Top 3: The best LED book lights in the test

LED Book Light Test 2016

Mobile reading lights illuminate books and eReader

Mother reads book with children LED-powered book lights are suitable for use at home and on the go. This particular form of reading lamp works as clip light — the little lamp on a book or clamped unlit e-reader . Even the music stand can be useful. Power is supplied either by batteries or rechargeable batteries.

In many ways, LED book lights are extremely practical: they are small, lightweight and can be easily carry and stow. Reading the beam falls exclusively on the book; the environment remains thereof generally unmolested, so that the partner or seatmate is not disturbed. The movable neck makes it a precise positioning of the lamp . Even the low purchase price speaks for LED clamp lights — there is plenty of light for little money.

The characteristics of the LEDs turn out when mobile reading lamps to be particularly useful. Their small size allows very small lamps which are still very powerful. Thanks to the low power consumption of an LED reading light is also ideal for longer trips or camping.

The LED book lights compared (Wedo, and VARTA Lighting Ever)

Wedo Mobile Reading Lamp 2541001
Wedo Mobile Reading Lamp 2541001
VARTA Reading Lamp Book Light
VARTA Reading Lamp Book Light
Lighting Ever Portable LED Book Light
Lighting Ever Portable LED Book Light
Award The bestseller The Light The Individual
customer Rating 4.5 stars4.5 of 5 850 Amazon customers
4.1 stars4.1 of 5 75 Amazon customers
4.0 stars4.0 of 5 217 Amazon customers
Rechargable  —  —  +
Several levels of brightness  —  —  +
test read Review read Review read Review

Wedo Mobile Reading Lamp 2541001

When viewing this LED book lamp is initially striking the extra long gooseneck eye. With a length of 20 centimeters, it can easily be brought into any desired position. In addition to black, the article is also available silver. As the presented first, has also this clip light on a stand so that it can be simply put down as needed. The clip can three centimeters wide open to , so the Wedo reading lamp comes for thicker books in question.

To operate three AAA-size batteries are needed which are included. According to the manufacturer, the lamp will donate 60 hours of light in continuous operation . A battery change is therefore only rarely required. The product has been sold and often receives too many very good customer reviews. Some buyers report loose contacts that occurred after some time. Judging by the high number of reviews but there are a few critical voices.

The Wedo LED Booklight Overview

  • Attachment clip with extra large barrier width
  • Langer, flexible gooseneck
  • Low consumption — long luminosity

Wedo Mobile Reading Lamp 2541001 - LED book lamp product image

Several levels of brightness
rating The Mobile reading lamp 2541001 with 4.5 of 5.0 stars 850 opinions

VARTA Reading Lamp Book Light

The brand product from Varta is powered by two button cells. The first set of CR2032 batteries included. A five-millimeter LED provides bright light that is sufficient in any case to read. Some customers find the light even as too bright. Thanks to a wide beam angle is the illumination nice and even, so that theentire book illuminated is.

The 15-centimeter-long neck can be bent in all directions. So you can adjust the reading light perfectly to the individual needs . After about 26 hours of operating time, the batteries must be changed. The majority of buyers assessed the LED book lamp with five stars and praised the strong light output and low weight. Moreover, there are in each stage individual reviews. A multi-mentioned point of criticism is the battery compartment, which therefore will not let open and close itself. So here some fine motor skills may be required.

The VARTA LED reading light at a glance

  • High brightness
  • Uniform illumination
  • Light and handy

VARTA Reading Lamp Book Light - LED book lamp product image

Several levels of brightness
rating The reading lamp Booklight with 4.1 of 5.0 stars 75 opinions

Lighting Ever Portable LED Book Light

The model of the house Lighting Ever is provided with a rechargeable battery.To recharge, you need a USB cable and a power adapter , which are supplied with the order. The troublesome replacement of batteries is therefore necessary at any time. A feature of this clip light is that they can clamp not only to books, e-reader, laptop or shelves, but also can stand on their own. Thus, various applications are possible

Also positive are the two brightness levels. Due to their technology LEDs are very bright. A reading lamp, whose light intensity can be adapted to the respective conditions, brings a clear advantage here. In combination with the flexible neck, this allows a very precise alignment of the light cone . When the battery is fully charged, the lamp lights up to 8 hours on the high level of brightness and 16 hours at low light intensity. Charging takes two and a half hours. The light color is for reading pleasant daylight white. For the buyers, the product cuts mostly very well.

The Lighting Ever LED lamp Travel Overview

  • Clamp light with pedestal
  • Rechargeable — Accessories included
  • Two brightness levels

Lighting Ever Portable LED Book Light - LED book lamp product image

Several levels of brightness
rating The Portable LED book lamp with 4.0 of 5.0 stars 217 opinions

Recommended accessories for book lights

Varta AAA batteries - LED Book Lamp Accessories

Varta AAA batteries

Cheap brand of batteries with 2 4-packs AAA Longlife batteries which are compatible with the Wedo reading lamp.

Currently € 3.97 * at

Varta button cell batteries - LED Book Lamp Accessories

Varta Button cell batteries

A very favorable set of button cell batteries from Varta, consisting of 5 battery with a capacity of 230 mAh.

Currently € 3.27 * at

What must a clip light can?

A good LED book lamp is to create a suitable for reading light and not be overly bright, but not too dark. Furthermore, they must be able to align precisely and stable in the set position remain. The clip light should also not be too heavy. Ideally, the pages of the light cone illuminates completely without brighten the environment. Another quality feature is the light duration .

The featured products all have their strengths. One advantage of Lighting-Ever-Light is the regulated brightness. Those who prefer to charge to change his lamp instead of batteries, is also right here. Extra long luminosity promises the book lamp Weda. Your clip can be opened wide and the long neck allows a variety of settings and applications. The book Light of the brand Varta delivers extremely bright light and distributes it very evenly.

As is often the product purchase, it also comes with LED book lights depends on what you put the greatest value as a customer. The key is the use . If the reading light such as on an e-reader, a book or both to use? As a mobile reading light but really does not cost much, you can hardly go wrong.

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