Top 3: The best LED office lights in the test

LED desk lamp Test 2016

Fully lit office Ceiling lights for the perfect office lighting

Offices requiring a uniform illumination of the workplace. This applies to small private offices as well as for large rooms where several people are employed.To such a homogeneous illumination to achieve, the use of ceiling lights is recommended. For a comprehensive lighting them ideal.

Originally widespread fluorescent tubes have become obsolete. They are replaced by modern LED Office Lighting. In addition to the much better energy efficiency LEDs offer further advantages. They run completely silent, no flickering and work without significant delay. In addition, the light is glare and shadow-free. Visually convincing the LED-powered lamps office. Thanks to its flat design, they act very subtly and modern and fit variable in each office.

Also available are various lamp types and mounting options. The most common are LED panels , which are recessed into the ceiling. Also pendant lights that hang from the office ceiling, are popular. Similarly, there are office lights that sit directly on the ceiling. Of course, the lights in various sizes and price ranges are available.

The LED Office Lighting comparison

Lighting Ever®, Yorbay® and Lightbox

Lighting Ever® 36 W LED Panel
Lighting Ever® 36 W LED Panel
Yorbay® LED ceiling light
Yorbay® LED ceiling light
Lightbox led panel for ceiling mounting
Lightbox led panel for ceiling mounting
Award The Flexible The surface The Dimmable
customer Rating 4.4 stars4.4 of 5 35 Amazon customers
4.5 stars4.5 of 5 149 Amazon customers
4.0 stars4.0 of 5 11 Amazon customers
power consumption 36 Watt 35 Watt 60 Watt
light output 2,700 lumens 2,600 lumens 5000 lumens
Dimensions 129 x 41 cm 120 x 30 cm 100 x 35 cm
test read Review read Review read Review

Lighting Ever® 36 W LED Panel

The rectangular thin panel can be mounted in two ways: either it is mounted directly to the ceiling or to use it with a suspension as a hanging lamp.Sämtliches needed for this installation material is also included in the package as a transformer . The efficient LED desk lamp replaces a fluorescent lamp with a power consumption of 80 watts, so the power consumption and thus the electricity costs can be reduced to less than half.

With a light output of 2,700 lumens, the lamp is quite bright — depending on requirements and size of the room but two or more panels may be necessary.The color temperature of 3000 Kelvin ensures pleasant warm white light .Further, the high color rendering index of 85.00 guarantees that the lit environment appears in rich, natural colors. Pale, his eyes incriminating office light is a thing of the past. With few exceptions, the customers are very pleased with this ceiling lamp.

The Lighting Ever® LED ceiling lamp at a glance

  • Two mounting options
  • Energy efficiency class A +
  • 50,000 hours life


Lighting Ever® 36W LED panel - LED desk lamp product image

power consumption 36 Watt
light output 2,700 lumens
Dimensions 129 x 41 cm
rating The 36W LED panel with 4.4 of 5.0 stars 35 opinions

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Yorbay® LED ceiling light

This panel measures 120 x 30 centimeters and is 10.8 millimeters thin. It has a sturdy aluminum frame and a matt-white cover. The light is cold white with a color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin. In addition, the ceiling light in various other sizes and with warm white light is available. The light output is 2600 lumens.For smaller rooms, a panel could provide a sufficient amount of light. The transformer required is included.

For product scope includes the mounting hardware. It is intended to use as a pendant lamp by the lamp on four steel cables hanging from the ceiling. As is apparent from the reviews, had some customers with this solution is not satisfactory, so they constructed an alternative mounting option about using magnets. Regardless of the desk lamp gets very positive customer reviews. In a low power consumption of 35 watts is obtained amazingly bright light, which is ideally suited for the work at the desk.

The Yorbay® LED pendant lamp Overview

  • Extra flat panel
  • Very bright light
  • Uniform illumination

    Yorbay® LED Ceiling Light - LED desk lamp product image

    power consumption 35 Watt
    light output 2,600 lumens
    Dimensions 120 x 30 cm
    rating The LED ceiling light with 4.5 of 5.0 stars 149 opinions

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What this LED desk lamp differs from many similar lamps, is that they can be dimmed. About the supplied remote control allows the brightness and color of light to precisely adjust . The range of color temperature ranges 2700-6500 Kelvin, so hot- and cold white. Thus, the ceiling lamp is extremely variable and not only suitable for the office. With the programmable remote control four panels can be controlled. The last setting is stored, does not have to be rebalanced on the next time.

The 1 meter long and 35 centimeters wide panel is fixed directly to the ceiling.Alternatively, it can be attached to the wall. With a power consumption of 60 watts and a light output of 5,000 lumens in the highest setting, it is a verybright desk lamp . If less light is required, simply dims the lamp to shut until the desired brightness is achieved. One criticism appears in the otherwise positive customer reviews: Accordingly, the Panel causes interference to radio and television reception.

The Lightbox LED Panel Overview

  • Brightness and color temperature adjustable
  • Memory function
  • Energy efficiency class A +

Lightbox led panel for ceiling mounting - LED desk lamp product image

power consumption 60 Watt
light output 5000 lumens
Dimensions 100 x 35 cm
rating The LED panel for ceiling mounted with 4.0 of 5.0 stars 11 opinions

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Ceiling lights for different requirements

At first glance, the three Office Lighting differ not much. Priced and in function but yet can be considerable differences seen. For use in offices or in your home office is suitable in principle any of the models.

The first product is a light of medium brightness. It can be mounted in two ways, and comes complete with transformer. In the second lamp is mounting material for attaching a pendant lamp and also a transformer. Here convinced the flat construction and the strong brightness. Product number 3 is the only dimmable and also the most powerful of the presented panels.

Buyer should pay attention to the mounting options, so consider how you mounted the lamp on the ceiling of the office. Furthermore, of course, plays light power an important role. In larger rooms, it is possible with multiple LED Office Lighting to create optimum lighting conditions. Anyone looking for the most flexible use of lighting, should opt for a dimmable panel.

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