Top 3: The best LED magnifying lamps in test

LED Magnifying Lamp Test 2016

LED magnifier lamps for crafting, soldering, reading and working

Wherever an accurate eye is asked makes a magnifying lamp good services.This can be for example at work, as in the doctor’s office or in the salon. Even hobbyists, modelers and hobbyists use the helpful lights. Moreover, they are ideal as a reading aid. With an LED illuminated magnifier is every little partclearly, namely to charge without eyes.

Many magnifying lamps can be locked on the table and have an articulated arm for flexible orientation. Alternatively, there are models with stand. The lights are in different strengths offered. For many purposes, a magnifying glass is sufficient with three diopters. This achieves an increase of 175 percent.Lights with five diopter enlarge 225 percent and are suitable for delicate precision work. Even stronger magnifying glasses are used for small parts used.

In general, the diopter number should match the purpose. It is not advisable to rely in any case on the strongest possible magnifying lamp. On the contrary: A magnifying glass with a lower strength has the advantage that it increases very sharply . Besides increasing course must be perfect lighting. An LED magnifying lamp is bright, consumes little power and has a long life.

The LED magnifier lamps compared

Lumeno, Fixpoint and INTERHOME

Lumeno workplace lamp with 80 LEDs
Lumeno workplace lamp with 80 LEDs
Fixpoint cold light magnifying lamp
Fixpoint cold light magnifying lamp
INTERHOME daylight lamp
INTERHOME daylight lamp
Award The Durable The Light The Affordable
customer Rating 4.8 stars4.8 of 5 60 Amazon customers
4.9 stars4.9 of 5 41 Amazon customers
4.6 stars4.6 of 5 54. Amazon customers
diopters 3 diopters 3 diopters 3 diopters
enlargement 1.75-fold 1.75-fold 1.75-fold
number of LEDs 96 LEDs 90 LEDs no information
power consumption 7.3 Watt 7.5 Watt 12 Watt
light output 910 lumens 520 lumens no information
test read Review read Review read Review

Lumeno workplace lamp 80 LEDs


diopters 3 diopters
enlargement 1.75-fold
number of LEDs 96 LEDs
power consumption 7.3 Watt
light output 910 lumens
rating The workplace lamp with 80 LEDs with 4.8 of 5.0 stars 60 opinions

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Three diopters has the magnifying glass of this light from the house Lumeno.Visually stands instantly green protective edging made of rubber produced.This not only protects, it also makes the lamp head while aligning especially secure . The head can rotate 100 degrees and pivot 120 degrees, so is very mobile. Two 38-centimeter-long members form the articulated arm. The light can be precisely aligned, and is easily in the selected position.

The diameter of the magnifier measures 127 millimeters. 80 LEDs provide light with a brightness of 512 lumens from. The magnifying lamp consumes 7.3 watts. With a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours is a very durable product. From the size and design of the lamp is working radius yields of 106 centimeters — so, a majority of the table lit and the products are also used as working and desk lamp. This product receives almost invariably good customer ratings and are also available with five and eight diopters.

The Lumeno LED lamp Cosmetics Overview

  • High quality
  • Up to 100,000 hours lifetime
  • Accurate, stable alignment

Fixpoint cold light magnifying lamp

Fixpoint LED Magnifying Lamp-OnFixpoint LED Magnifying Lamp-Collapsed
Fixpoint LED Magnifying Lamp-Off

diopters 3 diopters
enlargement 1.75-fold
number of LEDs 90 LEDs
power consumption 7.5 Watt
light output 520 lumens
rating The cold light magnifying lamp with 4.9 of 5.0 stars 41 opinions

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The only positive customer reviews give the impression that this is a very high-quality LED Magnifying lamp. It increases the illuminated parts of three diopters, ie a 1.75-fold . The lens is made of real glass and has a diameter of 125 millimeters. A protective cap protects the lens when the lamp is not in use.The articulated arm is 90 centimeters long. In the joint on lamp head it is not a ball joint; it can be moved to the side just up and down, but not. For most customers, but this is hardly relevant.

90 LEDs produce a light white light with a color temperature of 6,400 Kelvin.The LEDs are arranged annularly what shadowless illumination favors. The light output is 520 lumens, the lamp is therefore very bright. Its power consumption is 7.5 Watt extremely low. With the clamp of metal, the lamp can be mounted on a tabletop. The terminal is not permanently installed, so that if necessary alternative fitting, such as a wall bracket, can be selected.

The Fixpoint LED illuminated magnifier at a glance

  • High quality
  • Life of 35,000 hours
  • Illumination without shadows

INTERHOME daylight lamp

Interhome Magnifying Lamp-OnInterhome magnifying lamp-to

diopters 3 diopters
enlargement 1.75-fold
number of LEDs no information
power consumption 12 Watt
light output no information
rating The daylight lamp with 4.6 of 5.0 stars 54 opinions

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At first glance first falls on the low price of this magnifying lamp. then you look at the positive customer reviews on, the article is more interesting. The lamp is made of plastic and has rather compact dimensions. For illuminating larger work areas, it is therefore less suitable. In many activities, such as nail design, handicrafts, model making or for reading small print, it but does a good job.

The magnifying glass consists of a glass lens with three diopters and a diameter of 85 millimeters. In this magnifier glass a little extra magnifier with eight diopter is integrated. So small parts can be greatly enlarge. The ring light works with a power consumption of 12 watts and emits bright work light that mimics natural daylight. The light is of course free of shadows. Use of the articulated arm can be illuminated magnifying position as desired. Due to the low height of the lamp and because the arm does not have a joint in the middle, the room is not huge, but adequate for many purposes.

