Top 3: The best LED diving Torches in Test

LED diving torch Test 2016


LED Torches for clear view under water

When diving light plays an important role, both day and night dives. Finally, one would like to see the underwater well, at any time and under any conditions. As a diver must be able to rely on the air — it provides guidance and serves the security . Without the right light, it is difficult at worst, to rediscover the way back to the entrance. To navigate under water, divers must therefore carry out a reliable lamp itself.

To play it safe, taking a head lamp and a back-light with the water. An LED dive lamp is suitable for both purposes. For the modern LED lighting is the fact that they are particularly bright — a contrast to conventional underwater lights, which makes itself felt in sub-water use. Also of advantage is the longer burn time . Since LEDs consume far less energy, keep the batteries remarkably long.

LED underwater lights are often available in the size of a flashlight. This handy size makes it a practical companion for all dives. Many of the lamps are equipped with a strap or a handle. With the large selection of dive flashlights it should not be difficult to find a suitable model.

The LED Torches Compare (Scubapro, Real Power and reef)

Scubapro Nova 700
Scubapro Nova 700
Real Power Pro Diving
Real Power Pro Diving
Riff TL 3000 MK 3
Riff TL 3000 MK 3
Award The easy The Light The Compact
customer Rating 5.0 stars5.0 of 5 3 Amazon customers
3.9 stars3.9 of 5 22 Amazon customers
4.2 stars4.2 of 5 5 Amazon customers
weight 262 grams 420 grams 798 grams
Several levels of brightness
test read Review read Review read Review

read Review»>(The Light) Scubapro Nova 700

Scubapro Nova 700 - LED Diving lamp product image

weight 262 grams
Several levels of brightness
rating The Nova 700 with 5.0 of 5.0 stars 3 opinions

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The mentioned in the product name number 700 refers to the lumen number, with which the light output of these LED dive light is given. In the Nova 700 is a very handy, lightweight inspection lamp, the 44 x 220 mm and measures 262 grams. It consists of very resistant anodized aluminum . Grip and lamp head are made of shock-proof rubber. Shape and structure of the lamp handle is designed so that the flashlight is always well is submerged in hand. Further, the hand strap with snap hook ensures that you do not lose the lamp in the water.

Turns the lamp head is simply rotated. For the operation you need three Type-C batteries, not included in this order. With a set of batteries, the diving flashlight donate about ten hours of light . With a color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin, the light is cold white. The underwater lamp is sealed with two O-rings and easily used to a depth of 300 meters. From Buyers of products obtained very good reviews.

The Scubapro LED diving flashlight at a glance

  • High quality
  • Fits comfortably in your hand
  • Battery operation possible

(The Bright) Real Power Pro Diving

Real Power Pro Diving - LED Diving lamp product image

weight 420 grams
Several levels of brightness
rating The Professional Diving with 3.9 of 5.0 stars 22 opinions

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For dives up to 100 meters depth, this powerful underwater lamp is suitable. It is equipped with a convenient handle. While the hand clutching the lamp body, the Finger up in the provided recesses. So the lamp can be comfortable to wear even during long dives. Four CREE XM-L L2 LEDs provide impressive brightness , which can be adjusted in two stages. At maximum power, the LED dive light with strong 6,800 lumens light. Thus one should even cave diving have no vision problems. If necessary, you can reduce the brightness by sliding switch.

The lamp weighs 420 grams and measures 22.5 x 12.5 x 6.5 centimeters. Made of sturdy aluminum is made, it is scratch resistant and also takes in collisions no harm. Moreover, protects double O-ring seal reliably against water ingress.It is operated dive light with 2 batteries type 26650, which are not supplied.Even if they are not to have cheap, you should definitely pay attention here on batteries with high quality. Most customers are completely satisfied with the Professional Diving.

The Real Power LED underwater lamp Overview

  • High brightness
  • Two brightness levels
  • LED service life of about 100,000 hours

(The Compact) Riff TL 3000 MK 3

Riff TL 3000 MK 3 - LED Diving lamp product image

weight 798 grams
Several levels of brightness
rating The TL 3000 MK 3 with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 5 opinions

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This bright immersion lamp is equipped with three bright CREE XM-L T6 LEDs.Weighing 798 grams, it is built quite compact. The brightness can be adjusted in two stages, so that the lamp lights alternatively at full or half strength. In addition, there is a flashing light mode , which may be in emergency situations of use. At full power, the lamp gives approximately one hour of light.Six hours it takes until the battery is fully charged. The light is cold white with a color temperature of 6,500 Kelvin.

Pleasant is the wide beams, similar to a bright spot lights in the center and a progressively weaker toward the outside. Thus, the light creates excellent visibility underwater. Who would prefer less spot lighting, can complete the dive light through a diffuser that diffuses the light in a wider angle.Unfortunately, the product description is not particularly explicit, so few details, such as the lumen number or depth based, is missing. However, the customer reviews fall mainly positive.

The reef LED Diving lamp Overview

  • Two brightness levels plus flashing
  • Spot with wide beam
  • Also ashore helpful

LED Diving Flashlight in various versions

Primarily a diving torch must of course completely waterproof to be and the pressure under water withstand. Moreover, a good luminosity must be given, preferably in two stages. In addition, the lamp should not be too hard and well in the hand.

The price range for diving Flashlight is quite large. Here are a good 120 Euro between the cheapest model from Scubapro and Reef Light. However, the latter also provides two levels of brightness and Strobolicht and is overall much brighter. The Scubapro Lamp scores highest with a low weight and a possible use depth of 300 meters. Lightest lit the second lamp, which reached at the highest level a light output of 6,800 lumens.

Important criteria when buying a LED dive light, the brightness, the operating depth , the weight and burn time . Also on the form and the manner in which the lamp is held, you should worry about. Some divers prefer a hand grip, while others cope better with a simple loop. As for the cost, you can quietly spend a little more for a head lamp. As emergency lamp the other hand are also inexpensive models with lower power and only a brightness level.

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