Top 3: The best LED Waterproof luminaire in the test

LED Waterproof luminaire test in 2016

Damp and wet

Impressive for replacing old fluorescent tubes

As the name suggests, damp-proof luminaires come in rooms used where increased humidity occurs. This includes bathrooms, basements, garages, laundry rooms, workshops and warehouses. LED luminaires for damp interiors are absolutely impervious to dust and water . For safety in damp rooms a designated illumination is essential. In this regard are the protection information that should be reported with IP65 or IP66.

These are often in damp-proof diffuser luminaires to. These are shaped like a long trough. Inside is either a LED tube or a plurality of individual LEDs.Important when buying: Not always the moisture-proof diffuser luminaires are already equipped with light-emitting diodes; sometimes the light source must be purchased separately. But solutions are increasingly being offered, in which the LEDs are included.

Compared to conventional moisture-proof luminaire provides the LED version several advantages. The modern lights are working much more energy efficient. So can effectively reduce electricity costs, which makes up just when several lamps noticeable. Even with its high light output points the LEDs. For this purpose they are extremely robust and durable. So there are many good reasons for the purchase of a LED Waterproof luminaire.

The LED Waterproof luminaire compared (Osram, ibolux and Aethlux®)

Osram G13 Submarine T8
Osram G13 Submarine T8
ibolux 24W Waterproof luminaire
ibolux 24W Waterproof luminaire
Aethlux® 60 cm Luminaire
Aethlux® 60 cm Luminaire
Award The Cheap The Powerful The Solid
customer Rating 4.2 stars4.2 of 5 59 Amazon customers
4.9 stars4.9 of 5 8 Amazon customers
4.3 stars4.3 of 5 12 Amazon customers
light output 1,570 lumens 2,570 lumens 1,500 lumens
power consumption 15 Watt 24 Watt 18 Watt
protection IP65 IP66 IP65
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Cheap) Osram G13 Submarine T8

Osram G13 Submarine T8 - LED Waterproof luminaire product image

light output 1,570 lumens
power consumption 15 Watt
protection IP65
rating The G13 Submarine T8 4.2 of 5.0 stars 59 opinions

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G13 or T8 refers to the version of the LED tube. You may be a conventionalreplace T8 fluorescent tube . In this article, the luminous means is included in the product scope. The damp-proof luminaire is 1.20 meters long and has a diameter of 27.5 mm. The light is radiated at an angle of 160 degrees. Below the lamp is provided with a milky transparent cover. With their IP65 protection keeps dirt, water vapor and splashing without any problems.

The light color is neutral white with a color temperature of 4,000 Kelvin. With a power consumption of 15 watts, the lamp achieves a light output of 1,570 lumens, so it is quite bright. The color reproduction with 80 Ra better than many conventional fluorescent tubes that produce a rather unnatural light.Customer Submarine replaced T8 mostly positive reviews. Especially when you consider that it is a lamp bulbs included, plus a brand manufacturer, the price is more than fair.

The Osram LED Waterproof luminaire Overview

  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Shatterproof tube
  • Average 30,000 hours life span

(The Powerful) ibolux 24W Waterproof luminaire

ibolux 24W Waterproof luminaire - LED Waterproof luminaire product image

light output 2,570 lumens
power consumption 24 Watt
protection IP66
rating The 24W Waterproof luminaire with 4.9 of 5.0 stars 8 opinions

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The Waterproof luminaire is equipped with 50 LED chips — so it must be concerned not separate tube. Can be easily mounted on the ceiling or wall, the bar with the supplied mounting materials. After that it is ready for immediate use . The lamp is 60 cm long and fitted with a clear glass cover. Alternatively, it is also available with frosted glass. The light is radiated at an angle of 120 degrees.

With a light output of 2,570 lumens and a power consumption of 24 watts, this LED Waterproof luminaire is remarkably bright. The color temperature is 4000 K, which neutral white light corresponds. The color rendering index Ra is 80.Among other things, the lamp is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. The customer ratings fall extremely positive. Encouraging also the three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The ibolux LED Strip light Overview

  • Energy efficiency class A ++
  • Average life of 50,000 hours
  • Includes hardware

(The Solid) Aethlux® 60 cm Luminaire

Aethlux® 60 cm Luminaire - LED Waterproof luminaire product image

light output 1,500 lumens
power consumption 18 Watt
protection IP65
rating The 60 cm Luminaire with 4.3 of 5.0 stars 12 opinions

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A functional LED Waterproof luminaire, which for many applications, operationally as in the household, is. The cover is milky white; Alternatively there is the luminaire and clear cover. Likewise, it is available in 120 cm length.72 LEDs are located inside the lamp With a power consumption of 18 watts this a light output of 1,500 lumens reach. Thus, the diffuser luminaire is in terms of brightness in midfield. The beam angle is 110 degrees.

As for the exact color temperature, the product description provides more information. It moves accordingly 3725-4500 Kelvin, so that it is neutral white light, as is customary with LED diffuser luminaires. All fixing materials in the form of brackets, screws and plugs are included in the product scope. Are thebrackets fixed to the ceiling, the lamp is simply there latched . The product is CE certified and complies with RoHS directives. The durability is with about 25,000 hours and the manufacturer gives a two year warranty.

The Aethlux® LED Luminaire Overview

  • Good color rendering
  • Easy construction
  • Energy efficiency class A +

Electricity costs with efficient diffuser luminaires

LED damp-proof luminaires are the modern alternative to the previously used fluorescent tubes. They work much more efficiently, what the purse as well as easy on the environment. Moreover, they emit immediately after turning at full luminosity that does not decrease in the course of time. Even the annoying flicker which is known by the old tubes, does not occur with LED tubes.

The diffuser luminaires shown above are already with bulbs fitted. They all have about the same color temperature. Especially inexpensive is the Osram lamp, which makes an absolutely solid. In terms of light output the first and last product are nearly equal.Significantly lighter the ibolux light that comes to a whopping 2,570 lumens. She also has the longest life according to the manufacturer. In this regard, the lamp of Aethlux is 25,000 hours with a little below the average of LEDs. It is, however, to install cost-effective and very easy.

Optical moisture-proof diffuser luminaires are kept simple and functional. Design plays less a role. More important is the luminosity, the durability and of course the power consumption . In these points LEDs clearly have the edge.

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