Top 3: The best LED reflectors in test

LED reflector Test 2016

Targeted lighting with reflector lamps

A reflector lamp can be recognized by their characteristic shape. Here, a LED reflector is visually indistinguishable from a conventional. Even when using no switching shall be done. LED reflector lamps are available both with pin bases and threaded . Buyer should pay attention to the appropriate version.

Reflectors have two defining characteristics. Firstly, they produce very bright light. Secondly, they focus the light and direct it in a particular direction. This effect is produced by the mirrored glass bulb inside the lamp, which thereflected light and thus reinforced . Therefore one uses reflectors for targeted illumination of individual areas or objects. Popular locations are commercial premises, kitchens or sections of larger living spaces. To put a beautiful picture or object in scene, a reflector is perfect.

What LED reflectors different from others is its enormous energy efficiency.The power consumption is usually in the single digits, and indeed the same light output. Moreover keep LEDs is many times longer — hassle «Pears Jump» is omitted. Important for buying: As a measure of the brightness is at LEDs not specified wattage, but the light output, which in lumens is measured.

The LED reflectors compared (Müller-light, OSRAM and OSRAM)

Müller Light R50 reflector lamp
Müller Light R50 reflector lamp
OSRAM MR16 Reflector
OSRAM MR16 Reflector
Award The Affordable The Frugal The quality
customer Rating 4.2 stars4.2 of 5 122 Amazon customers
4.2 stars4.2 of 5 419 Amazon customers
4.5 stars4.5 of 5 73 Amazon customers
light output 400 lumens 350 lumens 350 lumens
version E14 GU10 GU 5.3
Replaces halogen lamp with 40 Watt 50 Watt 35 Watt
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Affordable) Müller Light R50 reflector lamp

Müller Light R50 reflector lamp - LED reflector product image

light output 400 lumens
version E14
Replaces halogen lamp with 40 Watt
rating The R50 reflector lamp with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 122 opinions

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Specifying R50 in the product name refers to the diameter of the lamp head, which measures fifty millimeters. For this, the light is ninety millimeters long and has an E14 screw. The reflector is suitable as a replacement for an incandescent lamp with 40 Watt. Confirm the client’s opinions, that the light output of 400 lumens actually corresponds to at least one 40-watt bulb. With a power consumption of only six watts which is power savings remarkable .

With a color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin the LED reflector produces a warm white light, which is very suitable for living rooms. According to the manufacturer on the package back to the product is, however, not for accent lighting use, where something is not clear what exactly is meant and why the lamp is not suitable for this purpose. Criticism received by the reflector for his life. This is specified at 10,000 hours, which is almost a little bit for LEDs. Some customers report a short shelf life of the article. However, a clear majority of buyers will award the highest rating.

The Müller-light LED reflector lamp at a glance

  • 15,000 hours lifetime
  • Natural color reproduction
  • Pleasant light color

(The Economical) OSRAM PAR16 GU10-

OSRAM GU10- PAR16 - LED reflector product image

light output 350 lumens
version GU10
Replaces halogen lamp with 50 Watt
rating The GU10- PAR16 with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 419 opinions

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With a power consumption of six watts of LED reflector replaces a 50 watt halogen lamp. Its diameter is 5 centimeters with a total length of 5.8 centimeters. The item is sold in different quantities 1 to 12 The lamp is provided with a GU10 pin base. With a color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin, the light is warm white. The beam angle is 36 degrees . The color rendering index Ra is 80, which makes for rich, natural-looking colors. The light output is 350 lumens.

As spot these LED reflector lamp is particularly suitable for accent lighting. It comes as in residential and business premises used in cabinets or to radiation images — practically every place where something is to be staged. The lamp is bought very often and gets mostly good reviews. Some critical voices relate to the durability. Chance give customers the possibility that the reflector does not fit into the existing version.

The OSRAM LED Allrounder Overview

  • 15,000 hours lifetime
  • Natural color reproduction
  • Pleasant light color

(The quality) OSRAM MR16 Reflector

OSRAM reflector MR16 - LED reflector product image

light output 350 lumens
version GU 5.3
Replaces halogen lamp with 35 Watt
rating The reflector MR16 with 4.5 of 5.0 stars 73 opinions

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As a replacement for halogen lamps with 35 watts of LED reflector is made by Osram. With its low power consumption of six watts of energy saving is also great against low-voltage halogen lamps. A new transformer is for switching to LEDs typically incidentally not necessary. The lamp is fitted a GU 5.3 socket.With a color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin, the light is warm white. The LED reflector lamp is ideal for use as a spot or downlight . Thus it is recommended for uses requiring a focused light beam, such as in shop windows, showrooms, shops, catering establishments and the like.

With a light output of 350 lumens is the mid-range brightness. The light is in anangle of 36 degrees spread, which is absolutely sufficient for spot lighting. The vast majority of customer reviews are very positive; Negative reviews however, there are only sporadic. In terms of brightness, light color and energy efficiency can convince almost all buyers the branded product.

The OSRAM LED reflector Spot Overview

  • 15,000 hours lifetime
  • High lighting
  • Three years manufacturer warranty

LED reflectors replace halogen lights

Upon failure of incandescent and halogen lamps choose more consumers the more contemporary lamps: the LEDs. Of course, this also applies to reflector lamps. The change to LEDs is always a wise decision! The slightly higher price one has due to the energy efficiency very quickly out again. In addition, an LED reflector not only consumes less power, but also holds much longer .

The market offers a wide range of products of different reflectors. It is important that the lamp fits in the existing version . Our first test product features a screw thread, the Osram lamps each have a socket. The reflector lamp of Müller-light has the strongest light output with 400 lumens. At the same time it is the cheapest of the three products. Both Osram lamps are particularly suitable for the targeted spot lighting. In terms of color temperature and reproduction as well as energy efficiency, the three items are identical.

Which LED reflector is eligible depends on the version, the intended use and not least the price. In the long term can be personalized with the replacement of halogen lamps by LEDs effectively save electricity costs .

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