Top 3: The best LED panel lights in Test

LED Fluorescent Light Test 2016

Perfectly illuminated Photo Studio

Studio lighting for professional photos and videos

Everyone who works with a camera, white: For photo and video recordings, the light is crucial for the final result. Whether in portrait photography, for product shots or when shooting people, such as interviews — the right lighting, the A and O. For the perfect illumination coming daylight fluorescent light used. They are important part of any professional equipment.

Modern cameras and video lights are equipped with LEDs. Compared to conventional lamps, they offer several advantages: Since LEDs are small and light, LED panel lights have a much lower weight , which facilitates mobile use in literally. The dimming is greatly improved by the LED technology. Instead in each stage, the brightness of many modern studio lights can be set precisely.

Another plus is the low heat . With an LED camera light nobody has to sweat under hot lamps at the photo session. Not least is supported by the longevity of an LED light panel light. On the market there are lamps in various sizes and thicknesses, which are often offered as a complete studio set.

The LED panel lights Compare

Walimex Pro, Bresser and Yongnuo

Walimex Pro LED 500 Fluorescent Light
Walimex Pro LED 500 Fluorescent Light
Bresser LG-1200
Bresser LG-1200
Yongnuo YN-600
Yongnuo YN-600
Award The all-rounder The power light The Cheap
customer Rating 5.0 stars5.0 of 5 1 Amazon customers
No rating 4.5 stars4.5 of 5 11 Amazon customers
Dimensions 35 x 19 centimeters 26 x 75 centimeters 25.5 x 19 centimeters
number of LEDs 500 1,206 600
illuminance 630 lux (at 2 m) 11,800 Lux (at 1 m) Max. 4,680 Lux
test read Review read Review read Review

Walimex Pro LED 500 Fluorescent Light

The 500 LEDs this studio light can be turned on and off in four stages. In this way, the brightness can be adjusted individually. The light is very bright and suitable for illuminating larger areas. For product scope includes a power cable, a power adapter, a diffuser plate and a Warmtonfilter . Operation using rechargeable batteries is not possible in this lamp. With a color temperature of 6,200 Kelvin, the light is cold or daylight white. At two meters, the illuminance of 630 lux.

With thanks to its aluminum casing low weight of 300 grams the studio light during transport is comfortable to wear. There is a a 5/8-inch tripod mount is provided and can be used both hori- vertically. At the rear, the four switches with which the brightness can be regulated. For this purpose, the LEDs 500 are divided into four sections. Dimming therefore is not illuminating all LEDs shut down, but reduces the number of glowing lights. A continuous dimming is therefore not possible.

The Walimex Pro LED camera light at a glance

  • High brightness
  • Horizontally and vertically applicable
  • lightness

Walimex Pro LED 500 Fluorescent Light - LED Panel Light product image

Dimensions 35 x 19 centimeters
number of LEDs 500
illuminance 630 lux (at 2 m)
rating The LED 500 Fluorescent Light with 5.0 of 5.0 stars 1 opinions

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Bresser LG-1200

With a power consumption of 72 watts, these daylight fluorescent light has an extremely high light output. At a meter distance they achieved an illuminance of 11,800 lux, which is comparable to a halogen lamp with 1,200 watts. At two meters is the illuminance of 3,600 lux. Alternatively, there is the camera light with 54 and 38 watts. The barn contained naturally in the product scope, as well as a diffuser and a color filter.

When using the Difussorfilters the color temperature is 5,500 Kelvin, so cold white, while the color filter for warm white light, makes a color temperature of 3,200 Kelvin. The brightness can be controlled, which makes a very accurate adjustment possible infinitely variable. The color rendering index of Ra 80-85 makes the colors of course and appear strong. Establishments is the studio light optionally with a power cord or batteries , but must be obtained separately. Moreover, if required, a remote control to be purchased, with which the lamps can be operated up to 60 meters.

The Bresser LED studio light Overview

  • Approximately 50,000 hours life
  • Including diffuser filters and color filter
  • Brightness infinitely variable

    Bresser LG-1200 - LED panel light product image

    Dimensions 26 x 75 centimeters
    number of LEDs 1,206
    illuminance 11,800 Lux (at 1 m)

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Yongnuo YN-600


A powerful video light for a relatively small price. The set includes a power adapter, battery charger included, a white and an orange filter, a remote control, a handle for carrying the lamp, and an English-speaking guide. The maximum illuminance is 4,680 lux; the power consumption is 36 watts . The result is a light output of 4,680 lumens. Depending on requirements, the color temperature between 3,200 (warm white light) and 5,500 (cold white light) can be changed.

Use the infrared remote control can control up to eight meters, the LED area light. In addition, one can thus serve several of these lamps. The brightness can be adjusted precisely and can be selected manually or automatically by the lamp measures the current lighting conditions and adjusts the light intensity accordingly. Thus the lamp even after long operation is not too hot, she is afan fitted, the the necessary cooling provides. As the very positive customer reviews prove that buyers are extremely pleased with this LED studio light.

The Yongnuo LED video light Overview

  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Miscellaneous accessories included
  • lightness

Yongnuo YN-600 - LED Fluorescent Light product image

Dimensions 25.5 x 19 centimeters
number of LEDs 600
illuminance Max. 4,680 Lux
rating The YN-600 with 4.5 of 5.0 stars 11 opinions

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Perfect illumination thanks to LED studio lights

Our product presentation shows three different powerful area lights, also with respect to their functions are diverse and the product scope. All serve the same purpose. Buyer it is therefore important to pay attention to the exact details.

The highest light output has the daylight fluorescent light from Bresser. With its 1,206 LEDs reaching an illumination of up to 11,800 Lux. This is reflected in the price. Who needs less light or want to invest less, the other two lights should take a closer look. The first is equipped with 500 LEDs and convinces with high luminous efficiency . For many studio recordings, it is a good choice. Unfortunately, they can not be operated with batteries, making it less flexible. Unlike the YN-600, which also with some accessories scores and an attractive price.

Anyone who gets an LED panel light, should make for a thought about the required power. The settings are important. Will a phasing out of the brightness or it must be very finely regulated? Furthermore, the necessary hardware should be included in the considerations, which is included in many products but.

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