Top 3: The best LED lights in Test

LED Light Test 2016

Modern kitchen with lots of light

Powerful recessed lamps

In the kitchen and in living rooms to downlights great popularity. They provide light under wall cabinets, on shelves or in cabinets. Who has not used halogen lamps or fluorescent tubes for this purpose, should consider gradually transform saddle on LED downlights. The innovative technology of LEDs is in any type LED light added: They are low in energy consumption, yet very bright They also hold incredibly long..

For use as a cabinet luminaire, as in furniture LEDs still provide but a special advantage: the low heat . This not only has the effect that little power is consumed. Since the lamps are not as hot as other bulbs, they are much safer.This applies, for example, when the lamp is mounted in immediate proximity to objects, such as books on the shelf. Also, do not burn yourself on a LED light hand when you touch it.

Another advantage is that the lamps are so small that they can be accommodated in an enormous flat lights. So many new shapes and designs are possible. The broad range is the selection of the best LED Halogen.

The LED lights compared (Lighting Ever, Ever Lighting and Parlat)

Lighting Ever recessed lamp with 3 LEDs
Lighting Ever recessed lamp with 3 LEDs
Lighting Ever Dimmable LED bar
Lighting Ever Dimmable LED bar
Parlat 2er LED light set
Parlat 2er LED light set
Award The Battery Operated The Flexible The Warm White
customer Rating 3.5 stars3.5 of 5 142 Amazon customers
4.2 stars4.2 of 5 115 Amazon customers
4.8 stars4.8 of 5 10 Amazon customers
batteries required
energy class A A + A +
color temperature 3000 Kelvin 3000 Kelvin 2,700 Kelvin
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Battery Operated) Lighting Ever recessed lamp with 3 LEDs

Lighting Ever recessed lamp with 3 LEDs - LED lamp product image

batteries required
energy class A
color temperature 3000 Kelvin
rating The recessed lamp with 3 LEDs with 3.5 of 5.0 stars 142 opinions

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This LED lamp by Lighting Ever can all be used for applications where light is needed, but no power supply is available. It is powered by three AAA batteries that are not included. In the economical consumption of luminaires, the batteries last. The lamps come in threes at an affordable price. Installation is quick and easy, because the lamp has an adhesive backing . Turns is simply pushed into the center of the lamp itself — thanks to low heat no problem.

In any cabinet luminaire are three LEDs installed. The bulbs have a diameter of 68 mm and 21 mm high. Your viewing angle is 120 degrees, so that the small lamp illuminates its surroundings well. With a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin and a color rendering index (CRI) of 85, the light is warm white and makes colors vivid and natural.

The Lighting Ever LED circular luminaire Overview

  • Self-adhesive — immediately usable
  • Can be used anywhere, since batteries
  • Viewing angle of 120 degrees

(The Flexible Lighting) Ever Dimmable LED bar

Lighting Ever Dimmable LED strip - LED lamp product image

batteries required
energy class A +
color temperature 3000 Kelvin
rating The dimmable LED strip with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 115 opinions

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The scope of this product includes three LED bars. With its power consumption of 12 watts, the bars of a fluorescent tube with 24 watts comply. In Set all the accessories, from mounts and connection cables for the installation to remote control. The latter is used for the regulation of the brightness in three stages:100%, 50% and 25%. In the highest setting, the light output is 300 lumens. In addition, a flashing mode in different speeds can be selected.

The tubes are mounted using the screws at the desired location. Since the aluminum strips are very light, they could alternatively be adhered with adhesive tape or the like. The cabinet luminaires can either next to each other are set, where they are linked using a cross connector. Or they are positioned separately from one another, for example above one another. Each is 30 cm long and 3 cm wide. As dimmable recessed lamp, the LED lights areuniversally applicable , whether to illuminate the worktop in the kitchen, as showcase lamps or as a discreet light source in the home.

The Lighting Ever LED Light Bar Overview

  • Three selectable brightness levels
  • Easy and quick installation
  • included Required accessories

(The Warm White) Parlat 2er LED light set

Parlat 2er LED lights set - LED lamp product image

batteries required
energy class A +
color temperature 2,700 Kelvin
rating The 2er LED light set with 4.8 of 5.0 stars 10 opinions

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The set of brand Parlat includes two LED downlights in strip form. These are each 50 cm long, 3 cm wide and 9 mm high. The lamps come with everything needed for installation and operation. This includes a connection cable, a power adapter and tape as per a plug connection for the installation side by side or corner. The bars are made of aluminum , are high quality and look chic. On black tail, a push-button switch is to be connected and ausknipsen. We pressed the switch of the first light, it automatically switches all further strips or off.

With a beam angle of 90 degrees , the LED downlights can be used for many purposes, such as in the kitchen area. The light output of 800 lumens ensures high luminosity. A dimming of the lamps is not possible. The color temperature is 2700 Kelvin ideal for pleasant, warm white light. Both lamps together have a power consumption of 14 watts; the counterpart is an incandescent lamp with 60 Watt.

The Parlat LED Halogen Set Overview

  • Warm white light as a light bulb
  • Life of 15,000 hours
  • All accessories included in the delivery

Recommended accessories for luminaires

Downlights corner connector - LED lamp accessories

Downlights corner connectors

The rectangular corner connectors for flat LED recessed lamps with a voltage of 24 volts.

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Downlights connector - LED lamp accessories

Downlights connector

The practical connector for 24 Volt Downlights with LED technology and flat construction.

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Efficient lighting anywhere

As the above-featured product examples show, there are various versions of lamps to the lower illumination. So these are available in the form of bars, round lamps or tubes. For living rooms, it is of course great to have an LED light with dimmer function, as offered by the company Lighting Ever. The small self-adhesive lamps same brand score with flexibility and easy handling. A large viewing angle and optimum color temperature of 2700 Kelvin distinguish the set of Parlat.

Opposite fluorescent LED strips have the advantage that they do not flicker, neither on power, even during operation. The full brightness is reached immediately and the ignition timing is more than half a second in fact negligible. The low energy consumption and long service life speak anyway for the use of LEDs.

Also convenient is that the lights can be arranged at will. Usually two or more lamps are sold in a set containing all required for this part. Depending on the application, there is the possibility of power or battery operated lights  to use. Thanks to the comprehensive range of LED downlights individual lighting is desired nothing in the way.

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