Top 3: The best LED camping lights in Test

LED Camping Lamp Test 2016

Powerful lights for campers and outdoor enthusiasts

Among the most beautiful things when camping it belongs, in the evening to sit outside long. For this one is good camping lamp indispensable. You sleep in a tent, light is also needed there. Just slightly larger tents as family tents, must be well lit, so that one can find his way and does not have to laboriously search for everything with the flashlight.

LED camping lights are a modern and effective form of lighting for these purposes. They offer the great advantage endure very long. The consumption of the LEDs is extremely low, so that the lamps provide light reliably over a long period. They light up when needed very bright . Mostly two brightness levels are available. Most camping lanterns are powered by batteries. Just as all the opinion of our best camping lamps.

Since the LEDs are very small, the light should not be particularly large.Accordingly, there are handy, relatively lightweight models that can also be carried easily in a backpack. In addition, most lanterns are provided with a convenient carrying handle, with which they can be taken anywhere down or attached to the tent dome. LED lamps are a useful addition to any camping equipment.

The LED lamps Camping comparison

LiteXpress, Varta and TaoTronics

LiteXpress CAMP 33
LiteXpress CAMP 33
Varta LED Camping Lantern
Varta LED Camping Lantern
TaoTronics Camping Lantern
TaoTronics Camping Lantern
Award The Powerful The Practical The bestseller
customer Rating 4.3 stars4.3 of 5 6 Amazon customers
4.5 stars4.5 of 5 155 Amazon customers
4.7 stars4.7 of 5 221 Amazon customers
light output 530 lumens 300 lumens 30 lumens
Required batteries 3x mono-D 3x mono-D 3x AA
Burn time min. 17 hrs. 72 hrs.
Battery life max. 300 hrs. 150 hrs. 55 hrs.
weight 858 grams 422 grams 122 grams
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Powerful) LiteXpress CAMP 33

LiteXpress-CAMP-33-AnLiteXpress-CAMP-33-OnLiteXpress-CAMP-33 Warm WhiteLiteXpress-CAMP-33 Cold WhiteLiteXpress-CAMP-33 Candle
LiteXpress-CAMP-33 from

light output 530 lumens
Required batteries 3x mono-D
Burn time min. 17 hrs.
Battery life max. 300 hrs.
weight 858 grams
rating The CAMP 33 4.3 of 5.0 stars 6 opinions

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The green-black camping lamp LiteXpress similar in design to that of Varta.Also this case consists of a plastic housing and in the lower part of predominantly rubber. With a height of 18.5 cm, this model has one of the larger camping lamps. The lamp has four light modes and three color temperatures: The main light in the upper part of the lamp is produced by twelve LEDs and can play with neutral white, cool white and warm white light.Additionally, there is a candlelight function which ensures a pleasant atmosphere.

For operation of the lamp are required three 1.5 volt D-cell batteries, which are not contained in the product range. At the highest level, the light output reaches 530 lumens with a burn time of 17 hours. With a reduced brightness (50-70 lumens), the illumination time is extended to 300 hours. Without the removable lamp head, the lamp lights up even brighter. In the bottom there is a device for hanging the lantern. For this purpose, a plastic hooks are included.

The LiteXpress LED camping lamp Overview

  • 5 year warranty for defects
  • Lantern light and portable spotlight
  • Strong light output

(The Practical) Varta LED Camping Lantern

Varta 4W LED Camping-AnVarta 4W LED Camping-On
Varta 4W LED Camping-off

light output 300 lumens
Required batteries 3x mono-D
Burn time min. 72 hrs.
Battery life max. 150 hrs.
weight 422 grams
rating The LED Camping Lantern with 4.5 of 5.0 stars 155 opinions

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From the company Varta comes this bright camping lantern. Three LEDs provide a high level of brightness. The headlight is about ten meters. As with the other LED camping lights can also be in this two brightness levels and a flashing mode to adjust. Power is supplied with 3 Mono D batteries which are not supplied. According to the manufacturer, a battery charge lasts about 72 hours at full intensity and 150 hours at reduced brightness. But here it is certainly on the quality of the batteries.

The lantern is made of ASB plastic and splashproof. The base of the lamp is made of non-slip rubber. The design allows two types of application: First, it can be quite normal portrayed or worn on Henkel. Second, the bottom is provided with a hook with which the lamp can be conveniently hung. This can be done transparent slimming lampshade so that an effective ceiling lighting creates.

The Varta LED tent lamp Overview

  • Very bright with 4 LEDs
  • Could be used as tents lamp without shade
  • Compact and robust

(The bestseller) TaoTronics Camping Lantern

TaoTronics LED Camping Lamp-OnTaoTronics LED Camping Lamp For
TaoTronics LED Camping Lamp Off

light output 30 lumens
Required batteries 3x AA
Burn time min.
Battery life max. 55 hrs.
weight 122 grams
rating The camping lantern with 4.7 of 5.0 stars 221 opinions

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This lamp is a real space saver . What it foresaw other camping lights: They can be folded. In small format, it represents a handy round luminaire, with a glass LED lens in the middle. In this state, they can as a torch used and be comfortably stowed. It measures collapsed just 50 x 86mm. Folds to them apart, a 13.5 cm high camping lantern showing a white, transparent lamp body.

