Top 3: The best LED stair lights in Test

LED stair lighting test in 2016

Modern stair lights combine functionality and design

In houses and apartments with multiple floors, the lighting of stairways is indispensable. Just on and on the stairs, it is important to see, First Step, to keep from falling. The applies as for adults for children. Bright and reliable light sources provide at each staircase for safety and orientation .

However, an LED stair lights must not be purely functional — it is also perfect as a design element. With beautiful design-oriented models can be effective lighting accents set along the staircase. In most cases eligible for the staircase lighting sconces and wall lamps are used. These can be mounted above on the wall just above the steps or. Flat lighting can be involved in the ground in front of the stairs, or even in individual stages.

Staircase lights can be very good to include in the interior design. Both for practical and aesthetic reasons should brightness and the number of lampsto be considered when buying. Anyone looking for an expedient and more efficient lighting, can draw on a lamp with motion detector. But whatever you decide — with LEDs each type of staircase lighting is energy efficient and durable.

The LED stair lighting compared (OSRAM, TL24 and TL24)

OSRAM LED light Nightlux
OSRAM LED light Nightlux
TL24 wall light BELLUNO
TL24 wall light BELLUNO
TL24 10 x GRAZIO Wandstrahler
TL24 10 x GRAZIO Wandstrahler
Award The bestseller The eye-catcher The elegant
customer Rating 4.2 stars4.2 of 5 1702 Amazon customers
5.0 stars5.0 of 5 7 Amazon customers
4.5 stars4.5 of 5 11 Amazon customers
power consumption 0.3 Watt 1 Watt 1.5 watts per lamp
color temperature 7,000 Kelvin 3,100 Kelvin 4000 K
protection IP54 IP20 IP54
test read Review read Review read Review

(The bestseller) OSRAM LED light Nightlux

OSRAM LED light Nightlux - LED stair lighting product image

power consumption 0.3 Watt
color temperature 7,000 Kelvin
protection IP54
rating The LED light Nightlux with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 1702 Reviews

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Small, practical and inexpensive, this orientation light with motion detector. It provides various settings . It can be operated as a continuous light or even with motion. If it is activated, the light selectively, 10 seconds or a minute later switches off if no more movement is detected. The sensor detects movement within three meters . With 7,000 Kelvin, the light is cold white. It is a purely functional lamp, which is not suitable for decorative purposes.

The battery operation makes this LED stair lamp particularly uncomplicated to use. The three required AAA batteries are included. Likewise, variable as the settings are the types of mounting. Either you use the attached magnet or adhesive tape, or it fixes the lamp with mounting brackets. If the staircase attached to the wall, it can be rotated about 120 degrees . In this way, you can direct the light exactly as desired, for example, directly on the area to be illuminated stairs.

The OSRAM LED Night Light Overview

  • Battery powered
  • With in-built motion
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors

(The eye-catching) TL24 wall light BELLUNO

TL24 wall light BL - LED stair lighting product image

power consumption 1 Watt
color temperature 3,100 Kelvin
protection IP20
rating The wall light BL with 5.0 of 5.0 stars 7 opinions

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A square wall light company trend lights 24. Visually, the stair lamp very modern with lots of stainless steel and a striking design. For special lighting effects and as a decorative element it is just made. The light is warm white with a color temperature of 3,100 Kelvin. In cold white of products is also available. The actual light box sitting in a corner of the air. The eight by eight centimeters luminaire can be mounted in any orientation — there is no «up» and «down.»

The stair lamp fits into a size 60 switch box, so in an installation outlet with a diameter of 60 millimeters. A transformer is not required , but the lamp is connected directly to 230V. With its average lifetime of 40,000 hours, the LED stair lighting impressed across the home ambiance for a long time. That the manufacturers a full four-year warranty on the product are, reflects the high quality resist this wall radiator. The power consumption is negligible with less than a watt.

The TL24 LED luminaire Design Overview

  • Long operating life of 40,000 hours
  • Works without transformer
  • Four years warranty

(The Elegant) TL24 10 x GRAZIO Wandstrahler

TL24 10 x GRAZIO wall spotlight - LED stair lighting product image

power consumption 1.5 watts per lamp
color temperature 4000 K
protection IP54
rating The 10 x GRAZIO wall spotlight with 4.5 of 5.0 stars 11 opinions

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Also from the house of trend lights 24 this wall spotlight come in tens Pack.Shown here is the cold white variant with 4,000 Kelvin; they are also available in warm white. Visually, the lights show simple but elegant, with a stainless steel frame and a frosted glass cover in the middle. The latter ensures glare-free light . Each lamp measures about 7 x 7 cm. The product is protected to IP54 and is therefore also suitable for outdoor use. While the lighting indoors can also be installed in the floor, they should out only as wall lamps are used.The manufacturer recommends the use as a floor light only at places which are not frequently enter.

Regarding their design and performance gets the LED stair lighting excellent reviews. Criticism however, there is to be installed. For the smooth installation, it needs technical skills. Who is overwhelmed with the installation, should be able to help. Note also that the lamps do not fit into normal round switch boxes. A corresponding mounting frame is in the order.

The TL24 LED stair lights Overview

  • High quality
  • For hollow-wall or flush mounting
  • Three-year warranty

Effective and economical LED stair lights

Whether as a stylish eye catcher or practical light source — where a staircase is, it takes one or more stair lights. In today’s customers opt particularly happy for LED stair lighting to illuminate steps perfectly. The technology is very modern , the small size of LEDs allows a variety of designs and reduce energy consumption LEDs are already out of competition.

Customers looking for the suitable stair light will find a wide selection. In every price range and for every taste there are matching models. The Nightlux Osram is a good example that an LED light does not have to cost much. With its motion it is very practical and serves its purpose as an orientation light properly. People who expect more of the look of its stair lighting, grips better return on the BL. Something simple in design, but also cheaper is the tens set GRAZIO same brand. Both products are equally suitable for creative interior design.

The beauty of LED stair lighting is that it turned the whole evening can stay without having to have to worry about high electricity costs or unnecessary environmental damage. So you can enjoy the effective light accents without feeling guilty.

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