Top 3: The best LED light tubes in test

LED Light Tube Test 2016

LED light strip in white

Decorative LED tubes in white and colored

With an LED light tube can be as easy to create a great atmosphere like almost any other type of lighting. A light tube is a light string in tubular form . Also to LED strip is a similarity. The tube is however thicker than a chain or a strip.The LEDs are surrounded by transparent plastic, which both a beautiful appearance as well as increased resistance makes.

Light tubes are available in different lengths and are sold in rolled. To select they are in different shades of white and in many bright colors. Some are only suitable for indoor use that but most can be safely used outdoors . LED lights tubes can, for example, be routed along the door frame or the window sill and on cabinets, shelves and other furniture. Outside they provide in the garden, on the terrace and on the balcony, in trees, shrubs and flower boxes for atmospheric lighting.

Compared to conventional bulbs score LEDs, with their long durability and economical power consumption. So light up LED tubes many thousands of hours without being canceled or drive the current Eastern in height.

The LED light tubes compared (Smartfox, Lumira and Nipach GmbH)

Smartfox lights hose 10m
Smartfox lights hose 10m
Lumira Light Tube Warm White
Lumira Light Tube Warm White
Nipach GmbH 10m String Lights
Nipach GmbH 10m String Lights
Award The Flexible The Divisible The Affordable
customer Rating 3.8 stars3.8 of 5 21 Amazon customers
4.1 stars4.1 of 5 138 Amazon customers
3.9 stars3.9 of 5 241 Amazon customers
length 10 meters from 1 meter 10 meters
Number of LEDs per meter 24 36 24
protection IP44 IP66 (hose), IP44 (Adapter) IP44
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Flexible) Smartfox lights hose 10m

Smartfox rope light 10m - LED light tube product image

length 10 meters
Number of LEDs per meter 24
protection IP44
rating The lights hose 10m with 3.8 of 5.0 stars 21 opinions

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A total of 240 LEDs bring this LED light strip for jets. In addition to the warm white version shown here, the products in many colors and also in multicolor available for selection. With a diameter of 13 millimeters, it is a rather slender tube. It is made of flexible plastic and can be in a radius bend to three centimeters . The IP44 rating denotes the tube as splashproof. This makes it suitable for outdoors as well as indoors for.

The entire tube is 11.5 meters long, because of the ten meters of the illuminated part is still the 1.5 meter long cable . Divided into five segments with up to four watts, the power consumption of the whole tube is about 20 watts . The distance between the LEDs is about four centimeters. To operate the connector is simply plugged into the outlet — a switch is not available. From occasional negative reviews aside, the product comes with buyers very well.

The Smartfox LED Tube Overview

  • 240 bright LEDs
  • Splash-proof tube
  • Slim and flexible

(The Divisible) Lumira Light Tube Warm White

Lumira Light Tube Warm White - LED light tube product image

length from 1 meter
Number of LEDs per meter 36
protection IP66 (hose), IP44 (Adapter)
rating The light strip Warm White with 4.1 of 5.0 stars 138 opinions

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The LED light strip from Lumina there except in warm white and cool white and various other colors. The tube is sold in meters , that is, the price is for one meter. Depending on the needs of the product to any lengths can be ordered, with no more than 100 meters to fit a role. Who ordered more, would receive two rollers. Not included in the package are the necessary power adapter and the end cap. Also mounting material is not included. All accessories can also be easily ordered from the product page.

About 36 LEDs are installed per meter. The power consumption is about two watts . The light tube is not only sold by the meter, it can also be well cut . To this end, it is simply cut apart at the desired location. The hose has an IP66 rating, the power adapter is marked with IP44. According to the manufacturer, you can use the adapter only with a rain protective installation box or under a roof. While some customers apparently unlucky not meet their expectations with their product or the light color, fall at the reviews from positive.

The Lumira LED Tube Overview

  • 50,000 hours life
  • Can be easily cut
  • Lightweight and durable

(The Affordable) Nipach GmbH 10m String Lights

Nipach GmbH 10m String Lights - LED Rope Light product image

length 10 meters
Number of LEDs per meter 24
protection IP44
rating The 10 m Light chain with 3.9 of 5.0 stars 241 opinions

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This tubular light string is available in various colors, such as warm white as shown here. The product description is quite short fall — specific information on the protection not found therein. The hose is but thanks to its rugged plastic casing suitable for outdoor use. He is GS-certified. Per meter, there are about 24 LEDs, allowing the light tube is equipped with a total of 240 LEDs.

For hose has a 1.5-meter cable ; therefore it is 11.5 meters long. Power consumption is a maximum of 15 watts . As for the customer reviews, so any number Star is represented, with most customers awarded the highest rating.Unfortunately, some complain a short shelf life of the LEDs. Also for life is no information in the product description. However, the majority of customers praise the light output and energy efficiency. Also, the low price of the LED light tube included power cord speaks for the product.

The Nipach GmbH LED lights hose at a glance

  • GS safety tested
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Low power consumption

Recommended accessories for light tubes

Mounting Clips - LED Rope Light Accessories

mounting clips

Plastic mounting clips for easy installation of light tubes with a diameter 11-14 mm.

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Rail - LED Rope Light Accessories


A 1-meter-long track from the house PENLIGHT® for fixing rope lights.

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Festive light every season

At parties and cozy evenings at home, indoors, in the garden or on the balcony — there are many good opportunities to use an LED light tube. On dark winter evenings he makes as a special atmosphere as in warm summer nights. Light tubes are also very easy to use, robust and flexible .

Thus, the tube stops at the desired location, it takes Crabs . Although these are not included for all of the products shown, but inexpensive to purchase. Inexpensive are the tubes themselves. Most of the best Nipach but big the differences are not. The Lumira hose is sold in meters, can be of advantage, if there is to be a certain length. The other two items are each ten meters long and resemble each other strongly — they have the same number of LEDs, the same diameter and the color selection is almost identical. In Smartfox you can learn more about the product than Nipach, but also needs a little deeper into their pockets.

Important when buying a tube lights are color, length and degree of protection if it is to be used outdoors. About the energy consumption you have to worry when a LED light tube. Just plug and enjoy the light show!

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