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LED Motion Test 2016

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SensorLights for indoor and outdoor use

LED lamps with integrated motion detectors are a great convenience. Because there are around so many places in and around the house that are poorly lit or where many fast times just light is needed. The tedious search for the light switch and complicated structures can save thanks to motion. Once the sensor lamp perceives a movement, the light goes on. Simple, but effective.

LED motion are available in numerous variants for interior and exterior use. In the house, they serve as a night light source and illuminate hallways, stairways, closets, basement and all the dark corners. Outside, they illuminate driveways, gardens, patios and paths. A sensor light increases safety — no more trips or falls on the way to the next light switch. Even burglars are deterred by a lamp with motion detector.

With a motion detector, the light remains switched on only as long as necessary. These LEDs are already the most efficient type of lighting that exist.An LED motion allows maximum energy savings . Unlike incandescent lamps LEDs have a very long service life and must not be changed. The combination of LED light and motion sensor provides a convenient, reliable and efficient lighting.

The LED motion compared

Osram, TaoTronics and I-Lumen®

Osram 80191 Spylux
Osram 80191 Spylux
TaoTronics night light with motion
TaoTronics night light with motion
I-10 Watt Lumen® Greenline floodlights
I-10 Watt Lumen® Greenline floodlights
Award The Mobile The Wireless The outdoor lamp
customer Rating 4.4 stars4.4 of 5 419 Amazon customers
4.7 stars4.7 of 5 226 Amazon customers
3.8 stars3.8 of 5 217 Amazon customers
Energy efficiency class A A A ++ — A
operation batteries batteries power connection
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Mobile) Osram 80191 Spylux

Osram 80191 Spylux - LED motion sensor product image

operation batteries
rating The 80191 Spylux with 4.4 of 5.0 stars 419 opinions

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A small LED light at low price. The special thing about the Spylux is that they are for the mobile use is. It is operated with three AAA batteries, which are included. With a magnet, a tape or by being screwed: For mounting on the wall a bracket that can be mounted in three ways serves. If necessary, the lamp can be removed from its holder and simply inserted there after use.

There is a switch, with the switch the light on and off or the LED motion sensor is activated on the side of the luminaire. The lamp head is conveniently rotated. The light is very bright and cool white with a color temperature of 7000 Kelvin. With 0.23 watts of power consumption is really low. Customers also report that the batteries last. The item is purchased frequently and most of the reviews is positive.

The Osram LED Compact Light Overview

  • Mobile light with movement Chandelier
  • Small and handy
  • Flexible lamp head

(The Wireless) TaoTronics night light with motion

TaoTronics night light with motion - LED motion sensor product image

operation batteries
rating The night light with motion detector with 4.7 of 5.0 stars 226 opinions

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The square sensor light of TaoTronics is offered in packs of three. It is operated with four AA batteries which are not supplied. The installation accessories in the form of screws and an adhesive strip is included; as a German-speaking guide. Striking are the numerous excellent customer reviews of this bestseller.Negative reviews, however, are as good as any available.

The handy, wireless lamp is extremely practical and operates in a simple way: When moving from a distance of two meters , the sensor is triggered. After30 seconds , the motion detector switches off again, if he perceives no more movement. Adjustment or additional functions do not exist. The lamp has no switch, but is in daylight or illumination not by other light sources. The light is sufficiently bright without dazzling. Life expectancy is an average of 40,000 hours. This LED motion sensor is particularly suitable as corridor lighting, as well as for stairwells.

The TaoTronics LED sensor light at a glance

  • Battery operated — operate in any location
  • If a day off
  • Reliable sensor with fast response

(The outdoor lamp) I-Lumen® 10 Watt Greenline floodlights

I-10 Watt Lumen® Greenline floodlights - LED motion sensor product image

EEK A ++ — A
operation power connection
rating The 10 Watt Greenline floodlight with 3.8 of 5.0 stars 217 opinions

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From I-lumen LED this motion is for outdoor use. Mounted at the desired location, it can be aligned as required. The viewing angle is 120 degrees. The light is cold white and very bright . With 10 watts, the performance of a 100-watt incandescent. The service life is up to 20,000 hours and the manufacturer gives a two year warranty on the floodlights.

There are three wheels for various settings on the air: one for the sensitivity of the sensor, one for the brightness and the third for the duration of the illumination after tripping. The brightness can be optionally set so that the lamp turns on even in daylight or only in darkness. This allows the full functioning customize . Some customers have had bad experiences with the durability of the product. But in general the opinions fall out well and the buyers praise the good price-performance ratio.

The I-Lumen® LED Floodlight at a glance

  • Functions can be adjusted individually
  • Small but bright
  • Good price-performance ratio

Outdoor lighting and night lights with motion

As the above-featured products show LED lamps powered with motion in various designs are available. It comes with the purchase initially on the use of. The crucial question is: We need the lamp for indoor or outdoor use? Moreover, one has the choice between battery-operated, mobile and fixed, wired copies.

The Spylux lamp from Osram is by far the cheapest product. With its rotating head it is very versatile and can be similarly used as a flashlight. Also battery operated, but less suitable because of their shape to carry around, is the compact night lamp by TaoTronics.This article convinced most buyers across the board. A completely different model, and clearly intended for outdoor use, the floodlights of I-lumen. This lamp is characterized by a high light output with low energy consumption.

An LED motion, of whatever nature, is a useful, functional and uncomplicated light source. With its extremely low power consumption and long life they are the perfect solution in the home, and the house, in the garden and on the entire plot.

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