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LED uplight Test 2016

Uplight with background

Saving electricity with LED floor lamps

Halogen Torchiere are real energy guzzlers. If you want to set a new floor lamp today, therefore, should necessarily rely on an LED-powered model. Theenergy savings are enormous . This applies to all LED lights, but makes all the more noticeable when the conventional variant consumes a lot of electricity.While the power consumption of LED ceiling floodlights is about 20 watts, it is from halogen between 200 and 300 watts. A major difference that is noticeable on the electricity bill.

With regard to light color and brightness modern LED can convince uplight completely. The technology has been constantly developed over the years, so that light-emitting diodes today as bright and cozy light produce like other bulbs. In addition, the small size of LEDs allows for different forms.

In a classical uplight the bulbs is in a bowl at the top of the lamp. However, the lamp can also be very different and, for example, have a flat square head.Many specimens have a adjustable reading lamp fitted, which can be switched on separately. Moreover, there are standing lamps in a variety of materials, styles and sizes. LED uplight are just as decorative as useful part of the living room lights.

The LED uplight comparison(Realty lamps, luminaires and Realty Lightbox)

Realty lights floodlights in satin nickel
Realty lights floodlights in satin nickel
Realty lamps Floor lamp
Realty lamps Floor lamp
Lightbox Balthasar uplight
Lightbox Balthasar uplight
Award The Light The Flexible The Classic
customer Rating 3.9 stars3.9 of 5 441 Amazon customers
4.0 stars4.0 of 5 76 Amazon customers
3.7 stars3.7 of 5 53 Amazon customers
Power consumption floodlight / Reading Lamp 20/5 Watt 15/3 Watt 18 / 4.5 Watt
Energy efficiency class A + A + A
light output 1,800 lumens 1,200 lumens 1,600 lumens
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Bright) Realty lights floodlights in satin nickel

Realty lights floodlights in nickel matte - LED uplight product image

Power consumption floodlight / Reading Lamp 20/5 Watt
light output 1,800 lumens
rating The floodlights in satin nickel with 3.9 of 5.0 stars 441 opinions

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First of all: This product one has to be attentive in reading the customer reviews as well when ordering. For the floor lamp is available with LEDs as well as halogen version and the reviews for both products are not separated. The LED uplight has a power consumption of 20 watts and is equipped with a reading lamp whose consumption is 5 watts. Both luminaires can be conveniently separated from each other dim .

The floodlight is 180 centimeters high and measures 25 cm in diameter. The design corresponds to a classical uplight. The matt nickel surface, which continues also in the shell, the lamp gives an elegant appearance. The arm with reading light is movable in two places : directly behind the lamp head and at the other end. With its 1,800 lumens of floodlights is neat bright. The small lamp comes on 240 lumens. For color temperature of the trader makes is no information. The majority of customers are satisfied with the color of light, some may find the light, however, to know. Alternatively, to run in nickel of products in brass is available.

The Realty lamps LED floor lamp at a glance

  • Beautifully bright
  • Lamps separately dimmable
  • 30,000 hours life span

(The Flexible) Realty lamps Floor lamp

Realty lamps Floor lamp - LED uplight product image

Power consumption floodlight / Reading Lamp 15/3 Watt
light output 1,200 lumens
rating The floor lamp with 4.0 of 5.0 stars 76 opinions

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With its square shape and the matte surface of the LED provides uplight from modern and stylish. For those who like it classic, it also exists with round base and lamp head. The lamp is 180 centimeters high; the square base measures 23 x 23 centimeters. The design de squared version has a big advantage: TheFluterkopf can be aligned flexibly to all sides , which is not possible with conventional uplights with shell. In addition, the light of the floodlight can be continuously dimmed. The but reading lamp is not dimmable and can be simply switched on and off.

The power consumption is 15 watts when floodlights that reading lamp consumes 3 watts. The light output is 1,200 or 240 lumens. Both achieve a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin, ie generate warm white light . The customer ratings fall mainly positive. Buyers praise the good price-performance ratio and the processing of the product.

The Realty lights LED Floor lamp Overview

  • Portable lamp head
  • Very low energy consumption
  • 30,000 hours life span

Lightbox Balthasar uplight - LED uplight product image

Power consumption floodlight / Reading Lamp 18 / 4.5 Watt
light output 1,600 lumens
rating The Balthasar uplight with 3.7 of 5.0 stars 53 opinions

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The LED floor lamp of Lightbox is 180 centimeters high and has a diameter of 32.5 centimeters. It consists of metal with matt brushed surface . The milky white lamp shell is mounted on the light-emitting diodes, so as to cover this; So it attenuates the light from something. Assembly instructions and the required accessories are in the order. Most buyers specify that the preparation of rather simple.

The floodlight a light output of 1,600 lumens with a power consumption of 18 watts. The reading lamp comes on 380 lumens and consumes 4.5 watts for it.Both lights can be infinitely dimmed and separated from each other. The arm of the reading light is about 45 centimeters long. The light of both lamps has awarm white color with a temperature of 3,000 Kelvin. While some customers perceive the light as to white and cold, others are fully satisfied with the light color. Overall, the product is obtained mainly positive reviews.

The Lightbox LED dimmable uplighter Overview

  • Lamps separately dimmable
  • Timeless design
  • Construction easy and fast

What is important when buying

All the products shown above are identical. The color temperature is not specified in the first, but identical for the other two. In the power consumption, there are slight differences; the square floor lamp by Realty cuts to the effect from the best. The brightest of the three lamps is the first of Realty brand with 1,800 lumens.

An important criterion when buying a floor lamp is the design. This is about the shape of the shell and the stand . The polygonal model Lightbox allows tilting and swiveling the lamp head, which is not possible with floodlights with mounted tray. Another key feature is the dimming . While most LED-powered floor lamps can be dimmed, however, shall not necessarily for the reading lamp, as the square of light Realty shows.

In addition to the appearance there is therefore on how much flexibility you would expect from his uplight. Before buying you should consider, therefore, where the floodlights should be, what will be its main function. The reading light is about only relevant when the lamp is placed next to a sofa or chair. If you observe these points, you will have lots of fun with a durable, energy-efficient LED uplight.

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