Top 3: The best LED solar lights in Test

LED Solar Light Test 2016

Solar-powered lighting in the garden

Maximum efficiency with LED solar lights

Solar powered lights are probably the most environmentally friendly type of outdoor lighting. While LEDs are valued for their low power consumption, solar lights need do no electricity from the power grid . You gain the necessary energy from the sun and store it in a battery. By combining the two technologies, solar and LED, one obtains an ecological, economical and durable lighting.

Although LEDs donate as much light as conventional bulbs, need this, howeversignificantly less energy . Thus, they also work on days when the sun shines only slightly. Nevertheless, sunlight is of course the basic prerequisite for the operation of an LED solar light. When choosing the location, one should therefore consider how much sun gets the lamp at the respective place.

Since solar powered lights are not dependent on the power grid, they can be everywhere erected or installed outdoors, without any wiring. Solar lights are available in various shapes and designs to choose from, from the radiator to spike. Many models can be mounted in varying, at the bottom or top to toe.Variants with motion are even more economical, since the light only turns on when it is really needed. As highly efficient outdoor lighting modern LED can convince solar lights fully.

The LED solar lights compared

Esoteric, Brennenstuhl and Duracell

Esoteric Solar Spot Trio
Esoteric Solar Spot Trio
Brennenstuhl Solar spotlight SOL 80
Brennenstuhl Solar spotlight SOL 80
Duracell solar outdoor light
Duracell solar outdoor light
Award The Flexible The Hellen The Lower Priced
customer Rating 4.2 stars4.2 of 5 598 Amazon customers
4.3 stars4.3 of 5 325 Amazon customers
3.8 stars3.8 of 5 45 Amazon customers
light output 3 x 4.5 lumens 350 lumens 8 x 5 lumen
Max. Burn time 8 hours 110 minutes 8 hours
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Flexible) Esoteric Solar Spot Trio

Esoteric Solar Spot Trio - LED solar lamp product image

light output 3 x 4.5 lumens
Max. Burn time 8 hours
rating The Solar Spot Trio 4.2 of 5.0 stars 598 opinions

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The article consists of three LED spots and a solar panel. The spots are connected via a three meter long cable with the panel. The cable between the spots are each 2.30 meters long. Each luminaire is equipped with three LEDsequipped. The three required batteries are included and can be easily ordered according to end of life. To charge the solar panel in direct sunlight must be exposed. If the batteries are fully charged, the lamps light up to eight hours at a stretch. At dusk they switch on at sufficient daylight again. In addition switch is available.

The panel can be mounted in three different ways: Either it is plugged with the included ground spike into the ground, bolted to the desired location or fixed with a bracket to a pole. The spots are also impaled in the ground or mounted on the wall or on the floor. There, they are aligned as required . Each spot lit with 4.5 lumens and produces cold white light with a color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin.

The Esoteric LED Solar Spots at a glance

  • Variable mounting options
  • Up to 8 hours of light
  • Good price-performance ratio

(The Hellen) Brennenstuhl Solar spotlight SOL 80

Brennenstuhl Solar spotlight SOL 80 - LED solar lamp product image

light output 350 lumens
Max. Burn time 110 minutes
rating The solar spotlight SOL 80 with 4.3 of 5.0 stars 325 opinions

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A solar radiator with associated panel and an integrated infrared motion detector. The housings are made of aluminum. Eight LEDs shine with a brightness of 350 lumens. Using various settings defines one in which light the lamp turns on and how long you want the light shine. The maximum burn time is about one minute. The sensor detects movements in an angle up to 130 degrees and a distance of ten meters .

The necessary batteries are included. When fully charged, keep this total about 110 minutes. As the spotlight always shines only for a short period , this is sufficient time. A steady light is on this LED solar light not possible anyway. The cable has a length of 4.75 meters. The radiator can be pivoted up and down.Partly Testimonials criticize the durability of the article or that he is not completely waterproof. However, the majority of the reviews are very positive.

