Top 3: The best LED battery lights in Test

LED battery lamp Test 2016


Powerful battery lights for flexible use

Battery lamps are a particularly flexible illumination. They are always ready to hand and ready for immediate use, no matter where and what. Accordingly, they are characterized by a compact size and a light weight — perfect for various activities, in particular craft Style Straight mechanics, technicians, craftsmen and DIYers use the Work Lights regularly..

The battery makes the Universal lighting a useful tool when working and pottering. Wherever the lighting is insufficient or no exists, donates a handy battery light the necessary light. So you can even the most narrow placeeffectively illuminate . In general, the lamps can be kept also be positioned or hung in both the hand is.

Advanced Battery indicator lamps are distinguished by their remarkably bright light. Another advantage is the low power consumption, from which a long duration of the battery results. A change or recharge is thus rarely necessary.LED battery lights are available in different shapes, lighting levels and price ranges, so that someone can find the right product for any purpose.

The LED battery lights compared (Bosch Professional, Brennstuhl and Yato)

Bosch Professional GLI Deci
Bosch Professional GLI Deci
Brennstuhl 20 + 3 universal lamp
Brennstuhl 20 + 3 universal lamp
Yato 30 + 7 Workshop lamp
Yato 30 + 7 Workshop lamp
Award The Flexible The Cheap The Powerful
customer Rating 4.9 stars4.9 of 5 63 Amazon customers
4.8 stars4.8 of 5 41 Amazon customers
4.6 stars4.6 of 5 7 Amazon customers
Dimensions 13.9 x 5 x 6.8 centimeters 10 x 6.8 x 3.5 centimeters 38.2 x 9.8 x 6.8 centimeters
weight 400 grams 145 grams 503 grams
battery included   +   +
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(The Flexible) Bosch Professional GLI Deci

Bosch Professional GLI Deci - LED battery lamp product image

Dimensions 13.9 x 5 x 6.8 centimeters
weight 400 grams
battery included
rating The GLI Deci with 4.9 of 5.0 stars 63 opinions

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This LED lamp battery scores with its strong light output, and many uses. Ten LEDs emit in two brightness levels and reach up to 350 lux . Thus, the compact lamp is very suitable as a replacement for a small construction lights. Weighing only 400 grams including the battery, it is also nice and light. A battery is not part of the product scope. However, this allows you to choose the power of the power supply itself, in the form of batteries with 1.5 ampere-hour (Ah) to 4 Ah.If one uses a battery with 2 Ah, the term is at the highest level for six hours.

Toll is also the variable mounting options. On the stand, the work lamp stands firmly and securely and can be tilted up to 200 degrees. The base also has ahook for hanging up the lamp and a carabiner is present. Furthermore, the lamp is equipped with a powerful magnet fitted. Then one looks at even the very good customer reviews on, it becomes clear that this is an absolutely quality LED rechargeable lamp in this product.

The Bosch Professional LED Worklight Overview

  • High brightness in 2 stages
  • Flexible mounting styles
  • Resistant and durable

(The Cheap) Brennstuhl 20 + 3 universal lamp

Brennstuhl 20 + 3 Universal Light - LED battery lamp product image

Dimensions 10 x 6.8 x 3.5 centimeters
weight 145 grams
battery included
rating The 20 + 3 universal lamp with 4.8 of 5.0 stars 41 opinions

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First safely falls the attractive price of these LED rechargeable lamp eye.Behind it a product that can also convince in performance and functionality hidden. The lamp only weighs 145 grams and is very handy. Altogether it contains 23 LEDs. On the front side 20 form the main light with a light output of 105 lumens . Additional three LEDs are located at the top, where they light at an intensity of 18 lumens emit. It is operated via a simple pressure switch.

The required three AAA batteries are included in the product scope. If the batteries are full, the lamp is operated for six hours. A particularly high flexibility is achieved through the various attachment possibilities. The battery light is provided with a handle, with which they either placed or hung can be.This hook can be moved through 360 degrees. The built-in magnets, the bracket has a further fastening. The customer ratings fall extremely positive.

The Brennstuhl LED rechargeable lamp Overview

  • 3 additional LEDs in the lamp head
  • Flexible mounting styles
  • Great price-performance ratio

(The Powerful) Yato 30 + 7 Workshop lamp

Yato 30 + 7 Workshop light - LED battery lamp product image

Dimensions 38.2 x 9.8 x 6.8 centimeters
weight 503 grams
battery included
rating The 30 + 7 workshop lamp with 4.6 of 5.0 stars 7 opinions

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This LED rechargeable lamp sitting 30 super bright LEDs on the front, where they are the main lamp. More 7 LEDs are located at the top of the lamp head.With a full battery, the burn time of the main lamp is four hours , only the smaller light field is used, the battery will last 15 hours. Four to five hours it takes to fully charge the battery. Supplied with an adapter and a car adapter.The required NiMH battery must be ordered separately.

There are two fold-out hook and two at the back of the battery lamp magnets .Moreover, can the orange part of the bottom of the lamp also show and as abase to use. With a low weight of around 500 grams, the lamp can be easily held and transported in hand. Priced the product is in the middle range. From buyers the lamp gets very positive reviews.

The Yato LED work lamp Overview

  • LEDs with 13,000 mcd brightness
  • Flexible mounting styles
  • With car adapter on the go

Light, efficient universal lights

The market offers a variety of LED battery lights that try to outdo each other in terms of brightness and portability. The products shown here are similar in their construction. All three also offer a variety of fastenings and can be operated in two stages.

With the highest number of LEDs, the workshop air of NATO awaits, namely with 30 plus additional 7 priced, it is between the other two. In this regard, is the unbeatable Brennstuhl light. Also it is divided into a large light field (with 20 LEDs) and an auxiliary light(with 3 LEDs). The battery lamp Bosch has only an LED array, this can but in two brightness levels can be set. This work light costs the most, but also has much to offer. So it is very robust and can be mounted in various ways.

It is not difficult to find a reliable and flexible usable Worklight. And you do not even deep into their pockets for it. A decision on a LED battery lamp, it has a tough, durable and energy efficient product that also scores with particularly bright light.

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