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LED bathroom luminaire test in 2016

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LED bathroom lighting for ceilings and walls

In the bathroom several types of lighting are often combined to create optimal at any point lighting conditions. In almost every bathroom there is at least onewall or ceiling light . A useful addition are mirror lights, which are mounted above or beside the mirror. This site is dedicated exclusively here laid down for ceilings and walls LED Bathroom lighting.

The bathroom is a wet room where regular steam and water splashes occur.Accordingly, a bathroom luminaire must protected from water exposure be.To determine whether a lamp is on the degree of protection (IP )  to be recognized. This is indicated by two digits. The first provides information on the protection against the ingress of foreign bodies such as dust and dirt. In terms of water, the second digit is relevant. An LED bathroom luminaire should have the protection IP43 (protected against spray) or IP44 (splash-proof).

Is the protection clarified, it also depends on the optical system, both in terms of the lamp itself and in terms of their brightness and color . Badlampen are often round or square and are therefore in a classic or modern design emphasizes. As a light color, a pleasant warm white is recommended. How much light is needed depends on the size and color of the bath.

The LED Bathroom lighting compared (Hofstein, Nordlux and TL 24)

Hofstein ceiling lamp Sora
Hofstein ceiling lamp Sora
Nordlux bath lamp
Nordlux bath lamp
TL 24 wall light Savona
TL 24 wall light Savona
Award The Chic The Light The Square
customer Rating 4.6 stars4.6 of 5 24 Amazon customers
4.4 stars4.4 of 5 18 Amazon customers
4.2 stars4.2 of 5 60 Amazon customers
light output 880 lumens 1,050 lumens 810 lumens
power consumption 12 Watt 12 Watt 10 Watt
protection IP44 IP43 / 44 IP44
color temperature 3,000 Kelvin 3,000 Kelvin 2,700 Kelvin
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Send) Hofstein ceiling lamp Sora

Hofstein ceiling lamp Sora - LED bathroom luminaire product image

light output 880 lumens
power consumption 12 Watt
protection IP44
color temperature 3,000 Kelvin
rating The ceiling lamp with Sora 4.6 of 5.0 stars 24 opinions

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The ceiling lamp Sora impresses with its attractive design. It consists of two rings of brushed aluminum. In the middle of the two rings is a polycarbonate cover, through which appear the bulbs. The lamp measures 29 centimeters in diameter and is 8.5 centimeters high . In particular, on the ceiling, it looks very chic. In the unmounted state, it does not look as high according to some customer testimonials. Of which one need not be put off because of the bathroom ceiling can visually completely convince the lamp.

With a power consumption of 12 watts a light output of 880 lumens is achieved. The color temperature is 3000 K, so that the light looks warm white.With the IP44 protection it can be safely used in the bath. Many very good customer reviews speak for the bathroom luminaire quality of this LED . In addition to the embodiment shown here, the Sora-ceiling lamp is also available with anything other than design and more intense version.

The Hofstein LED bathroom lamp Overview

  • Attractive appearance
  • Pleasant warm light
  • High energy efficiency

(The Light) Nordlux bath lamp

Nordlux bath lamp - LED bathroom luminaire product image

light output 1,050 lumens
power consumption 12 Watt
protection IP43 / 44
color temperature 3,000 Kelvin
rating The bath lamp with 4.4 of 5.0 stars 18 opinions

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With its power consumption of 12 watts, this LED bathroom luminaire corresponds to a light bulb with 75 watts. Visually, the round Nordlux lamp appears rather simple: It consists of a steel ring and a plastic cover. Optionally, the bath lamp can on the ceiling or wall to be attached, ensuring that the mounting designed without any problems. The IP43 / 44 shows them to be suitable for damp locations.

In diameter the lamp measures 28.5 centimeters. With a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin, the light is warm white. The light output is 1050 lumens, theviewing angle 130 degrees . The best location is the wall and ceiling lamp forsmaller bathroom to ten square meters . Just as well she does in hallways, closets and stairwells. The customer reviews fall out almost exclusively positive. Those looking for a solid LED bathroom luminaire for a not too large bathroom, found in this product a fairly priced model.

The Nordlux LED Ceiling Light Overview

  • Strong light output
  • Easy installation
  • Good price-performance ratio

(The Square) TL 24 wall light Savona

TL 24 wall light Savona - LED bathroom luminaire product image

light output 810 lumens
power consumption 10 Watt
protection IP44
color temperature 2,700 Kelvin
rating The wall lamp with Savona 4.2 of 5.0 stars 60 opinions

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For the wall, this lamp is just as good as for the ceiling. By their square shape, they can be hung variable. The dealer offers the lamp without bulbs and including one or two LEDs. In the presented variant a LED with 10 watts included. This has a bulb shape and corresponds to a 60-watt bulb . As required, the lamp can be equipped with two LEDs with 18 watts. Those who want to purchase the lamps separately, should pay attention to the E27er version.

With a 10-watt LED the bathroom luminaire comes on a light output of 810 lumens. The color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin for a warm, cozy light makes.The lamp measures 28.5 x 28.5 centimeters. The viewing angle is 240 degreesand provides good room illumination. In large bathrooms should have recourse to two LEDs and more of these lamps. The majority of customers are convinced of the performance and quality of this LED bath lamp.

The TL 24 LED bathroom luminaire Overview

  • 30,000 hours life span
  • Energy efficiency class A +
  • CE-certified

LED Badlampen in various versions

Our product range is rounded and angular bathroom lights in various designs. Of course it depends on the purchase on the personal taste and the interior style of the bathroom. It is worthwhile to look closely at the light output. The higher the lumen number, the brighter the lamp . In LEDs, this is in fact more important than the specified wattage. When choosing bathroom lighting should always take into account the size of the room. In addition, a dark tiled bathroom for a brighter lamp requires as an all-white.

The brightest of the lamps shown here is from Nordlux. It is the lowest-priced product and differs visually from the other two. The appearance of the models Sora and Savona is characterized by the combination of metal and plastic from. Features like the power and color temperature are similar for all three articles.

In the bathroom, the lighting should be perfect. In the personal care, applying makeup and styling and while relaxing in the bath a pleasant light is important. It should in no way be dark or garish be. LED Bathroom lighting provide bright light with very low power consumption. With the right light output and color temperature can be the lighting in the bathroom optimally tune.

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