Top 3: The best LED panels in the test

LED Panel Test 2016

LED panels for a nationwide lighting

In the field of interior lighting to LED panels present a true universal lights.With its ultra-slim design to fit not only visually in everywhere, but also physically, because they hardly take up a place. LED panels are ideal for illuminating large areas . Due to their design and the pre-built disk which scatters the light, they illuminate the area evenly. In addition, they produce no shadows and hide not.

Meanwhile, there are the light panels in various shapes and sizes . They are admitted as a ceiling light in the ceiling, hanging from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. Because LED panels are available in any light color, they are virtually used everywhere — in the warehouse or in the office or living room.

Visually the LED arrays appear very modern and sometimes downright futuristic. In contemporary room concepts they thus come effortlessly.Depending on the mounting and location, the panels can also come along very unobtrusive or neutral. Regardless of how they are used, LED panel are alwaysenergy-efficient and cost-saving solution.

The LED panels compared

LEDVero, Yorbay® and Auralum®

LEDVero Ultraslim Panel
LEDVero Ultraslim Panel
Yorbay® pendant lamp
Yorbay® pendant lamp
Auralum® panel ceiling lamp
Auralum® panel ceiling lamp
Award The Square The Warm White The Light
customer Rating 4.1 stars4.1 of 5 21 Amazon customers
4.5 stars4.5 of 5 149 Amazon customers
4.4 stars4.4 of 5 13 Amazon customers
sizes 30 x 30 cm — 120 x 30 cm 30 x 30 cm — 120 x 30 cm 30 x 60 cm — 120 x 30 cm
color temperature 3000-6000 Kelvin 3500-6500 Kelvin 3200-6500 Kelvin
light output 2,600 lumens 2,600 lumens 2,600 lumens
Energy efficiency class A A A +
test read Review read Review read Review

LEDVero Ultraslim Panel


sizes 30 x 30 cm — 120 x 30 cm
color temperature 3000-6000 Kelvin
light output 2,600 lumens
rating The ultraslim Panel with 4.1 of 5.0 stars 21 opinions

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This square LED panel in double measures 62 x 62 centimeters. It is therefore ideally suited for use in tile ceilings, as they are commonly found in office and business facilities or doctors’ offices. The color temperature of 4,500 Kelvin speaks for the use in the workspace . The light is neutral white, and thus has a white tone. The light output is 2600 lumens with a power consumption of 36 watts. The panel will be offered individually and in packages of up to ten pieces. A transformer and mounting brackets are included.

The housing consists of aluminum. With its modern appearance , the ultra-slim LED panel is used in many applications. The use in the bathroom makes the IP 20 not to. The customer ratings fall mainly positive. Installation is therefore very simple and also of the light output and the room lighting buyers are largely satisfied.

LEDVero offers inexpensive panels of 3000K (warm white), about 4500K (neutral white) to 6000K (cool-looking) in different sizes and formats. For larger orders of panels LEDVero are significant volume discounts. This you can easily redeem by selecting the number of pieces at

The LEDVero LED light panel overview

  • Until 30,000 hours life span
  • Wide viewing angle of 180 degrees
  • Including transformer and mounting hardware

Yorbay® pendant lamp

Yorbay® pendant lamp - LED panel product image
sizes 30 x 30 cm — 120 x 30 cm
color temperature 3500-6500 Kelvin
light output 2,600 lumens
rating The pendant lamp with 4.5 of 5.0 stars 149 opinions

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This ceiling lamp is a pendant lamp, which on a wire hanger hanging from the ceiling. All installation material is included; as a transformer for operation. The frame is made of aluminum and the backside of the panel consists of sheet metal. This allows the LED array alternatively by using magnets to attach.This lamp is 120 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide; but it is also available in two smaller sizes. With a height of only 10.8 millimeters, the LED panel is very flat.

In the embodiment illustrated here, the power consumption is 35 watts. 320 LEDs ensure a uniform light distribution. The light output is 2600 lumens. With a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin, the light color is warm white. For locations that require less cozy light, there is the LED panel in white. The customer reviews are very positive. Particularly, the light output is evaluated.

The Yorbay® LED Ceiling Light Overview

  • Good price-performance ratio
  • High luminous efficacy
  • Includes hardware and transformer
Color temperatures from Yorbay® Panel

3,500 Kelvin

6500 K

Sizes from Yorbay® Panel (neutral white)

30 x 30 cm

30 x 60 cm

60 x 60 cm

120 x 30

Auralum® panel ceiling lamp

Auralum® Panel Ceiling Light - LED Panel product image

sizes 30 x 60 cm — 120 x 30 cm
color temperature 3200-6500 Kelvin
light output 2,600 lumens
rating The panel ceiling lamp with 4.4 of 5.0 stars 13 opinions

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This model from the house Auralum® is 120 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide. With a power consumption of 40 watts, the panel reaches a light output of 3,800 lumens rich. The very bright light generates neutral white light with a color temperature 4000-4500 Kelvin . Thus, the LED array is particularly suitable for all workspaces, whether for hobby, household or professional. In addition, the lamp is also available in warm and cold white to choose from. Dimmable panel is not.