The INTERHOME LED Magnifying Lamp Overview

  • Handy light
  • Additional lens with 8 diopters
  • Good price-performance ratio

Recommended accessories for Magnifying Lamps

Lumeno Spare magnifier with 3 or 5 diopters - LED Magnifying Lamp Accessories

Lumeno Spare magnifier with 3 or 5 diopters

The quality Lumeno Spare magnifier with 3 or 5 dioptres and a diameter of 125 mm made of glass, which is compatible with the model we tested 721XGN. The exchange is very simple and requires no submission of magnifying lamp to manufacturer.

Currently € 12.49 * at

Lumeno 6179U table and wall bracket - LED Magnifying Lamp Accessories

Lumeno 6179U table and wall holder

The solid cast aluminum table and wall holder of Lumeno, which can be used universally. The powder coating can safely clean super easy and can be use by the resistance to aggressive agents, the manufacturer also perfect in the medical field.

Currently € 19.95 * at

Fixpoint spare -5 diopter lens - LED Magnifying Lamp Accessories

Fixpoint spare -5 diopter lens

The 127 mm real glass lens of Fixpoint -5 diopter enables 2.25-times magnification of the illuminated object. The exchange is completed easily and within seconds.

Currently € 8.48 * at

Universal magnifying lamps wall bracket - LED Magnifying Lamp Accessories

Universal Magnifying Lamps Wall Mount

The white wall mount magnifying lamps, which is equipped with 12.5 mm pin, can be used as a wonderful alternative with its 3 mounting holes for table mounting.

Currently € 9.95 * at

Frequently asked questions about Magnifying Lamps

How to use a magnifying lamp right?

Something bigger

A magnifying lamp is used when you want to see small and indistinct details or texts better. It is often used for modeling, drawing or reading. By integrated lamp of the text or object through the lamp and magnifying glass is clearly recognizable. In many areas of work, for example in medical practices or cosmetic studios, magnifying lamp is used for some time, although it is suitable for their own use to the same extent.

What are secondary lenses and their advantages?

An advantage point

If one is not enough, the magnifying glass of the lamp to enlarge, you can make a further, secondary lens. This is calledbonding lens . By being somewhat wetted before the attachment, they may adhere to the primary lens without problems. There is also the adhesive lens in different thicknesses: 4, 6 and 10 diopters. These cause an increase of 100%, 150% and 250%.
Also, secondary lenses are available that can be mechanically attach and turn away any.
Especially for the elderly or people with severe visual impairments have the adhesive lenses a particular advantage, but also in more detail fine work they can cause an enormous relief.

Can magnifying lamps are also used in low vision?

See with the eye

Since many people suffer from, often very strong, visual impairment, a magnifying lamp, an exceptional aid offer. Since the text or object will appear larger, it is much easier for the person to recognize this. Adults find it difficult to expand the focus of their eyes on a wide range. The sharpness of vision diminishes therefore. Therefore, it provides just for the elderly uncommon advantage to use a magnifying lamp, since they can recognize her, even at a short distance all the little details.

What does the diopter specified in the lamps?

Diopter PlusMinus

The magnification of a magnifying glass is indicated by diopters. It is calculated from the power of the lens or the focal length.
The higher a diopter rating in a lamp magnifier, the stronger is magnification of the lens and the distance to the object thus low. Of course, the increase will depend on the diameter of the lens. Thereby, the higher the dioptric power, the smaller the lens diameter. For reading magnifiers one usually uses a magnification of 4-12 diopters, at a higher magnification is very little to see.
4 diopters mean an increase of 100%, 6 diopters corresponding to a magnification of 150% and 10 diopters even a 250%.

What is the optional arm length for which use of the area?

length and width

It always depends on the individual application, which determines the optional arm length a magnifying lamp. If you use this example, for the reading of texts, already reaches a magnifying lamp with a smaller arm length, because they are needed in this case only for a short distance. Often rich arm lengths between 700 and 1000 mm in order to achieve a good result.
However, it works on a model that requires a detailed magnification around the object, then the arm length of the lamp fixture should definitely be bigger. Otherwise it could happen that one is limited in his work, because the range of the magnifying glass is not sufficient. It is important so that the required size of the arm’s length for your own object or text is enough and one is before buying aware.

LED magnifying lamps for hobby and profession

Beauty with a magnifying lamp

Workshop, hobby room, practice, studio or desk — the areas of application for a LED magnifier lamp are numerous. Many activities require a good magnifying glass with bright illumination. In LED versions very pleasant: the low heat . No one likes to sit under a light that is increasingly hot. The lamps are extremely durable and provide very bright light with low power consumption.

The workplace lamp Lumeno is higher priced than the other two, but also makes a very qualitative impression and has an extremely long life. Who does not want to invest quite so much, will in the second product quite similar light. It is equipped with ten LEDs and more with 520 lumen a little brighter. By far the best is the daylight lamp from Interhome. As a bonus, it has a small auxiliary magnifier with eight diopters.

The most important purchase criterion of reading magnifier lamps is the diopter strength. Apart from this, the mobility of the lamp head is important. This can, depending on the model, be different flexible. Especially important is that the lamp is able to maintain the selected position. Overall, the product should have a high-quality processing have. Then the long life of the LED magnifying lamp comes into play.

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