Top 3: The best LED recessed spots in the test

LED downlight Test 2016

Kitchen with built-in spots

LED downlights for targeted illumination

Einbauspots find especially in the residential lighting use. With its flat design, they fit almost seamlessly into any ceiling a. This not only looks great, but also provides really good light, and do so as needed. So LED recessed spots can selectively illuminate an entire room or simply put thunderstorms lighting accents.

In deciding which and how many spots are required, it is therefore on whether they form the main light source or are intended only as auxiliary lighting.Everything is possible. Strictly speaking, a recessed spot for spot lighting is designed. In this capacity, he may, for example illuminate a part of the room, a piece of furniture or picture. Just as well the mostly round lamps can illuminate but a large area. There are two options: It can many smaller spots or few but larger specimens are used.

The market offers a wide range of products with built-in spotlights in different sizes, materials and price ranges. Many downlights are pivotable and canoptimally aligned to; some can be dimmed. Some are offered in a practical set, other there is only one. In the huge existing offer can be found for every room and every purpose the appropriate LED installation spots.

The LED recessed spots compared (Sweet Led, KHL and LEDANDO)

Sweet Led spotlight with 52 LEDs
Sweet Led spotlight with 52 LEDs
KHL Einbauspots Set 6 x 3 W
KHL Einbauspots Set 6 x 3 W
LEDANDO 10 downlight kit
LEDANDO 10 downlight kit
Award The small The price values The High-grade
customer Rating 4.3 stars4.3 of 5 260 Amazon customers
4.3 stars4.3 of 5 143 Amazon customers
4.6 stars4.6 of 5 17 Amazon customers
Number in set 1 piece / pieces Price:. € 13.00 6 pcs / Unit Price:. € 6.50 10 pcs / Unit Price:. € 15.50
diameter 70 millimeters 90 millimeters 82 millimeters
Required mounting hole 60-68 millimeters 68 millimeters 68 millimeters
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Little) Sweet Led spotlight with 52 LEDs

Sweet Led spotlight with 52 light emitting diodes - LED downlight product image

diameter 70 millimeters
Required mounting hole 60-68 millimeters
rating The recessed spot with 52 LEDs with 4.3 of 5.0 stars 260 opinions

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A key feature of this LED spot is that the operation is no transformer is needed — it can be connected directly to 230V. The power consumption is three watts.There is a fixed reflector, which is not pivotable. Even a dimmer function is not available. The housing consists of steel and has a brushed chrome surface. In diameter measures 70 millimeters the spot, in the height of 27 millimeters .What is needed is a mounting hole 60-68 millimeters.

With a light output of 260 lumens , this is a fairly bright LED downlight. The LEDs 52 contained produce a warm white light with a color temperature of 2,900 Kelvin. The beam angle of the ceiling spots is 120 degrees . The lifetime is the merchant with more than 30,000 hours. The product is often purchased and received many excellent reviews. The spot is suitable for the entire interior area in living and working rooms, bathrooms, kitchens or hallways. For applications that do not require a pivotable light, it is a good choice.

The Sweet Led LED downlight Overview

  • Works without transformer
  • High light output
  • Energy efficiency class A +

(The price values) KHL Einbauspots Set 6 x 3 W

KHL Einbauspots Set 6 x 3 W - LED downlight product image

diameter 90 millimeters
Required mounting hole 68 millimeters
rating The Einbauspots Set 6 x 3 W with 4.3 of 5.0 stars 143 opinions

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These LED recessed spots come from without transformer. The set consists of six round lights in brushed iron. These have a GU-10 socket. In diameter the individual spots measuring 90 millimeters. The hole in the ceiling must for a diameter of 68 millimeters have. The installation depth is 70 millimeters .The LED downlights are pivotable about 17 degrees. Dimmable they are not.

Of course, they can be easily separated from each block and need not be connected. The units are connected directly to a 230-volt power supply. Its power consumption is three watts. The light color is a warm white indicated, however, can be found in the description of any specific indication of the color temperature. Also the light output is not mentioned. The mostly positive customer reviews can be found, however, that the LED recessed spots are very bright. Some buyers report that the lights have only held one to one and a half years. In other spots already work a long time with no failures.

The KHL LED ceiling spots at a glance

  • Affordable Product
  • swiveling
  • Works without transformer

(The High-grade) LEDANDO 10 downlight kit

LEDANDO 10 downlight set - LED downlight product image

diameter 82 millimeters
Required mounting hole 68 millimeters
rating The 10er downlight kit with 4.6 of 5.0 stars 17 opinions

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Here you can get the same ten high quality LED recessed spots at once. Their frames are made of brushed aluminum, are so silvery. With a power of five watts, they are suitable as a replacement for 50 Watt halogen spotlight . The package includes the installation frame, the LED lamps and the matching GU-10 versions. To facilitate the assembly, have the bulbs on a push closure. Thus, the inner ring can be easily removed and refitted after the onset of LEDs.

The LEDs produce a warm white light with a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin.The spots can be pivoted at an angle of 30 degrees. Your viewing angle is 60 degrees . The outer diameter measures 82 millimeters; it requires a mounting hole of about 68 millimeters. The service life is over 25,000 hours. The products obtained almost exclusively good customer reviews. Buyers praise in particular the processing, the easy installation and the customer of the provider. The spots are also available individually or in packs of three and in a dimmable version.

The LEDANDO LED downlights at a glance

  • High quality
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Energy efficiency class A +

Perfect light with ceiling spots

The three LED recessed spots are relatively different but also have common features. So they work all without transformer and arenot dimmable . The Sweet-Led Spot is the only immovable radiator. He is distinguished its high light output in spite of small size and power consumption. On most mobile show the downlights from LEDANDO that can be rotated about 30 degrees. They also make a very solid impression and seem the buyer to convince.

An important purchase criterion is the pivotability of ceiling spots. Where this does not matter, the first item is eligible. Equally important is the light output. Here one should ask which room or the area to be illuminated, and how bright the light needs to be there. Dimmable Spots allow naturally a greater margin. Of central importance is the installation depth , because the ceiling must have enough space for the radiator.

In addition to its low power consumption LED powered recessed spotlights have the great advantage that they develop little heat .Thus they are particularly flexible, even in ceilings with wood paneling. LED recessed spots are an elegant and efficient illumination whether. In large numbers as a kind of starry sky or isolated for the targeted spot lighting


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