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LED Outdoor spotlight Test 2016

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LED spotlight for outdoor use

Not only indoors, and outdoors come LED emitter for use. There they illuminate driveways, patios, terraces, gardens and facades. They can be used very functional, to paths, areas and stairs illuminate. They contribute to security and provide the necessary lighting. Likewise emitters can act as a floodlight or Baustrahler. In addition, LED outdoor spotlights are perfect forshaping , such as when they illuminate the flower, the pond, fountain or a garden sculpture.

Whether the use of optical or functional nature — as a spotlight for outdoor lighting LED lights are the right choice. Because LEDs have numerous advantages . LEDs are very bright and can brighten even the darkest corners.In terms of the life they leave conventional halogen versions far behind.Despite this high performance, energy consumption is surprisingly low. Thus, the radiator can also be operated outdoors in good conscience for many hours.

LED outdoor lamps are available in various versions. Customers have a choice of wall and floor lamps . The selection of sizes, shapes and light intensities is large. What type radiator is most suitable, depends on what is to be illuminated. For every application and budget, there is a matching external radiator.

The LED Exterior projector comparison

I-Lumen®, Fuloon and Steinel

I-Lumen® Outdoor spotlight 10W
I-Lumen® Outdoor spotlight 10W
Fuloon Waterproof outdoor heaters
Fuloon Waterproof outdoor heaters
Steinel spotlight XLED Home 1 Slave
Steinel spotlight XLED Home 1 Slave
Award The top value The Light The Flexible
customer Rating 4.0 stars4.0 of 5 83 Amazon customers
4.0 stars4.0 of 5 77 Amazon customers
4.8 stars4.8 of 5 69 Amazon customers
power consumption 10 Watt 20 Watt 12 Watt
color temperature 5,800 Kelvin 6,000 Kelvin 6,700 Kelvin
protection IP 65 IP 65 IP 44
test read Review read Review read Review

I-Lumen® outdoor spotlight 10W

I-Lumen® Outdoor spotlight 10 W - LED Outdoor spotlight Product picture

power consumption 10 Watt
color temperature 5,800 Kelvin
protection IP 65
rating The outdoor spotlight 10W with 4.0 of 5.0 stars 83 opinions

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A very affordable floodlights provides the company I-lumen here. It is available with black or white housing. Not only the price is low, but also the radiator itself — he is only eleven centimeters long. This should be considered when buying necessarily, because depending on the needs of the radiator must be complemented by a second. Power consumption is ten watts, an equivalent 90-watt bulb . The LED Exterior projector corresponds to the energy efficiency class A +.

The floodlight a light output of 820 lumens. The light is bright and cool white with a color temperature of 5,800 Kelvin. The viewing angle is 120 degrees. The protection marking IP 65 proves that the spotlight is for outdoor use. A 25 cm long cable, however, not part of the product, a plug. The customer reviews are somewhat mixed, with most of the spotlight rate well. This external illuminator is suitable for lighting small areas outdoors or, for example, in the garage or workshop.

The I-LED Lumen® Baustrahler Overview

  • Small but bright
  • Very inexpensive
  • 30,000 life

Fuloon Waterproof outdoor heaters

Fuloon Waterproof Outdoor spotlights - LED Outdoor spotlight Product picture

power consumption 20 Watt
color temperature 6,000 Kelvin
protection IP 65
rating The Waterproof Outdoor spotlight with 4.0 of 5.0 stars 77 opinions

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Also, this article is a very cost-effective LED outdoor spotlight . With 20 watts of power to correspond to a light bulb with 200 watts. The manufacturer describes the spotlight as waterproof. The protection of IP 65 identifies him as for outdoor use — downpours will withstand the lamp easily. Some customers, however, criticize that the cable does not own for outdoor use. The product description is partly somewhat confused and contradictory. Thus, the light color is specified as warm white, the color temperature but with 6,000 Kelvin, corresponding to cold white light. According to customer information is actually rather cool light.

The light output is 1700-1900 lumens; the color rendering index Ra is 80. The LED Exterior projector is so very bright. The radiators are the light in a beam angle of 120 degrees. The connection cable is quite short fall of about 20 centimeters. Most customers voices are positive. Individual buyers complain about the short shelf life of the radiator. The average lifespan is 25,000 hoursspecified.

The Fuloon LED Floodlight at a glance

  • Energy efficiency class A +
  • Lichtstark
  • Equivalent to 200-watt bulb

Steinel spotlight XLED Home 1 Slave

Steinel spotlight XLED Home 1 slave - LED Outdoor spotlight Product picture

power consumption 12 Watt
color temperature 6,700 Kelvin
protection IP 44
rating The radiator XLED Home 1 Slave with 4.8 of 5.0 stars 69 opinions

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The quality LED Exterior projector made by Steinel is available in white, black and silver colors. The housing is made of UV resistant plastic, the aluminum heatsink. The latter counteracts the heat development which already is low in LEDs. The cooling system is good for the life that up to 50,000 hours is. A significant part of the radiator is a panel, which is equipped with 198 LEDs.These provide a light output of 920 lumens. The panel can pivot horizontally 180 degrees and vertically by 120 degrees. Optimal alignment is therefore no problem.

The light is cold white with a color temperature of 6,700 Kelvin. With a power consumption of 12 watts the spotlight may instead of a 150-watt halogen lamp are used. The outdoor light corresponds to the energy efficiency class A. The customer ratings fall out almost exclusively positive. Another advantage is the ability to connect different lamps and sensors of the manufacturer.

The Steinel LED Spotlight Overview

  • Good workmanship
  • pivotally in four directions
  • High luminous efficacy

Recommended accessories for outdoor spotlights

Steinel Corner wall - LED Exterior projector accessories

Steinel Corner wall

Solider Corner wall for Steinel Outdoor spotlight, which can be attached so that even in corners.

Currently € 9.99 * at

LED Outdoor spotlight in every price category

The applications of LED outdoor spotlights are manifold. It is important that the light actually fit for the intended purpose . Should be more cozy light, such as patio lighting, a warm white lamp is recommended. The size and light output are of importance to sufficient, but not too much or to get to bright light.

Like the three featured products illustrate, the price range is large. Here they range from very inexpensive lamps from I-lumen until the higher-priced of Steinel. Also in terms of light output , there are considerable differences. The brightest LED Exterior projector is from Fuloon with up to 1,900 lumens. All three have a rectangular shape with the Steinel spotlight due to the flat panel visually stands.Of course round outer radiator and those that are used on the ground.

An LED Exterior projector can safely which turned all night stay, deter about to burglars. Thanks to their extremely low power consumption arise neither high costs nor the environment unnecessarily burdened. In addition, LED lamps are virtually maintenance free. The exchange of lamps is a thing of the past. The low heat allows the installation at any point, even directly under a canopy.

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