The light output is 30 lumens . Two brightness levels and a flashing light are available. Three AA batteries are required and must be purchased separately.The LEDs have a remarkably long life of up to 100,000 hours. With an IP 43 splash the lamp keeps standing, but is not completely waterproof, even if that is misleading since in the item description. The numerous customer reviews are almost invariably positive. It is a practical, robust and powerful LED lamp for outdoor activities of all kinds.

The TaoTronics LED camping lamp Overview

  • Cooperation or expanded usable
  • LEDS with very long life
  • Only 1 Watt power consumption

LED in the dark
Flashlight mode
Pop Strap
Lens for Flashlight
Unfolded Lantern
Taken Collapsed state

Recommended accessories for camping lights

Varta Longlife D Mono 6-Pack 1,5 Volt - LED Camping Lamp Accessories

Varta Longlife D Mono 6-Pack 1,5 Volt

Unfortunately camping lamps are rarely equipped with the right batteries. Reason is certainly that these 1.5 volt batteries are not the best. However, we have found from the brand Varta an inexpensive package with 6 Longlife Mono D batteries, used in our tests and recommend this hereby further.

Currently € 8.26 * at

Frequently asked questions about camping lights

Is there camping lights with solar panels?

charged with solar

Yes. A lamp with a very good rating is for example: the SMARSTAR Solar Camping Lamp Ultra Bright 36 LED. It has 36 LEDs with a burn time of 100,000 hours. The charging time is 6 hours. Other charging options are a crank dynamo and a car charger. The lamp has a light weight of about 300g. The solar panel is made of polysilicon. Another good lamp is the Village Boom with Nichia LEDs. The LED’s provide 185 lumens and have a burn time of 3-4 hours. Praised be the small price and good performance.

How much lumen should have a lamp for camping use?

Brightness in lumens

To see when camping something you need at least 150 lumens. However, most camping lamps have about 300-600 lumens . So you can illuminate a camping good. However, it also depends on what all is to be illuminated. Is it only a small tent, then rich and 50 lumens, it is then enough to read something. In a soccer field floodlights have comparatively more lumens. This is in the 5-digit lumen area. When camping therefore more than 1000 lumens will be sufficient for maximum illumination.

Have camping lights also recharge?

Rechargeable batteries

Camping lamps can be charged in many different ways: Some lamps have solar panels that in daylight, the batteries can recharge. There are also lamps with a dynamo , which makes a hand crank for power. With a few twists we have some hours of electricity. Furthermore, some lamps provide charging facilities to via USB. Others can be charged via the power connector in the car. There are also camping lights that work with petroleum or gas, to but a gas canister or petrol must be taken to recharge.

Are there LED Camping Lantern with a 220V outlet?

Wall outlet

Per outlet can also load various camping lamps. An example is the 36er LED Camping Lantern from Emanhu Trading. She has a connection for 220 volt outlets . Given one cable is required, which must be purchased separately. Another example would be the LED Solar Camping Lantern SV034 from the Apollo brand. You can be charged with a crank, equipped with an outlet and solar panels. The 50 cm long power cable for charging via outlet is provided as an accessory.The required voltage is 5 volts.

How safe are gas lamps compared to running on electricity?

gas Bio

When gas lamps must be paid to the breakage of the lamp, because with shocks they can wear out quickly. The so-called gas-mantle in the lamps are very sensitive . Unfortunately, the stability of which has in recent years not much increased, so gas lamps are rather seen as old-fashioned. Further need for change, full gas cartridges are taken that weigh more than batteries. Another security flaw is the risk of ignition of camping gear through a toppled gas lamp. Therefore, electric-powered lamps, to bring forward the gas lamps in terms of safety. Romantic but are rather the gas lamps.

Lightweights and Power lights

Tent illuminated at night

Not only in camping holidays, but also for other outdoor recreational activities such as fishing trips or visits Festival, led camping lamps serve as a reliable light source. They provide a lot of light, are not hot, are durable and resistant.

When choosing a camping lantern there Miscellaneous observed to find the right lamp for the respective needs. If one is looking for an especially light lamp, the models of TaoTronics and Daffodil are a good choice. The TaoTronics lamp can be superbly packed in a rucksack. If there should be a bit bigger and a strong light output is required, the lamp of LiteXpress is particularly interesting. It is equipped with four high-power LEDs. Similarly, but more compact and less powerful is the specimen of Varta.

The benefits of camping lanterns with LED technology are numerous: they are easy to handle, safe, extremely economical and have different functions and settings. They also look very modern. Therefore, it is not surprising that delight LED camping lights growing popularity.

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