Top 3: The best LED lamps (Philips, Philips and Osram)

LED lamps Test 2016

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LED lamps — efficient, durable and safe

LED lamps are an indispensable part of today’s world. Whether in leisure or work, at home, on the road or in places of public life — LED lighting is omnipresent. And for a good reason. In terms of energy efficiency, LED technology is unmatched and makes incandescent light bulbs, but also energy-saving lamps far behind. In addition, the lamps to score with their long service life. The energy saving compared with an LED lamp of a light bulb can be up to 90%.

The electronics and optics of luminaires has been steadily improving in recent years. Meanwhile, there is a range of products that fully convince in two respects. The light produced by an LED lamp is no longer to be distinguished from a light bulb. The same applies to the appearance of the lamps. That there is a little decorative diode in an LED light source, can in no way recognize the modern products.

In direct comparison to energy-saving lamps, LEDs hit particularly well. They include, for example, no toxic ingredients as hazardous mercury. If an LED light falls, which is annoying but not harmful. They also do not require a start-up phase, but donate once sufficient light at full brightness. This applies from the moment of switching, because the existing energy saving lamp delay is eliminated.

The LED lamps Compare (Philips, Philips and Osram)

Philips LED lamp as replacement for 60-watt bulb
Philips LED lamp as replacement for 60-watt bulb
Philips features of the Philips LED replaces 40 Watt
Philips features of the Philips LED replaces 40 Watt
Osram LED Star PAR16 50
Osram LED Star PAR16 50
Award The bestseller The price Tips The spot-winner
customer Rating 4.4 stars4.4 of 5 1189 Amazon customers
4.5 stars4.5 of 5 124 Amazon customers
4.2 stars4.2 of 5 419 Amazon customers
power 9.5 Watt 6 Watt 5.5 Watt
lifespan 15,000 hours 15,000 hours 15,000 hours
Lead time no no no
test read Review read Review read Review

(The best sellers) Philips LED lamp as replacement for 60-watt bulb

Philips LED lamp as replacement for 60-watt bulb - LED lamp product image

power 9.5 Watt
lifespan 15,000 hours
Lead time no
rating The LED lamp as replacement for 60-watt bulb with 4.4 of 5.0 stars 1189 Reviews

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With its classical form the Philips LED bulb looks like a light bulb. The performance is similar to a 60-watt bulb. For this, the lamp fits in a normal E27er version, so that the change made without problems. Thanks to the color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, the light generated is warm white, also just as with conventional bulbs. The big difference is in the energy consumption, which in this Philips LED lamp is particularly low in energy efficiency class A +. Only 9.5 watts of the lamp and thus donates up to 15 years pleasant, color-true light.

The viewing angle of 150 degrees, the LED is ideally suited for all living spaces.The light output is 806 lumens, so the room is perfectly illuminated. Just as diverse are the possible application areas. Wherever used to be a 60-watt light bulb was used, can take over the lighting in the future, the Philips LED lamp.For the living room, kitchen, study and hallway of this lamp is a good choice.Even for the professional environment, such as premises or catering facilities, it is ideal. It reduces energy costs and provides a very positive eco-balance.

The Philips LED housing lamp Overview

  • Performance equivalent to a 60-watt bulb with only 9.5 watts power consumption
  • Pleasant warm white light for large-area illumination
  • No start-up phase or delay

(The price Tip) Philips features of the Philips LED replaces 40 Watt

Philips features of the Philips LED replaces 40 Watt - LED lamp product image

power 6 Watt
lifespan 15,000 hours
Lead time no
rating The features of the Philips LED replaces 40 Watt with 4.5 of 5.0 stars 124 opinions

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With a power consumption of only 6 watts, this LED lamp from Philips brings the same power as a light bulb with 40 watts. Adaptely is equipped with an E-14 socket. The lamp of the energy efficiency class A + convinces with full luminosity, despite exceptionally low fuel consumption. Up to 80% energy can be saved this way. The color temperature is 2700 Kelvin — the optimum value for a white, warm light . A high color rendering ensures natural-looking, beautiful lighting around. Therefore, this LED is being at home like used. In lamps with shade or floor lamps makes them just as well as on the bathroom mirror or in the hallway. Visually it is distinguished by its elegant candle shape.

The service life of up to 15,000 hours speaks for itself. Unlike many energy-saving lamps this Philips lamp is in use, completely silent and unobtrusive.With this product, there are no annoying hum or annoying flicker. In addition, the lamp emits immediately after turning at full force. For use in dimmers or in outdoor lighting this LED lamp is not suitable. But when bulbs indoors, it is ideal.

The Philips LED interior lamp Overview

  • Attractive appearance: candle shape with a smooth surface
  • Long service life of up to 15 years
  • 470 lumens

(The spot-winner) Osram LED Star PAR16 50

Osram LED Star PAR16 50 - LED lamp product image

power 5.5 Watt
lifespan 15,000 hours
Lead time no
rating The LED Star PAR16 50 with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 419 opinions

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The Osram LED Star PAR 16 50 suitable for efficient spotlighting. At home or in the business environment, this LED lamp appears convincing to the point of commercial halogen lamps. Its output equals that of a conventional 50-watt bulb . For the economic production of warm, white light LED PAR Star 16 50 ideal.

LED lights are absolutely insensitive to shock and vibration. They also contain no mercury, making it a safe alternative. The light produced by this lamp also contains no ultraviolet radiation or near-infrared portions. Therefore, the Osram LED Star PAR16 50 is also suitable for the lighting and presentation of sensitive organic products.

The beam angle is 36 degrees — perfect to move individual objects in the right light. Likewise Spotlights targeted use serve to give rooms a special atmosphere. For Dimmer is the Osram LED lamp not suitable. Primarily designed for use in enclosed spaces, the lamp should be used outdoors only in appropriate outdoor lighting. Uses for this LED is about living or party rooms, catering establishments, as well as product presentations of any kind.

The Osram LED reflector lamp at a glance

  • Extremely long service life averaging 15,000 hours
  • Ultra low power consumption — Energy Class A +
  • Sets effective accents in many fields of application

LED lamps are a contemporary light source

LED lamps easy on your wallet and the environment. High lights provide maximum energy efficiency and durability. For this purpose they are versatile and pay off especially where lights remain on for a long time. Extremely low in energy consumption, a LED yet offers all the benefits many consumers seek to incandescent lamps. The vulnerability of energy-saving lamps are lamps with LED technology on the other hand does not exist.

When changing to LEDs requires no familiarization. The lamps fit into the usual E27 and E24 sockets. They are therefore to be distinguished either visually or in the use of light bulbs. This also applies to the color of light. The lamps are available in Warm Whiteavailable and cool white. The color temperature is given in the unit Kelvin. For warm white light has a color temperature of 2700 Kelvin is recommended. Harmful UV radiation provides for LED lights is not a problem.

So there is much that speaks for the use of LED lamps. With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, the purchase is worthwhile in any case.This becomes clear at the latest on the electricity bill. On good quality should be considered when buying necessarily and take the time to compare different products together. Investing in a quality LED luminaire will pay off in the long term. Who is looking for a sustainable form of lighting is just right with LED lamps.

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