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LED Backlight Test 2016

TV backlight

Great lighting effects for the home

LED backlights wear light and color in the domestic premises. Such backlightbrings the TV to the beam and ensures atmospheric lighting in the living room.The backlights are uncomplicated to use and versatile. So can achieve impressive effects with simple means. Especially like LED backlight is used in TV sets. If desired, it lights up behind the screen white or colored.

Equally good can be illuminated decorative other areas, such as shelves, cabinets or stairwells using LED backlights. Usually are different colors to choose from, which can be adjusted with a remote control. By pressing a button, the atmosphere can be changed as desired — depending on which lighting is being preferred. For a nice ambience and a certain entertainment factor a backlight LED is therefore a good option.

When attaching the background lights there are different possibilities. Often isLED strip , English LED Strips, which are available in various lengths. These are mostly self-adhesive and can be adhered directly to the desired area. Another variant consists of fluorescent tubes, which are a separate attachment material such. B., fixed with associated terminals. Backlit with LED technology are available in various designs, which are often sold in one convenient kit with the necessary accessories. So everyone can find easily from our selection of the best LED backlights the appropriate lighting for its equipment or its purpose.

The LED backlights compared (minify, Revoltec and X4-Life)

minify RGB backlight
minify RGB backlight
Revoltec SMD-LED backlight
Revoltec SMD-LED backlight
X4-Life LED strip with USB port
X4-Life LED strip with USB port
Award The LED strip set The Allrounder The Uncomplicated
customer Rating 4.1 stars4.1 of 5 644 Amazon customers
4.2 stars4.2 of 5 171 Amazon customers
4.4 stars4.4 of 5 27 Amazon customers
length 6 x 30 cm + 2 x 40 cm 15 inches / 38.1 cm 51.5 cm
color number 16 3 million 7
test read Review read Review read Review

(The LED strips set) minify RGB backlight

minify RGB backlight - LED backlight product image

length 6 x 30 cm + 2 x 40 cm
color number 16
rating The RGB backlight with 4.1 of 5.0 stars 644 opinions

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In this backlight Company minify is self LED Strips. The tape used adheres particularly well by the manufacturer, so that the lights should remain stable on any surface. The strips come in a complete package with everything that goes with it: A remote control is also part of the set as the connecting cables and the appropriate power supply. Contained six strips with 30 cm length and two 40 cm long. In this embodiment, the backlights are optimal for TV size 42-60 inches, ie 107-152 cm. The beam is in this case 120 degrees. In addition, the set is also available for smaller and larger TVs.

In handling the system presents particularly user-friendly — in a short time the backlight is operational. It need only the strips glued to the desired location, then wired together and finally connected to the power supply. All other settings are made with the infrared remote control. The color selection includes the spectrum of the colors red, green and blue (RGB) and neutral white light. To each of the three primary colors remaining color shades can be selected. Thus, turquoise or violet light is, for example, yellow, possible. There is also a dimmer function and four color changing effects . Aside from the TV Strips can provide colored lighting accents elsewhere as well.

The minify LED Strip Overview

  • Very easy to use
  • Set contains everything you need
  • 16 colors plus white light for selection

(The all-rounder) Revoltec SMD-LED backlight

Revoltec SMD-LED backlight - LED backlight product image

length 15 inches / 38.1 cm
color number 3 million
rating The SMD LED backlight with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 171 opinions

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In backlight set Revoltec everything is what it takes for decorative lighting of your own home. It consists of two SMD tubes and a connector, which is designed for up to six tubes, so that the basic package can be easily expanded.Furthermore includes a remote control and a receiver with infrared technology and an external switching power supply to the set. Also suitable mounting materials in the form of clips are included. The bar has a length of 15 inches, which corresponds to 38.1 cm. The viewing angle is 120 degrees. In addition to colored light, the backlight can also produce white with different color temperatures can be set.

With regard to the color selection this backlight offers almost limitless possibilities . It allows up to three million gradations. Seven self-generated color creations can be saved. Furthermore, the interplay of colors can be variously programmed. A color change can take place after two, four or six minutes. The transitions are either normal or extra gentle. When Breathe effect colored light is alternately stronger and weaker. The color selection can take place automatically or switch between seven stored favorite shades. The LED Backlight Set SMD-15 allows a total of a highly individual, versatile handling.

The Revoltec LED SMD tubes Overview

  • Practical Sleep button to pre-programmed shutdown
  • Very precise color shades possible
  • Set expandable to six SMD tubes

(The Uncomplicated) X4-Life LED strip with USB port

X4-Life LED strip with USB port - LED backlight product image

length 51.5 cm
color number 7
rating The LED strip with USB port with 4.4 of 5.0 stars 27 opinions

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The LED strip for the brand X4-Life is characterized by its playful little application of. The 51.5 cm long strip is self-adhesive and thus mounted in no time at the desired device. Then it is connected through the USB port directly to the TV. To power therefore a free USB port on the TV set is required.Accordingly, the light shines when the TV is turned on. Nine SMD light emitting diodes ensure this optimal lighting. As consumers expect from LEDs, the power consumption is extremely low, despite strong performance.