Thanks to the IP 20 is of any use in the bathroom, or other places where moisture is produced foreseen. The fact that the manufacturer gives a two year warranty, suggesting a high quality product. Equally positive is the free shipping within Germany. When ordering, however, one should know that neither the power supply nor the fastening material included. This applies at least for the current offer price. However, customers can order separately the accessory.

The Auralum® LED panel overview

  • Average life of 38,000 hours
  • 2 years warranty
  • Wide viewing angle of 180 degrees
Color temperatures from Auralum® Panel

3,200 Kelvin

4,500 Kelvin

6500 K

Sizes from Auralum® Panel (neutral white)

30 x 60 cm

120 x 30 cm

Recommended accessories for panels

LUMIXON LED Panel Frame - LED Panel Accessories

LUMIXON LED Panel Framework

For visual enhancement of your panels LUMIXON provides a very noble aluminum case with external dimensions of 120x30cm. This framework was provided with a special anodizing process with a protective layer. A real eye-catcher!

Currently € 29.90 * at

Auralum® suspension cables - LED Panel Accessories

Auralum® rope suspension

Practical rope suspension installation kit from Auralum® the lowest possible suspension of the panel. The set of modules with a size of 120×30 cm but alternatively also available for smaller modules.

Currently — € * at

10 x neodymium pot magnet - LED Panel Accessories

10 x neodymium pot magnet

A practical set of 10 magnets with countersunk screw to Potty by LED panels.

Currently € 15.12 * at

Eltako universal dimmer switch - LED Panel Accessories

Eltako universal dimmer switch

High quality Universal dimmer switch for installation and surface mounting to 400 watts. Something for real Handyman!

Currently € 32.75 * at

Frequently asked questions about Panels

Are there dimmable LED panels and allows a dimming function retrofit?

dimming panel

Each LED, each LED panel can dim it when the conditions are met. An LED panel consists of one or more LED chips and a power supply. The chips are simple diodes that we have done before light and dark in the classroom. The brightness is adjusted by the applied voltage, which provides the power supply available. It is controlled via a phase gating dimmer, control lines or house bus systems.

Technically, you can retrofit the dimming function, if the conditions are met. In the simplest case it is sufficient, the light switch by a commercially available phase dimmer to replace. The replacement of the power supply or control cables is often not economically sensible. Here we recommend the replacement of the entire panel.

What is the minimum mounting height with a panel?

Minimum distance from the Panel

The mounting height is determined by the mechanical structure of the LED panels and the ballast.
The mounting height of pure panel consists of the height and the minimum distance from the installation surface .This distance is necessary to dissipate the resulting heat. Often the manufacturers supply spacer for installation, ensure that the minimum distance. The size of the power supply is often not specified in the technical data. Often the ballast can be accommodated in false ceilings, cavities, the suspension or in an additional frame of the panels.

Can you control LED Panels also via smartphone?

Control via smartphone

Some manufacturers equip their LED panels with infrared, Bluetooth or-wireless receivers from. If the smartphone is also equipped with such an interface, you can control the panels. Of course, assuming that the correct application is installed. If the LED panel has a wireless interface, it can also be via the normal wireless home network can be controlled. Installation is straightforward here.

In modern buildings, electronic control systems are increasingly being used, the so-called house-Bus is used. So all electrical equipment can be controlled and managed through a unified interface. Also LED panels can be integrated via the corresponding interface in this network.

Provide LED Ceiling Panels enough light for the home office?

Light in the workplace

LED Ceiling Panels are available in various sizes, with various light colors and benefits. High-quality panels can be adjusted to the needs of the user. The color temperature can be adjusted to circumstances. Intelligent control systemscan also ensure that the lighting automatically adjusts to ambient light.

Ceiling Panels provide the same performance substantially more light than conventional incandescent lamps. The large area and the diffuse light of the LED panels allow a more uniform illumination of the room, such as fluorescent tubes.

Important for the optimal illumination of the home office and the workplace is the installation location. Here the same principles as traditional bulbs apply.

How can ceiling lights mounted in panel form?

LED panel mount

Ceiling lights are rectangular or square elements. The manufacturers supply installation kits and tools for the most common variants. As the ceiling lights can be mounted depends on the intended location. In office environments withmodular ceilings that perfectly fitting ceiling lights can be placed in the grid.

For mounting to a fixed ceiling, the manufacturers offer special mounting frame. This sturdy frame take on the panel and the transformer. At fixed ceiling, the ceiling lights can be suspended by steel cables. For installation in plasterboard ceilings , some manufacturers have provided spring mechanisms.

Powerful panels in various designs

Office LED Panels

For many uses LED panels are the right choice. Especially the flat construction and the extremely modern look make the light panels to such popular form of lighting.Depending on the size and type of room, the panels can be used as the sole light source, but can be combined well with other luminaires.

Of the three featured products, for which we express to you our recommendation, good for the first best to create a cozy light in the living room or bedroom. The other two are suitable because of their color temperature better in working spaces and the like. Lightest of the panel Auralum illuminated with a light output of 3,800 lumens. It is therefore suitable for use in large rooms and in places that call for particularly bright light. The other two products both come to 2600 lumens. The light panel of LEDVero stands out above all by its square shape.

Form, light output and color temperature are, according to various opinions, the main purchase criteria for LED panels. In addition, one should take into account the mounting options to ensure that the product is really can use as desired. Then the modern room lighting with LED panels, nothing stands in the way.

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