.Battery powered work lights are fully portable and can be used immediately anywhere. Since LEDs consume very little power, a change or recharge is rarely necessary.

The LED work lamps compared (Kunzer, Brennstuhl and Kraftmax)

Kunzer PL-023
Kunzer PL-023
Brennstuhl Rechargeable hand lamp
Brennstuhl Rechargeable hand lamp
Kraftmax W1000
Kraftmax W1000
Award The Swivel The high luminance The Light
customer Rating 4.7 stars4.7 of 5 80 Amazon customers
4.2 stars4.2 of 5 57 Amazon customers
4.3 stars4.3 of 5 143 Amazon customers
length 22 centimeters 25 centimeters 36 centimeters
number of LEDs 18 + 5 28 60 + 17
test read Review read Review read Review

read Review»>(The Swivel) Kunzer PL-023

Kunzer PL-023 - LED work lamp product image

length 22 centimeters
number of LEDs 18 + 5
rating The PL-023 with 4.7 of 5.0 stars 80 opinions

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The black, handy LED work lamp is powered by a rechargeable battery. The required for charging power supply is included in the product scope. When fully charged, the lamp lights for a period of one and a half hours . It needs to recharge between three and a half and four hours. There are 18 LEDs that form the main lamp on the upper side of the work light. More 5 LEDs above the lamp head allow a concentrated spot lighting.

With its non-slip surface that Worklight is well in hand. For mounting, there is also a removable headband and a powerful magnet in the lamp. The 120 degrees swiveling lamp head ensures a targeted lighting and makes it possible to illuminate even places where space is limited. Furthermore, the almost exclusively positive customer reviews on the high quality of this LED lamp work speak. It is a reliable, totally flexible lamp that turns out to be useful in many situations.

The Kunzer LED work lamp Overview

  • LEDs in the side and the lamp head
  • Lamp head to be bent both sides
  • With bracket and strong magnet

(The High-intensity) Brennstuhl Rechargeable hand lamp

Brennstuhl Rechargeable hand lamp - LED work lamp product image

length 25 centimeters
number of LEDs 28
rating The battery-operated hand lamp with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 57 opinions

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With the power of 28 LEDs, this work light is made by burning chair. They thus achieve a light output of 52 lumens . The housing is made of plastic and is provided with grooves, which makes comfortable grip the lamp. At a length of 25 centimeters, it is not too large to be held for some time in the hand. Two Ni-MH batteries are as much product as the right PSU. If the batteries are fully charged, is the burn time between four and five hours.

To attach the hand lamp has a rotating hook and a magnet. Installing it can not be because of their shape, however. The housing is rubberized and is insensitive to shocks . Switched on and off it is by means of a simple pressure switch, with some customers not’re satisfied — on the one hand, because the lamp can be switched on by accident in a pocket, on the other hand, he worked in some cases, after a while no longer function properly. Overall, however, the customer reviews are very positive.

The Brennstuhl LED Flashlight Overview

  • High brightness
  • Long burn time
  • If slip in hand

(The Bright) Kraftmax W1000

Kraftmax W1000 - LED work lamp product image

length 36 centimeters
number of LEDs 60 + 17
rating The W1000 with 4.3 of 5.0 stars 143 opinions

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A total of 77 LEDs are in this battery-powered high-performance task light. 60 of which sit in the side and serve the illumination of surfaces; the remaining 17 LEDs are installed for accent lighting in the lamp head. In addition to the built-in battery of the package includes an AC adapter and a car charger that allows charging the cigarette lighter. The latter is of great advantage if you want to use the LED work lamp travel frequently.

As inspection lamp, the lamp must be secured during use anywhere, provided they are not held in the hand. This is done either with the fitting of the light head hooks or with the two magnetic holders . Unfortunately, the hook is immobile, so you may need to play around a little until the lamp so dependent that it illuminates the work area optimally. Except in the embodiment shown here, there is the LED work light in a more efficient and a -schwächeren version. The affordable Worklight is often purchased and can convince the majority of customers.

The Kraftmax LED Strip light Overview

  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Can be loaded in the car
  • Withstands oil and splash

Handy battery-powered work lights

In workshop, repair and craft activities is an LED work lamp of great benefit. Battery-powered models such as those shown here provide maximum flexibility. The built-in LEDs consume very little energy , which the runtime benefits. Moreover donate LEDs particularly bright light that is just the work important.

Although the purpose is the same — differ in their shape, the three presented work lights. The PL-023 from Kunzer can pivot and can be used for surface and for accent lighting. The Brennstuhl light is similarly shaped, but can not be kinked and does not have a second light field in the lamp head. For sure this model in terms of burn time . The third product is a torch light. The third LED Worklight scores with a car charger and features as the Kunzer lamp, via additional LEDs in the lamp head.

A work lamp should be sufficiently light and handy to be, can be fixed variable and bring a long burn time. All three lamps meet these criteria. When selecting a product so it depends on the desired lamp shape and the equipment, which should of course suitable for the application.

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