All settings are made via a switch on the bar — a remote control does not exist.In all simplicity yet there are some options available. So you can choose between seven colors: white, orange, red, green, light and dark blue and violet.Thanks to the eight programs comes during the color change will not be bored. The intensity of light is controllable in two stages. Thus one does not have to enter it each time his favorite setting, there is a memory function. The X4-Life LED strip is still created primarily as a backlight for the TV, but can also be used at any other point. The only prerequisite is a USB port.

The X4-Life LED TV backlight Overview

  • One product that contains all the functions
  • Automatically turns along with a TV set
  • If no external power supply or power socket

Recommended accessories for backlights

minify extension cable - LED backlight Accessories

minify extension cord

Two practical 4-pin extension cable for minify backlight with a length of one meter.

Currently € 9.96 * at

Aluminium cable channel - LED backlight Accessories

Aluminium cable channel

High quality aluminum cable duct incl. Assembly material with a length of 30, 50, 75 and 100 cm for stowage of cables, which lead to the TV.

Currently € 29.90 * at

Frequently asked questions about backlights

How do I mount a LED backlight Set with optimal results?


Depending on the application (TV, furniture, pictures, room lighting, outdoor lighting) LED-backlit sets are supplied in different dimensions and rigid or flexible. In any case, the rigid bar or the flexible band is behind the object or space to be illuminated by the supplied double-sided tape to install, that only the light but not the light source is seen. In addition to sufficient distance from the wall to pay (min. 5 cm) in order to achieve a sufficient effect of light beam. The greater the distance to the wall, the greater the exposed area and vice versa. This effect can be further enhanced if the LEDs do not illuminate the wall vertically, but at an angle facing outwards (from the irradiated object out). In most applications, however, this requires additional design effort.

What are the areas of application of such systems?


LED backlight systems can in principle be used in indoor and outdoor applications. When used outdoors, such as Christmas lights at home, is on the proper degree of protection (min. IP44) must be ensured. Next, a distinction in flexible strips or rigid strips. The rigid bar is easier to assemble and is particularly suitable for the backlight rectangular objects, such as TV, pictures, cabinets etc. Flexible belts are rather used where special playful space forms are also to be emphasized, for example in bars, discos etc. A special applications are LED strips which are connected via a USB interface to the television. This switch on the television on and off, which is usually the last setting of the light source is stored.

What are the main differences compared to the Ambilight?


There are really only a difference of Ambilight: LED backlight does not vary depending on the TV screen or in general of the ambient light . An LED backlight set always consists of the lamps (LED band or strip), a control unit and a remote control, possibly even a power supply. With the remote control unit is controlled or programmed — depending on their functionality. This means that the LED backlight can be controlled individually and the ambient light or the TV picture independently. Color selection sequences, and effects can be very different depending on the technical specification.

Do I need a special TV for automatic backlight?

TV / Television

Automatic LED backlight within the meaning of Ambilight does not exist. The only automatic function with LED backlight is that it is one with the TV on and off again. This is accomplished by coupling the power supply of LED backlight sets to the TV via a USB interface. In these embodiments, there are included so no power supply, but only a USB cable, which must be connected to the TV. All that the TV needed therefore is a USB interface.

What are the advantages and disadvantages in the use of SMDs as LED strips?

An advantage

Advantage of SMD’s as a light source is at the forefront of ultra-low power consumption with very high luminosity.Energy efficiency is therefore unbeatable in SMD’s. This is accompanied by the minimum heat output of SMD’s. When mounting LED strips or LED strips fire protection is not an issue. Minimum clearances from combustible materials such as wood, are therefore not observed. A mounting on or in furniture, and wooden frame in an unrestricted manner.

Only significant disadvantage of SMD LEDs — besides the cost factor — is in its solid mounting / soldering on the carrier material (light band or strip). So Defective SMD LED can not be easily replaced. Due to the very long life and high reliability of SMD LED’s this disadvantage into perspective very quickly.

Backlight — not only for the TV

For products from the LED backlight, there are different priorities. Some are particularly easy to use, while others offer maximum options in terms of color selection and program sequences. Common to all is the use as entertainment lighting , especially at home.From cozy, dim light for the quiet evening of television up to atmospheric party lighting here everything is possible. Operation is quite simple, so should present the play of light and color to every user, even without prior experience, from the outset joy.

First Try probably satisfies a backlight with a few functions, such as the LED strip of X4-Life. For those who do not care for a huge color selection or special adjustment features, this competitively priced product is also a good choice. A few more shades of color provides the set of brand minify. The backlight set Revoltec finally leaves nothing to be desired and brings limitless design possibilities. Those who want to make the home ambiance professional and especially individually, is correct in this backlight.

Whether in color or in pleasant shades of white — LED backlight enjoys as part of modern interior design gained popularity. No wonder they are versatile, flexible and easy to install and operate. This type of backlight is as contemporary as smart and can always be changed at will.

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