Top 3: The best LED chain lights in Test

LED light chain test in 2016

A sea of light

Beautiful lights for any occasion

Lights are a simple means by which a large effect can be achieved. The many small lights create easily an atmospheric ambience. For this, they are suitablefor any occasion , whether party, dinner with friends or a cozy evening at home. They can be used in many places — to the door frame, on window sills, on shelves, as table decoration or in trees and shrubs.

Lights coming throughout the year for use. In winter, they serve as Christmas lights, during the summer it can be used on the balcony or in the garden party.An LED light chain ensures many hours of beautiful light. Battery Operated copies not even needed for a power source.

On the market, LED lights found in various designs. Customers have a choice of different lengths and white colored products. Some lights are fitted with simple lights, others have shapes such as hearts, flowers or figures. Regardless of the appearance a string of lights with LEDs will shine much longer and consume much less power than a provided with bulbs. Since the LEDs do not get hot, they can also safely attach or lie everywhere.

The LED lights compared (Idena, Lights4fun and Lights4fun)

Idena 30 LED Christmas Lights
Idena 30 LED Christmas Lights
Lights4fun wire Micro Lichterkette
Lights4fun wire Micro Lichterkette
Lights4fun Rose Fairy Lights
Lights4fun Rose Fairy Lights
Award The Battery Operated The bestseller The Romantic
customer Rating 4.2 stars4.2 of 5 177 Amazon customers
4.0 stars4.0 of 5 127 Amazon customers
4.5 stars4.5 of 5 102 Amazon customers
operation 3 x AA batteries 3 x AA batteries power connection
number of LEDs 30 20 30
switch available
test read Review read Review read Review

(The battery powered) Idena 30 LED Christmas Lights

Idena 30 LED Christmas Lights - LED light chain product image

operation 3 x AA batteries
number of LEDs 30
switch available
rating The 30 LED lights with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 177 opinions

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The wireless light string of Idena is particularly versatile because it is powered by batteries. Three matching AA batteries are required for this purpose. These are not included. The chain is through their wireless use not only very practical, but also inexpensive and will like to buy it. The 30 LEDs produce a warm white light that’s comparable to that of incandescent lamps with. The diameter of the light-emitting diodes is five centimeters.

The transparent chain is four and a half feet long. The distance between the individual LEDs is 15 centimeters. This light string is only suitable for use indoors. This is a simple chain of lights without additional functions. As the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews show that most buyers are satisfied with the product. Some complain that the fairy lights had not worked during delivery or that the luminosity be declining too fast. Others, however, see no defects and are excited by the warm light .

The Idena LED interior light chain at a glance

  • Battery operated, therefore usable anywhere
  • Transparent cable
  • Good price-performance ratio

(The bestseller) Lights4fun wire Micro Lichterkette

Lights4fun wire Micro Fairy Lights - LED light chain product image

operation 3 x AA batteries
number of LEDs 20
switch available
rating The wire Micro lights with 4.0 of 5.0 stars 127 opinions

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Delicate and subtle acts the 20-light string of brand Lights4fun. In the pearly version it produces warm white light. There they are, however, in cool white, blue, red, green, pink and stained. Through the flexible coated wire, the chain can be easily wrapped around each object. The LED light chain is one meter long, of which the lead 28 centimeters takes up. The 20 lamps so distributed among the remaining 72 centimeters.

It is operated lights with three AA batteries, which are not included. Buyer should be aware that the battery case as compared to the chain is relatively large. Apart from the Mini-lights chain is versatile, for all kinds of decorations , such as festive wreaths or to vases and other objects optical upgrades. Thanks to the thin silver wire the lights fall more striking than the actual chain. Since LEDs do not get hot, the design possibilities are greater.

The Lights4fun LED mini lights chain at a glance

  • Pretty little Christmas Lights
  • Up to 30 hours of continuous operation possible
  • Versatile

(The Romantic) Lights4fun Rose Fairy Lights

Lights4fun Rose Fairy Lights - LED light chain product image

operation power connection
number of LEDs 30
switch available
rating The Rose lights with 4.5 of 5.0 stars 102 opinions

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This LED light string makes when turned off still head turner. It is equipped with 30 roses made of foam, which have a diameter of three and a half centimeters. The chain measures 5.90 meters, three of which meters are used conveniently as a power cable. The cable is silvery-transparent. For product includes a 31-volt transformer — for the operation therefore must be in a socket in the vicinity. A switch the lights chain has not.

The LEDs produce a pleasant warm white light. In addition, the article also in pink is available — especially nice for the girls room. In both colors the Rose Garland is romantic and playful. The use of substances is near thanks to the LED technology completely harmless . The chain is therefore suitable for various decorative purposes, whether at the bedside or at windows with curtains. Customer fairy lights replaced almost exclusively reviews with five and four stars.

The Lights4fun LED Rose Garland Overview

  • Very decorative even when not turned on
  • High quality
  • Soft, cozy light

The variety of LED lights

Great is the variety of decorative LED lights. Already show the three featured products, the versatility of the product range. Not for nothing are enjoying the lit chains very popular, and has long since not just at Christmas time . Particularly useful are battery powered items as of Idena and Lights4fun. You bring light in every remote corner.

The Micro-light string is not for large-area lighting, but in order to put decorative diverse objects in the scene. Creative people are in this article have their joy. Rather classic fairy lights of Idena comes. It offers no extras, but is particularly inexpensive and a good choice for those who want a simple LED light string.

A completely different optics has the Rose Fairy Lights of Lights4fun. With its superbly crafted flowers is also unlit yet effective. Most customers are certainly enthusiastic. As different as the design of the presented products as diverse is the entire world of LED lights.Since for every purpose and every taste.

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