Top 3: The best LED daytime running lights in the test

LED daytime running test in 2016


LED daytime running lights increase safety

Almost nowhere the right light is as essential as the road. A reliable, bright lighting also increases day safety and gives a good feeling when driving. More and more motorists are discovering the benefits of modern lighting technology and opt consistently for an LED daytime running light (also abbreviated TFL).This provides a high light output with low energy consumption . LEDs are also significantly more durable than conventional halogen bulbs: Your life is up to 100,000 hours.

Further, shock resistant LEDs, so that they are not harmed in any vibrations during driving. The small size and low weight of LED daytime running lights favoring an Easy retrofitting what conventional bulbs not often done so easily. For a small LED lamp is easy to find a suitable mounting location on the vehicle.

A bright LED daytime running lights not only improve their own visibility when driving, it also ensures to be seen by other road users makes. Natural addition to safety also plays optics involved. On this point, the LED lighting can convince. The market offers many attractive lamps in various designs. Good reasons for a LED daytime running lights.

The LED daytime running lights compared (Unitec, AEG Automotive and Philips)

Unitec 77084 DRL
Unitec 77084 DRL
AEG Automotive Daytime Running Lights LK 18
AEG Automotive Daytime Running Lights LK 18
Philips 12831WLEDX1 DRL 9
Philips 12831WLEDX1 DRL 9
Award The Functional The Powerful The Moderne
customer Rating 3.5 stars3.5 of 5 11 Amazon customers
4.0 stars4.0 of 5 215 Amazon customers
4.3 stars4.3 of 5 29 Amazon customers
length 19 cm 20 cm 12.5 cm
number of LEDs 24 36 9
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Functional) Unitec 77084 DRL

Unitec 77084 daytime running lights - LED daytime running lights Product Image

length 19 cm
number of LEDs 24
rating The 77084 daytime running lamps 3.5 of 5.0 stars 11 opinions

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24 LEDs provide at Unitec DRL for the right light. Its power consumption is about 6 watts. The LED strip is 19 centimeters long and 8.0 centimeters high.According to the manufacturer it can easily connect to the car battery. Adetailed guide gives all the necessary information about installation, use and safety. With the E-mark and the RL-labeling of products corresponding to the existing regulations for use in road traffic.

Furthermore, the LED daytime running lights is characterized by its practical functioning of: If the engine is started, it automatically turns on. Turning off the engine proceed accordingly from the lights. Likewise, they will turn off as soon as you activate the night light. Most customer reviews fall out good.However, there are also critical voices. This fault the durability of the LEDs or indicate that they flicker after a short time. The low price, the existing approvals as well as the modern appearance speak for the product.

The Unitec LED Automotive Lighting Overview

  • E and RL-Labelling
  • Low energy consumption
  • Detailed Instructions

(The Powerful) AEG Automotive Daytime Running Lights LK 18

AEG Automotive Daytime Running Lights LK 18 - LED daytime running lights Product Image

length 20 cm
number of LEDs 36
rating The daytime running LK 18 4.0 of 5.0 stars 215 opinions

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This AEG daytime running light is made up of two groups of 18 power LEDstogether. The lamp housing is 20 centimeters long, 4 wide and 2.9 high. The light is also suitable for cars, with 12 volts operating voltage, such as for trucks with 24 volts. The power consumption is 4.5 watts. For self-assembly capable of items comes as a complete kit including cables and manual with information on installation and operation. When mounting the adjustable conversations in handy.

The electronics for controlling is already integrated, so no need for a separate control unit is. Thanks to modern LED technology, the TFL lights very bright. In addition, it has a position light . Thus, a dimming function is meant which take effect automatically when the headlights are put into operation. According to the manufacturer, the daytime running lights can be taken into the car wash.However, some customers complain that the housing is leaking and water collects therein. Generally the product is rated but quite positive.

The AEG Automotive LED daytime running lights at a glance

  • Modern optics
  • Easy to install
  • Meets ECE R7 and R87

(The Modern) Philips 12831WLEDX1 DRL 9

Philips 12831WLEDX1 DRL 9 - LED daytime running lights Product Image

length 12.5 cm
number of LEDs 9
rating The 12831WLEDX1 DRL 9 with 4.3 of 5.0 stars 29 opinions

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A brand DRL from Philips. Nine modern high-performance LEDs ensure good visibility and visibility in traffic. According to the manufacturer it is thanks to the wide-angle light field even more seen. The TFL measures 12.5 inches in length, 2.3 in width and 3.1 cm deep. Both the front cover as well as the entire housing, and the connections are protected from external influences and resistant.

The LED daytime running lights is ECE R87 approved. The installation options are variable, which means that the lamp can be mounted at different angles. In addition, they can be installed in almost any vehicle model. A new mounting system is the particularly simple installation make. Most of the clients the daytime running light Philips receives retrofit the best possible rating. Really bad reviews there is none. So it appears as consider the slightly higher-priced LED daytime running light, what it promises. It is a pure DRL — a dimming function when using the low beam does not exist.

The Philips LED DayLight Overview

  • High quality
  • the latest generation LEDs
  • Fits almost any car

Optimum visibility, even in daylight

Who see others and himself wants to be perceived, will decide sooner or later for a daytime running light. A lamp with LED technology is the best choice . The also know the manufacturers who increasingly use these modern form of vehicle lighting and bring it to market. In some European countries, daylighting is already required by law. If you drive, for example by car on holiday, you are prepared with a daytime running lamp.

The three products described above are similar in some respects. A bright LED lighting always looks modern and evaluates the vehicle’s looks . The AEG-light has a position light, in contrast to the other two. The highest price, but also the best rating has Philips product. The TFL of Unitec is inexpensive and can convince most customers. However, eventually she is in this article, the question of durability.

The vehicle equipped with an LED daytime running light is certainly useful. In contrast to the low beam consumes a daytime running light with LEDs very little fuel . A greatly increased consumption is therefore not to be feared. A reduced risk of accidents does.

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