Top 3: The best LED path lighting in the test

LED Road Lighting Test 2016

Path illuminated in the garden

LED walkway lights make pitfalls visible

Front of the house, in the garden, at the entrance or in the yard — there are many places where a path lighting is used. The luminaires increase safety and well-being in the dark. On uneven ground, in the wet and in the evenings they illuminate the way and minimize the risk of stumbling or falling.

LED walkway lights are not only useful, but also look just great. Throughout the year, they put the garden or front yard in scene. In the field of LED walkway lighting, the market offers a huge selection of different lamps. Often the power supply via a power supply with upstream transformer occurs. An alternative issolar powered garden lights . In terms of shape, height, materials and design, there is almost nothing that is not there. Are widely used in lamps, columnar bollards and small lanterns. Metal, plastic and glass are the conventional materials.

Usually one placed several lamps to one another at a slight distance.Therefore, the lights are often set in the offer. Whether the lamps ostensibly should be functional or decorative — with LED path lighting can produce an equally bright as atmospheric light. Namely, at a low to no power consumption.

The LED path lighting compared

Lights4fun, Lights4fun and Kiom

Lights4fun Set of 3 Solar Lantern
Lights4fun Set of 3 Solar Lantern
Lights4fun Set of 4 Solar glass slabs
Lights4fun Set of 4 Solar glass slabs
Kiom walkway lights Spike 3       
Kiom walkway lights Spike 3
Award The small The Modern The electricity-powered
customer Rating 4.4 stars4.4 of 5 17 Amazon customers
4.5 stars4.5 of 5 103 Amazon customers
4.7 stars4.7 of 5 18 Amazon customers
lamp shape Lantern paving stone bollard light
height 28 centimeters 5 centimeters 33/46 centimeters
Number of LEDs per lamp 1 4 9
test read Review read Review read Review

(The little) Lights4fun Set of 3 Solar Lantern

Lights4fun Set of 3 Solar Lantern - LED path lighting product image

lamp shape Lantern
height 28 centimeters
Number of LEDs per lamp 1
rating The set of 3 Solar lantern with 4.4 of 5.0 stars 17 opinions

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These solar path lighting presents itself as a small lamp with ground spike .With a height of 28 centimeters, including ground spike, they are also good for paths and front yards as for flower boxes on the balcony. Since the lights are very bright, donate enough light despite its small footprint. This leads naturally to the Ausmessungen the surface to be illuminated as well as on the number and spacing of the lanterns. Visually, the lanterns have an Asian touch. The lantern has a waterproof housing , is 5.5 centimeters wide and has a 8.5 centimeter wide roof.

In each lamp there is a white LED. With the spear, the lantern can be easilyanchored in the ground . If the battery has been fully charged on the day, the lanterns lit then up to six hours. If necessary, they can also be turned off to conserve the battery about to foul weather. The product receives positive customer reviews and is also available in six- and twelve of Nine Pack.

The Lights4fun LED spike Overview

  • Solar light — no power consumption
  • High brightness with small size
  • Ground spike for easy Installation

(The moderns) Lights4fun Set of 4 Solar glass slabs

Lights4fun set of 4 solar glass pavers - LED path lighting product image

lamp shape paving stone
height 5 centimeters
Number of LEDs per lamp 4
rating The set of 4 solar glass slabs with 4.5 of 5.0 stars 103 opinions

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A special type of LED path lighting, these luminous glass stones are made by Lights4fun. In each block, sit four LEDs and a solar battery. Except in White there are the stones in green, yellow, red and blue. They are ten centimeters long and wide and five centimeters high. Consisting of frosted glass with an uneven surface, they look great and are also very robust . They can be practically designed anywhere in the flower bed, on the grass or on a gravel road, and are a real eye-catcher. The bricks have IP44 protection.

The battery has a lifespan of about two years and can then be easily replaced.If the stones are fully charged, it lights up to eight hours . If there is insufficient sunshine, this has a corresponding impact on the firing time and the luminosity. The positive customer reviews testify but that the LED stones bring a convincing performance.

The Lights4fun LED Stones Overview

  • unusual design
  • High brightness
  • Durable and robust

(The electricity-powered) Kiom walkway lights Spike 3

Kiom walkway lights Spike 3 - LED path lighting product image

lamp shape bollard light
height 33/46 centimeters
Number of LEDs per lamp 9
rating The walkway lights Spike 3 with 4.7 of 5.0 stars 18 opinions

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In this set of three slender Kiom lights are available. This is spit lights, which can be variably positioned with or without spike but. Without spit they are 33 centimeters tall, they measure 46 centimeters; the diameter is 5.1 centimeters.The body consists of stainless steel , the upper part of polycarbonate. Optical thus the path lighting has a sophisticated and modern and fits many places at home and in the garden.

There are nine very bright LEDs in each bollard. Since this is not a solar lamp, the lighting is correspondingly reliable and constant. With a color temperature of 6,250 Kelvin, the light is daylight white. Improving the quality of the article spoke good customer reviews. A plus point is, for example, the low power consumption of 1.62 watts . The average life of 20,000 hours is convincing.The package contains everything that is needed for the assembly, namely an external power supply and a connection cable length of 12 meters.

The Kiom LED spit light Overview

  • Works with or without a spit
  • Energy efficiency class A +
  • Electricity instead Solar

LED path lighting with electricity or solar operation?

It is precisely this question arises when choosing a path lighting. Solar lamps to protect the environment and the wallet alike. On the day they load on to the evening they give off the accumulated power. They are ready to use and can be placed without cabling or installation anywhere. However, they are less reliable than the alternative. For this reason many seek customers specifically asked for bollards with electricity.

With our three test products, this only applies to the lighting of Kiom. They also have the largest number of LEDs per lamp. It is therefore assumed that they provide the best light output. Altogether there are three very different types of LED path lighting. The spit of lights Lights4fun are so small that they can be accommodated in the planter. An entirely different shape have the paving stones that are easily adapted to the desired location.

Before buying you should consider where the lights will be available and how much light is needed there. Shall pretty light accents are set, or it is about to see a path as well as possible. If the security or design in the foreground? For each use, there is finally the appropriate LED bollards.

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