Top 3: The best LED strips in the test

LED strip Test 2016

white LED strip

LED Strips — atmospheric light of the role

LED strips are a highly versatile and flexible illumination. For this purpose they are quite inexpensive and uncomplicated to use. No wonder that enjoy the practical strip so popular. They make it possible to create an atmospheric ambience in no time. Whether discreet and decorative or colorful effect lighting — the strips can be used in many different ways.

Delivered is an LED strip on a roll, and normally including all necessary accessories, such as a remote control. Most strips have adhesive backing .Thus they are simply glued to the desired location. If they are not self-adhesive, it takes this double-sided tape. Of course, the tape must not be bonded to one piece, but may be cut to the required length.

Although similar in principle all stripes, it is the purchase to consider a few things. For LED strips are available in various lengths and with different numbers of LEDs. The functions, colors and color changing programs should include in the considerations. In any case, LED light strips score with intense light in saturated colors.

The LED stripes compared(Simfonio, ALED LIGHT ® and Jago)

Simfonio LED tape 10 m
Simfonio LED tape 10 m
ALED LIGHT ® 2 x 5 M rooflights
ALED LIGHT ® 2 x 5 M rooflights
Jago LED Strip 5m
Jago LED Strip 5m
Award The long The double pack This budget
customer Rating 4.0 stars4.0 of 5 268 Amazon customers
4.0 stars4.0 of 5 208 Amazon customers
3.5 stars3.5 of 5 556 Amazon customers
number of LEDs 300 600 300
LED type 5050 SMD 3528 SMD 3528 SMD
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Long) Simfonio LED tape 10 m

Simfonio LED band 10 m - LED strip product image

number of LEDs 300
LED type 5050 SMD
rating The LED strip 10 m with 4.0 of 5.0 stars 268 opinions

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The band consists of ten meters in one piece and thus is particularly suitable for those who are looking for a long LED Strip. But of course it can also be cut easily. 300 LEDs are distributed to the ten meters. The power consumption is60 watts . In addition to the band includes a remote control with 44 buttons, an infrared controller, a power supply, as well as a quick guide for delivery.

16 solid colors can be set with the remote control and adjust in terms of their brightness. In addition, it is possible to separate colors to mix. The last selected color is set automatically at the next startup. The color change is either fast (Jump) or slowly (fade). It can switch between the three basic colors red, green and blue or seven specified colors. The article is very happy to buy and receives numerous positive customer reviews. Apart from the non-waterproof version exhibited here, there is the tape as a waterproof version, with more colors.

The Simfonio LED Strip Overview

  • Extra long band
  • 16 colors can be selected directly
  • Various settings

(The double) ALED LIGHT ® 2 x 5 M rooflights

ALED LIGHT ® 2 x 5 M rooflights - LED strip product image

number of LEDs 600
LED type 3528 SMD
rating The 2 x 5 M with rooflights 4.0 of 5.0 stars 208 opinions

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This set contains two LED strips of five meters in length. A total of 600 LEDs are installed. It involves individual LEDs in the colors red, green and blue.Nevertheless, other colors can be selected by remote control. It blurs the individual colors so that the selected color is produced. As the client’s opinions show that does not work for everyone. If the strips hidden behind a piece of furniture or the like, the desired color effect usually works quite well. If however the band visible, the individual colors do not mix to another, but are clearly visible. The majority of customers is very satisfied with the product.

On the displayed interface, the strip may be shortened. The remote control has 24 keys, which include various Farbwechselmodi and brightness can be adjusted. Apart from the two tape reels and the remote control includes a 12 volt power supply, an infrared controller, and an intermediate connector product range.

The ALED LIGHT ® LED lighting strips at a glance

  • Various settings
  • 3 months warranty
  • 50,000 hours life

(This budget) Jago LED Strip 5m

Jago LED Strip 5m - LED strip product image

number of LEDs 300
LED type 3528 SMD
rating The LED Strip 5m with 3.5 of 5.0 stars 556 opinions

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The five-meter long belt is equipped with 300 LEDs in the colors red, green and blue. As the second-described product, the further selectable colors are from these three primary colors here are mixed together . This works best when the tape is stuck behind a piece of furniture or the like. Apart directly on the strip, the effect is usually less good since then the colors of the LEDs are visible.

The 24-button remote control enables various settings. So let ‘s save colors , the color change between three or seven colors adjust quickly or slowly and adjust the brightness. After each light-emitting diode 15, the band can be separated and so cut to the desired length. Besides many very positive also some critical voices, see the customer reviews. However, satisfied customers are clearly in the majority. Priced these LED strips are certainly hard to beat.The power supply required is included.

The Jago LED light strip at a glance

  • Attractive Price
  • Over 35,000 hours lifespan
  • Various settings

Nice lighting effects by practical LED strips

An LED-strip is a great way to immerse the home in fascinating colored light. The self-adhesive strips come as a backlight behind the TV used, on shelves, cupboards and cabinets, living room, bedroom or along a staircase — they can be used pretty much anywhere.

At first glance, the three presented here bands appear nearly identical. There is a major difference: While the first product of multi-color LEDs is, the others are equipped with single color LEDs in red, green and blue. With the setting of mixed colors to make the noticeable under some circumstances. Stripes with multicolored LEDs achieve more defined colors as those in which the additional shades caused by mixing two primary colors.

Apart from the first LED band is the only one with continuous ten meters long. The other two items consist of one or two five-meter strip. Priced the Jago-Strip is at the front. Who gets by with a strip of this length, should access here. Shortening can be all LED strips and various settings are possible for all three.

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