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LED bicycle lights Test 2016


More safety on the bike

In the bicycle lighting LEDs are the ultimate today. Who runs regularly bike, especially at dusk or darkness, needs a really good lighting. Finally it comes to their own safety on the road. Even when driving in difficult terrain, mountain biking or in the forest, it is important to be able to see the road ahead properly. The choice of bicycle lamps should therefore not be left to chance.

Two factors largely determine the quality. On the one hand this is the light output of the lamp. The light generated must be sufficient light for the respective purposes. Who is much in the dark on the road, needs a corresponding lighting strong lamp. The second point is the battery life .Generally, it is this: The stronger the light, the more energy is required, which causes battery depletes.

The best LEDs can convince completely in two points. They are both very bright and very low energy consumption. To be perfectly seen on the wheel and saw, LED bike lights is the optimum solution.

The LED bike lights comparison (Sigma Sport, SAVFY and Sigma Sport)

Sigma Sport Lighting Kit Micro Combo
Sigma Sport Lighting Kit Micro Combo
SAVFY Q5 Cree LED Zoom bicycle light
SAVFY Q5 Cree LED Zoom bicycle light
Sigma Sport Lightster / Cuberider II
Sigma Sport Lightster / Cuberider II
Award The small The Adjustable The Powerful
customer Rating 4.0 stars4.0 of 5 732 Amazon customers
3.9 stars3.9 of 5 141 Amazon customers
4.3 stars4.3 of 5 471 Amazon customers
Roadworthiness approval
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(The little) Sigma Sport Lighting Kit Micro Combo

Sigma Sport Lighting Kit Micro Combo - LED Bike Lights product image

Roadworthiness approval
rating The light set Micro Combo with 4.0 of 5.0 stars 732 opinions

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The set consists of two small lights — one white and one red. The use as bicycle lamps for front and rear is therefore obvious. However, the lamps are not StVZO approved, not officially declared fit for use in road traffic. Thus, since it depends on the purpose and on personal standards of the product.

The Micro-lights each weigh 20 grams and come with a strap and an adjustable Velcro per piece. So that they can be fixed to thicker as smaller objects. Also around the arm adjust the lamps so that so that they can carry around while running. Two CR 2032 batteries per lamp are included in the set and can be changed without tools. The burning time of the lamp is connected to up to 50 hours indicated. For better visibility, the lamps have a flashing mode. A special lens should also help to be seen from the side better. It is operated by a click switch in the center of the top.

The Sigma Sport LED Micro Lights Overview

  • Flexible mounting options
  • Light and handy
  • Protected against splashing water

(The Adjustable) SAVFY Q5 Cree LED Zoom bicycle light

SAVFY Q5 Cree LED zoom Bicycle Light - LED Bike Lights product image

Roadworthiness approval
rating The Q5 Cree LED Zoom bicycle light with 3.9 of 5.0 stars 141 opinions

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These LED bicycle lights comes with bracket for mounting on the handlebars and a rear light, which is equipped inside with 5 LEDs. The front lamp producesvery bright light and illuminates the way before a reliably. The taillight is slightly less high speed, as some buyers criticize. With the included bracket, the front light can be mounted in minutes on the handlebars. The lamp itself is then inserted there. It is therefore also be used separately as a flashlight. To the tail lamp, the holder is already installed.

The power supply is handled by two AAA batteries, which are not included. The designation as a complete set so not quite right here. Nevertheless, the lamp is offered at a very reasonable price. In addition, the power consumption is withseven watts extremely low, so that keep the cost of batteries is limited. The zoom setting determines how far the light shines. This is regulated by turning the front part of the lamp. Thus, the light can be adapted at any time with one hand while driving. The zoom ranges from x1 to x2000. Different sized dots serve to orientation. In addition to the permanent light, a flashing mode is present.

