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LED starry Test 2016

LED nightlights for sweet dreams

Evening lying in bed and look at the starry sky, which must remain a dream.Finally there is the LED star lighting — a beautiful effect lighting, which can be an experience to fall asleep. Star Lighting is not just for kids. Because LED starry sky there in two very different versions .

As would be the small night light projected, the colorful star to the wall or the ceiling. Such starlight is intended for children and babies. It looks nice and helps the little one to sleep. For adults, older children, a suitable LED starry sky of glass fibers . The optical fibers to build using a plate into the ceiling.The result is an impressive, more realistic-looking night sky, which provides in the bedroom or bathroom for a relaxing, romantic atmosphere.

Both projectors as well as a permanently installed optical fiber-sky blank color changes and various settings to. Use a remote control or directly on the lamp fits to the light effects on the personal wishes. Thanks to modern LED technology, the power consumption is extremely low, which just is indeed in such a light-gimmick important.

The LED starry comparison (starry Store, Niermann Standby and MKQPOWER)

Starry starry Store Coronastar
Starry starry Store Coronastar
Niermann Standby Night Light «The Little Prince»
Niermann Standby Night Light "The Little Prince"
MKQPOWER New Generation Star Lighting
MKQPOWER New Generation Star Lighting
Award The eye-catcher The Soothing The bestseller
customer Rating 4.8 stars4.8 of 5 10 Amazon customers
4.3 stars4.3 of 5 273 Amazon customers
4.1 stars4.1 of 5 49 Amazon customers
illumination light fibers projection lamp projection lamp
power supply Transformer (included) 3 AA batteries (not included) 4 AAA batteries (not included) or USB cable
test read Review read Review read Review

(The eye-catching) starry Store starry Coronastar

Starry starry Store Coronastar - LED starry product image

illumination light fibers
power supply Transformer (included)
rating The starry sky Coronastar with 4.8 of 5.0 stars 10 opinions

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Coronastar night sky is a kit for installation in ceilings. For this still requires a ceiling plate which is not included, but available in any hardware store is. In this plate then drilling holes for the individual glass fibers. The set includes about 250 of these light fibers . Also included are detailed instructions for the installation, a small, silent generator, a special spray adhesive to fix the fibers, and a wireless remote control. The latter allows the operator through the ceiling plate.

For the lighting effects are eight colors and six color changing programs to choose from. So the colors change either quickly or slowly, abruptly or with smooth transitions. Each color also can be dimmed in eight brightness levels.Thus results in numerous settings, with which the starry sky can always be individually changed. A set of 250 glass fibers sufficient for a surface of one to three square meters . With five watts, the power consumption is agreeably low. As the reviews show that customers are very satisfied with their LED starry from starry Store.

The starry sky Store LED nightlights kit Overview

  • Various colors and settings
  • 50,000 hours life
  • 2 years warranty

(The Soothing) Niermann Standby Night Light «The Little Prince»

Niermann Standby Night Light "The Little Prince" - LED starry product image

illumination projection lamp
power supply 3 AA batteries (not included)
rating The Night Light "The Little Prince" with 4.3 of 5.0 stars 273 opinions

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This starlight was made for babies and small children. It projects a starry sky on the wall or ceiling. Optionally as continuous light or in automatic alternation stars shine in the colors green, blue and orange. It is operated via a touch function on the lamp. If pressure is repeatedly switched to the lamp on and off and adjusts the color and the color swap mode. After forty-five minutes, the night light will switch off automatically.

To operate three AA batteries are required which are not included. With a daily use of 45 minutes, the batteries will last about two months. The lamp shown here «The Little Prince» is just one of many versions. There is the lamp, for example, with animal motifs or in animal form. Important : Not every item has the same features, so it is advisable that to read product description exactly. When silver lamp with star pattern is probably a mistake — the upper part of the product description as in the Prince-lamp, but this model has only one on / off switch and no sensor, which is mentioned below. Also it does not switch off automatically. Buyer should be correspondingly attentive.

The Niermann Standby LED starlight Overview

  • Touch sensor
  • auto shutoff
  • Continuous light and color change possible

(The bestseller) MKQPOWER New Generation Star Lighting

MKQPOWER New Generation Star Lighting - LED starry product image

illumination projection lamp
power supply 4 AAA batteries (not included) or USB cable
rating The New Generation Star Lighting with 4.1 of 5.0 stars 49 opinions

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This blue-white, round projection lamp casts a LED starry sky with different sized stars velvet moon on the wall. In addition to warm white light comprises the color selection red, blue and green. On foot, there are three buttons. The first (A) is used to turn on and off. The second (B) to choose thecolors and their desired combination of. Here you can choose one, two or all three colors. In addition, the luminaire can rotate, so that it moves the constellation on the ceiling. For this purpose, the third button (C) is provided.

Operation is (not in the product scope included) or by USB cable with four AAA batteries. On the upper part of the lamp there is a protective cover that is taken in use . It should be noted that the night light does not work completely silent. Furthermore, it does not switch off automatically. The customer reviews covered a total very positive. In one way or another critical evaluation it might even be that the users have not taken the protective sheath, so that the lamp no stars, but only colored spots projected. Most buyers are certainly convinced of the cheapest star projector.

The MKQPOWER LED Light Projector Overview

  • Projection rotates at your fingertips
  • Four colors can be combined
  • Operating with a USB cable or batteries

Star projector or optical fiber starry sky?

Our product range demonstrates the range of different LED starry sky. All serve the purpose to relax and calm by conjure an atmospheric lighting effect on the wall or ceiling. Therefore, a star lighting usually comes in the bedroom or children’s room to use.Just as well, they are suitable for the bathroom , where you can enjoy the play of light in a relaxing bath.

The nightlight from Niermann Standby is the perfect sleep aid for children. The colorful stars do not rotate, so that the light has a calming effect. On the other projection lamp of MKQPOWER certainly can relish even adults. Who does not like colored starry sky, this lamp can also illuminate neutral in warm white. Just as you wish to rotate the star or stand still. In the LED nightlights of starry Store is a completely different product. The glass fibers create a really nice effect and there are plenty of settings available. Although the installation requires some work and craftsmanship, but the result is quite impressive.

A Star Lighting can be many things — a simple nightlight for children or an effective eye-catcher for adults. Accordingly, great is the price range. It depends entirely on what type LED starry sky should be.

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