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LED tealights Test 2016


With LED technology for perfect alternative to conventional tea lights

Tea lights create a cozy atmosphere, can be used in many beautiful tealight holders and ensure at will for many small light accents. But tea lights have various disadvantages. Who does not know: Often you have only pulen the wick from the wax, then no lighter or match is at hand, and finally the flame goes out too fast. Then the constant danger that something is singed or catches fire. Are small children nearby, burning tealights are anyway too dangerous.

Good thing there are LED tealights today. These are sure to make beautiful light that flickers and even see the light holder deceptively real. The only thing they can not do is keep the tea warm in the jug. As atmospheric light sourcebut they are very practical and can be used worry-free.

LED lights can be combined safely with all sorts of materials. So they come about in homemade tea light holders made of paper or in the St. Martin’s lantern for use without plug them in fire. Another advantage: The best LED-operated tea lights, no garbage falls on — from any wax candle which goes out an aluminum shell remains. Good reasons for the innovative tea lights speak.

The LED tea lights compared (Iapyx, Philips and Philips)

Iapyx LED tea lights flickering
Iapyx LED tea lights flickering
Philips myLightAccent table lamp
Philips myLightAccent table lamp
Philips myLightAccent Candle Lights
Philips myLightAccent Candle Lights
Award The battery-powered The yellow glowing The favorites
customer Rating 4.2 stars4.2 of 5 99 Amazon customers
4.0 stars4.0 of 5 275 Amazon customers
4.2 stars4.2 of 5 737 Amazon customers
number 16 6 3
batteries required
glasses case
test read Review read Review read Review

(The battery-powered) Iapyx LED tea lights flickering

Iapyx LED tea lights flickering - LED tea light product image

number 16
batteries required
glasses case
rating The LED tea lights flickering with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 99 opinions

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This cheapest Set 16 tea lights are included. The associated button cell batteries (CR2032) are supplied. The tea lights are made of matt white plastic and look awake similarly made. The electric light is illuminated in a warm yellow, the imitert the glow of a candle. For this, the light flickers slightly. Arrival and off the lights with a small switch on the bottom. The LED tea lights are about 4.5 cm high and have a diameter of about 3.5 cm.

Watching the lights without a candle holder near, then of course it can be seen that it is artificial light. but standing, the lights in a vessel, a table lamp or the like, the effect is very similar to a burning tea light. The customer ratings fall mainly positive. However, some buyers complain that a few LEDs already empty arrived at them or a loose connection had. Used batteries can be replaced naturally.

The Iapyx LED electric tealights Overview

  • Practical 16er pack
  • batteries included
  • With lifelike flickering

(The yellow glowing) Philips myLightAccent table lamp

Philips myLightAccent Table Lamp - LED tea light product image

number 6
batteries required
glasses case
rating The myLightAccent table lamp with 4.0 of 5.0 stars 275 opinions

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This set of Philips includes six electric tea lights. These are powered by batteries. The required tealights charging station is also part of the delivery as six satin glasses. To charge the lights are simply placed on the station and then turned on. Charging takes about ten hours. The burn time is also included ten hours or longer . The LED tea lights from Philips have no button, but simply flipped on and off.

If the tea lights used in the supplied glasses and similar holders, does not fall on to say that it is artificial light. However, the LEDs light up, according to several customers in a relatively bright yellow, which does not satisfy everyone.The flicker effect lets light act like a flame. But here opinions differ — some flickers it evenly, others restless and for some it is just right. The majority of buyers but generally satisfied with the product.

The Philips LED Tea Lights at a glance

  • Energy Class A
  • Includes charger and glasses
  • Long burning time

(The favorites) Philips myLightAccent Candle Lights

Philips myLightAccent Candle Lights - LED tea light product image

number 3
batteries required
glasses case
rating The myLightAccent Candle Lights with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 737 opinions

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Also this set comes from Philips and is similar to that described above. It consists of three tea lights, which are also supplied with decorative glass. Here they are, however, higher and narrower than in other product variant. In addition to plain white version there are the glasses in the colors red and blue.Its diameter is 5.5 cm. Also in this article the right is induction charging station supplied. To recharge the Philips LED tea lights are placed on the station. On a lamp in the middle you can see whether the charging is complete.This is the case after about ten hours.

The color of the charging station can not be selected and either white or gray / silver. One battery charge lasts for about ten hours. The performance is a maximum of six watts. The average lifetime of LEDs is 20,000 hours specified.Like the other Philips tealights, these are also switched on and off by tilting.Irregular flickering here imitates a flame.

The Philips LED flameless tealights Overview

  • Energy Class A
  • available in different colors
  • Set with glasses and battery charging station

Frequently asked questions about tea lights

How do LED tea lights with charging station?

Battery life LED

Tea lights with LED technology, mainly Philips, come up with a quick charger. This charger works with the induction charging technology , which is also called «contactless energy transfer». The energy is generated by means of a magnetic field and an electric conductor by changing the magnetic field. In practice, this means you do not have individually stuck to a cable and connect it to the power outlet or switch their batteries your tealights. Really a very practical invention!

Candle effect without risk

At first glance, which are  differences  between the different products not particularly large. See the electric tea lights turned off similar. Some are powered by batteries, such as the product of Iapyx it belongs to the tea lights with battery. With 16 lights, it is particularly inexpensive. By contrast, the two Philips products come with batteries and charging and are initially a bit more expensive, but have glass holder case. LED tea lights with battery we believe are usually the better choice. The light color varies between yellow and orange tones. A flicker exhibit most LED tealights.

The advantages of LED-powered lights are obvious. Security is the most important aspect. Where the risk for tea lights is simply too large, then the same effect can be achieved without flame. LED tea lights are used in many places: in day care centers, schools, leisure facilities and in homes with small children or pets that may overturn the lights.

For every celebration they are a good substitute for real tea lights. In addition to the safety factor, it is practical, not in the middle having to replace the lights. Also there may be provided with LEDs for atmospheric ambience. The tea lights lit for a long time and the wind can not harm them. Whether for autumn decorations at Christmas time, the children’s birthday party or at the Summer Party — LED tea lights are universal, practical and safe.

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