The SAVFY LED bicycle light at a glance

  • Easy to use
  • Can also be used as a flashlight
  • Good quality for low price

(The Powerful) Sigma Sport Lightster / Cuberider II

Sigma Sport Lightster / Cuberider II - LED Bike Lights product image

Roadworthiness approval
rating The Lightster / Cuberider II with 4.3 of 5.0 stars 471 opinions

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Those who opt for the set of Sigma, can immediately cycle going, because it contains everything you need cyclists to get around safely in the dark. The main product is a bright front light , the Lightster. Also at the rear light was thought — for this the Cuberider II is provided, which contains five LEDs. Finally, 2 AAA batteries, 4 batteries and a charger can include. With this set every cyclist is ready for the road, as confirms the roadworthiness approval of LED bike lights. The front and side emitting light ensures that you will not be overlooked.

The installation is easy and without any tools. Per click bracket , the lamp is attached and can also be easily removed again. Thus, the lamp does not slip, it is equipped with special pads. The most important thing is the illuminance.With their 20 Lux front light brings a lot of light into the darkness. The burning time of Lightster is about 20 hours that the backlight 60 hours.

The Sigma Sport LED complete set at a glance

  • Suitable for road highway legislation
  • Particularly bright with modern LED technology
  • Uniform illumination

Frequently asked questions about bicycle lighting

Which lamps are recommended? Halogen or LED?

Advantages over incandescent lamps

A matter of taste … and so the answer. Both halogen and LED bicycle lights have their advantages over the Dynamo.Even in its basic characteristics, the lamp types do not differ. LED lamps is often said to have a greater luminosity. Even in their battery performance they seem to exceed the halogen lamps. Halogen bulbs require full battery power for a good visibility and light result. If the battery pack, so much too quickly and rapidly the light output of halogen bicycle lamps.

How much Lux is useful for a bike light?

Battery life LED

The lighting at the bicycle is measured in lux. This indicates how much light falls on a surface, such as strong and light so that specific surface is illuminated. Since the Lux number is closely related to the surface to be illuminated, they are not necessarily information about the brightness of the own bicycle lamp. How much Lux at a bike-light therefore makes sense is difficult to answer. 40 to 60 Lux are common.

Are bicycle lamps allowed without Dynamo offroad?


Yes. Operated bicycle lamps That means Dynamo, now belongs almost to the past. Considering the fact that LED and Aufstecklampen no fault of their own the cyclists light the way, can be described as progress of technology. Dynamo was then.
But there are also LED and halogen lamps, which are operated by Dynamo. A newfangled combination and integration of old technology. For the nostalgic among cyclists.

Why ride LED bicycle lights in the rain?

Bike ride-rain

Basically yes. It is here, however, to pay attention to the product to the manufacturer, because there may still be differences in the models. Basically, LED bicycle lights are but wassrdicht and keep yourself strong rain was. With LED bike lights you drive even in Strum, snow or thunderstorms through the area.

Is there a law when the bike light is to turn?

law-for-bike light

Unfortunately, it requires also a written record of law and common sense ‘. There is a law that gives us Ausunft about when to ride bicycle light and when not. It is § 17 (1) of the Highway Code, which defines exactly when is to ride on bicycle with light or not … namely at Twilight in the dark or when visibility would otherwise require ‘. From when it dawns precisely course is always in the eye of the beholder. As unwritten ‘Directive shall apply to it to orient whether (1) street lighting yet to have and (2) at more than 50% which located in road users also burn the lights.

Strong light for perfect vision

Even for little money there is effective LED bike lights to buy, which is perfectly adequate for many purposes. Just as the inexpensive two-party set of Sigma Sport. The bulbs are small but bright and can be useful not only in cycling. The Q5 branded SAVFY provides equal is two products in one, namely, flashlight and bicycle lamp. Thanks zoom function, the light can be perfectly adapted to the visibility conditions.

Through modern LED technology , a brightness is achieved, the other lights usually can not afford. Depending on how often, at what time and where you are traveling by bicycle, the bicycle lighting can not be bright enough. Moreover, it is advisable to fit choose the lamp to the individual requirements.

It makes a big difference if you drive mostly in the woods or on busy roads. The question is whether the view or visibility is paramount. To be seen, a lamp with flashing mode is definitely an advantage. When choosing an LED bike lights such considerations should be decisive. Then there is also the optimum lamp for maximum safety and unrestricted driving pleasure.

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