Top 3: The best LED pendant lights in Test

LED pendant lamp Test 2016

Hanging lamps — the optimal table illumination

Pendant lights are among the suspended luminaires. «Commute» using a suspension it in space — often over a table. This usage is so popular for good reason, because the light source above the dining or living room table is a LED pendant light almost ideal. In this case, the light, the lamp evenly distributed over the entire table surface. The pleasant light of a pendulum lamp is perfect when eating, reading, playing or cozy get-together. Also available for use over the kitchen island, this lamp shape is ideal.

Apart from its function as a targeted light source, cost LED pendant lights the space visually. Especially often they come in the living room and in the kitchen for use. Also an office, study or hobby room benefits from a stylish hanging lamp. The range of lamps in a variety of designs is great. So customers can choose between various lamp forms choose, including beams having a plurality of individual lamps and pendant lamps with a single long light source.

In terms of materials and colors, there are also plenty of choice. Popular for example, combinations of metal and glass . The length of the suspension of an LED pendant light can usually be customized during installation. Some models are even adjustable. In addition, some lights can be dimmed.

The LED pendant lamps compared (Globo Lighting, Green Opto and KHL)

Globo Lighting LED pendant light 5-lights
Globo Lighting LED pendant light 5-lights
Green Opto single hanging lamp
Green Opto single hanging lamp
KHL pendant lamp nickel / glass
KHL pendant lamp nickel / glass
Award The modern The Narrow The Well
customer Rating 4.0 stars4.0 of 5 62 Amazon customers
4.4 stars4.4 of 5 7 Amazon customers
4.6 stars4.6 of 5 33 Amazon customers
input 25 Watt (5 x 5) 20 Watt 12 Watt (3 x 4)
light output 1,600 lumens 1,680 lumens 320 lumens
color temperature 3,200 Kelvin 3,000 Kelvin 2,700 Kelvin
test read Review read Review read Review

(Modernity) Globo Lighting LED pendant light 5-lights

Globo Lighting LED pendant light 5-lights - LED Pendant Lamp Product image

input 25 Watt (5 x 5)
light output 1,600 lumens
color temperature 3,200 Kelvin
rating The LED Pendant Lamp 5 arms with 4.0 of 5.0 stars 62 opinions

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This lamp made by Globe Lighting is made of chromed metal and frosted glass.On a metal beam sit five flat rectangular glass shades each with a light source at the center. At the end of the rope suspension is a rectangular metal base, with the pendant lamp is mounted on the ceiling. The transformer is thereby covered by this foot. In the suspension, the lamp can be adjusted easily to the desired length. However, after fixing it is no longer adjustable easily.

The lamp is 105 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide. Each spot measures 15 x 10 centimeters and has a power of five watts. Overall, LED pendant light thus comes to 25 watts. The light is very bright and warm white . Dimmable lamp is not. Most customers give the product a good rating.Some complain, however, that the LEDs flicker after a while or completely failed. By contrast, however, numerous five-star reviews.

The Globo Lighting LED Spot Hängelampe Overview

  • Energy efficiency class A +
  • Chic design
  • Easy construction

(The Narrow) Green Opto single hanging lamp

Green Opto hanging lamp single - LED Pendant Lamp Product image

input 20 Watt
light output 1,680 lumens
color temperature 3,000 Kelvin
rating The hanging lamp with single 4.4 of 5.0 stars 7 opinions

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A simple, minimalist look characterizes this LED pendant light. It consists of a120-centimeter-long light stick hanging on two steel ropes from the ceiling.With a power consumption of 20 watts, the lamp comes on 1,680 lumens. Due to this high light output it is particularly suitable for any workspace . Thanks to the warm white light of articles but fits just as well in living rooms.

When assembling the leaves plenum height adjust once — according to the manufacturer up to a maximum of 60 centimeters. To shorten the steel cables, you have to cut them, because there is no space available to store excess wire invisible. The desired length you should therefore think very carefully. The assembly is the only point that some buyers evaluate negative. These try to be difficult, long for technical know-how and the manual is in the process no help.With the performance and design of the pendant lamp, customers are satisfied, however.

The Green Opto LED light stick at a glance

  • GS-certified
  • High light output
  • 35,000 life

(The Elegant) KHL pendant lamp nickel / glass

KHL pendant lamp nickel / glass - LED Pendant Lamp Product image

input 12 Watt (3 x 4)
light output 320 lumens
color temperature 2,700 Kelvin
rating The pendant lamp nickel / glass with 4.6 of 5.0 stars 33 opinions

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Classic, chic and elegant to simple manner, presents the pendant lamp by KHL.This is partly due to the combination of matte nickel and milky-white glass.Secondly convinced the design with its three lampshades, sitting on a silver bar. The optics of the light and the warm white light color speak for use in residential areas , for example over the dining table.

One advantage of this pendant lamp is that the light-emitting diodes in an E14 socket sit. Thus, the LEDs can be replaced easily. If the four watts of three lights to be strongly about, you just can these be replaced by commercially available 2-watt LEDs . This is all the more pleasing because the lamp is not dimmable. If the suspension can be determined individually height. Excess wire is pushed into the lamp and can not be seen there. Height adjustable lamp is not. The very good customer reviews suggest a high-quality, compelling product.

The KHL LED hanging lamp at a glance

  • Good price-performance ratio
  • E14 base — lamps exchangeabal
  • 20,000 hours lifetime

LED pendant lights for every style

There are many reasons for purchasing an LED pendant light. The main argument is certainly the high light output despite extremely low power consumption . LEDs have still another advantage, which is in pendant lights of significance: Their small size allows many exceptional models, in the form of very flat, narrow lights .

The diversity of the products tested shows how great is the design range of pendant lamps. Visually, the three namely little in common. Unlike the light stick of Green Opto, pass the lights Globo Lighting and KHL several individual lamps. Here the first tiebreaker of personal taste and purpose, which article in question comes. Moreover, is brightness an important purchase criterion. In this regard, provides the KHL light the strongest result. For non-dimmable lamps is the light output , measured in lumens, the more important. None of the products shown here is dimmable.

Since LED-operated hanging lamps are mainly used in the living and dining area, their light is usually warm white with a color temperature 2700-3000 Kelvin. For use as work lights, there they also in colder light colors. Important: When installing non-adjustable lamps make absolutely sure the correct height to choose.

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