The Brennenstuhl LED spotlights at a glance

  • with movement
  • Various settings
  • High brightness

(The Lower Priced) Duracell solar outdoor light

Duracell solar outdoor light - LED solar lamp product image

light output 8 x 5 lumen
Max. Burn time 8 hours
rating The solar outdoor light with 3.8 of 5.0 stars 45 opinions

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The set of Duracell consists of eight solar lights with ground spike. These are plugged after assembling easily in the desired location, such as in the bed or on the grass into the soil. The height of the lamp is then about 28 centimeters . Thus, the lamps for illuminating paths and smaller areas are.With her brown-black design fit optically particularly well in the garden.

Each of the eight LED solar lights achieved a light output of five lumens and produces cold white light. The batteries are required when ordering and can be replaced, of course, if necessary. When fully charged, the lamps light up to eight hours. The built-in day-night sensor makes out that the light turns on only at dusk and at sufficient brightness again. Criticism gives the product with respect to its durability. The satisfied customer voices predominate but. With eight lights the set is extremely well priced. Placed each other with a short distance, they become effective and decorative path lighting.

The Duracell LED lights spit at a glance

  • Inexpensive in set of 8
  • High-efficiency solar cells
  • With brightness sensor

Frequently asked questions about solar lights

Can solar lights recharge their batteries even in partial shade or even in the home?

Penumbra sun

There are solar lights that operate in partial shade. However, this depends on the efficiency of the LED solar lamp.Accordingly, it can be said. The more efficient the solar light converts the power input, the better they will work in the penumbra Monocrystalline solar lights are suitable in this case best. Furthermore, recharge their batteries LED solar lights in the apartment, but it depends on the artificial light with which the lights are charging. Therefore, attention should be paid close attention when buying which solar light is purchased, if this is to be used in partial shade or in the apartment.

Is it to build itself a possible solar lamp?


It is possible to build a solar lamp yourself. For this, however, are technical knowledge necessary for the electrical structure is made up of many components. Among these components are in a simplified structure, an LED, a battery and a circuit board with different components. It should be noted that most solar lamps have a simple structure from the hardware store, so it makes sense to build a solar lamp itself and also to be able to repair them in case of repairs itself.

What does the brightness sensor and what are its advantages?

LED brightness sensor

A brightness sensor ensures that light is converted into an electrical signal. In most cases, the integrated circuit on the circuit board is provided with a brightness sensor that is perceived that, if a light irradiation exists or not. This ensures that other components of the integrated circuit can work properly, because the sensor ensures, for example, that begins in the dark of the battery, because the supply voltage is too low in low light. Once the lights go on, the battery can be charged further.

Is it worth investing a lamp incl. motion?

Detector for detecting movement

The investment of a lamp incl. Motion may be worthwhile for many people. The DIY a solar lamp can be very difficult with the increasing complexity of the circuit for laymen. Therefore, it is for most people to buy far more economical, a solar lamp. For people with some knowledge in electronics, a DIY, however can be worthwhile financially. Furthermore, may also protect against injury, a solar light, because in the dark it is possible that steps be overlooked. In order to prevent injury to a solar lamp is definitely worthwhile.

Makes a mounting a radiator in the floor or more meaningful on the wall?

Sensor on the wall

This question can not be answered definitively because there is this to consider different cases. Firstly, it is not always possible with little effort to install a radiator in the ground, on the other hand this also applies to the installation of a radiator on the wall. It should also be tested, as the light irradiation in the two cases. Little helpful if the radiator is oriented so that a person is blinded by the budding light. Therefore, the optimum position for the radiator needs to be tested first.

Many different LED solar lamps

For all three products is LED solar lights, yet they are very different from each other. Since there are spots, has a squared off radiators and floor lamps with ground spike. The first two products both have a solar panel that collects solar energy and passes it on to the lamps. The third product, the solar cells are in the lamps themselves.

The Esotec spots score with their flexible mounting methods. The solar light from Brennenstuhl other hand works with a motion and can not be used in continuous operation. The earth spikes again are similar in operation to the first product, but provide a completely different form of lighting is.

Customers looking for a solar lamp or a solar lamp with high luminosity should have recourse to the second product. If you want other hand, put parts of the garden or certain objects in scene, the spots are a good choice. The earth spikes set optional accent lighting or illuminate a path. For all solar lights, the more sun the day, the more light in the evening. Who expensive save power , but do not want to give up a beautiful garden lights, LED solar lights in place the optimal solution.

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