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LED Aquarium Test 2016


Powerful LED aquarium lighting

In an aquarium lighting plays a central role. The right light is vital — for the fish as well as for plants. It is important to create the best possible conditions so that the whole system works without limitations. Here is the growth of the plants suggested that algal development contrast curbed.

Moreover, optical factors of importance. The lighting should be a pleasant light produce, so the aquarium looks appealing. Finally, in the effort to design the water landscape. The right lighting is the aquarium and its inhabitants in scene and makes the object catch the eye.

For the LED Aquarium lighting different shapes are available. So there are narrow strips and wider cover or top luminaires. The lights are available in different lengths, light levels and light colors available. LED aquarium lights take the place of fluorescent tubes today. Modern technology has many advantages, especially the longer life and significantly lower energy consumption. In addition, LEDs are extremely powerful. Some lamps have next to white LEDs and blue for night lighting.

The LED aquarium compared (Facilla®, AquaLight and Fluval)

Facilla® lighting white and blue
Facilla® lighting white and blue
Aqua Light Hi-Lumen aquarium Luminaire
Aqua Light Hi-Lumen aquarium Luminaire
Fluval lighting Aqua Life & Plant
Fluval lighting Aqua Life & Plant
Award The Cheap The Powerful The Powerful
customer Rating No rating 4.1 stars4.1 of 5 87 Amazon customers
4.2 stars4.2 of 5 18 Amazon customers
length Aquarium 50-70 cm 60-80 cm 120-145 cm
number of LEDs 72 78 696
power consumption 11 Watt 18 Watt 45 Watt
test read Review read Review read Review

(The Cheap) Facilla® lighting white and blue

Facilla® lighting white and blue - LED Aquarium product image

length Aquarium 50-70 cm
number of LEDs 72
power consumption 11 Watt

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An important feature of the aquarium lamp is their low power consumptionof eleven watts. The lamp measures 50 inches in length, 10 in width and 2 in height. It is suitable for aquariums from 50 to 70 centimeters in length. At this size it achieves a proper light output. Use the included bracket, the lamp is mounted on the aquarium so that it sits a few centimeters above the glass.From there they illuminated the inner workings of uniform. 60 white and 12 blue LEDs either together or only in the blue moonlight mode.

The power supply and the holders are of course included in the package. The majority of customers are satisfied with the lamp. Chance of processing of the plastic case or the power supply is faulted. The cover over the LEDs only limited protection against splash offer. However, one should bear in mind that it is a very inexpensive product is with a relatively high light output and low power consumption.

The Facilla® LED aquarium lamp Overview

  • Low power consumption
  • Very bright LEDs
  • Day and night light

(The Powerful) Aqua Light Hi-Lumen aquarium Luminaire

Aqua Light Hi-Lumen Aquarium Luminaire - LED Aquarium product image

length Aquarium 60-80 cm
number of LEDs 78
power consumption 18 Watt
rating The Hi-Lumen aquarium Luminaire with 4.1 of 5.0 stars 87 opinions

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Even this light is by using the enclosed bracket mounted on the lid of the aquarium . As the name suggests, it is a very bright lamp. The light output of this model is proud 2,100 lumens; the light is but to have different versions.With a length of 57.2 centimeters, it is suitable for 60 to 80 centimeters long pool. Furthermore, the lamp is 12.5 centimeters wide and 2.3 centimeters high.

This LED aquarium lights with 72 white and 6 blue fitted LEDs. While the blue as moonlight can be switched separately, this does not apply to the white — they only light up in combination with the blue. The change from day to night light can not be regulated by the connected switch, but must be done via the switch manually. The power consumption is 18 watts. With few exceptions, the products only receives good reviews. For the extremely high light output, the price is surprisingly low.

The Aqua Light LED Aquarium Light Overview

  • Particularly strong light
  • Day and night light
  • Good price-performance ratio

(The Powerful) Fluval lighting Aqua Life & Plant

Fluval lighting Aqua Life & Plant - LED Aquarium product image

length Aquarium 120-145 cm
number of LEDs 696
power consumption 45 Watt
rating The lighting Aqua Life & Plant with 4.2 of 5.0 stars 18 opinions

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For freshwater aquariums , this lamp is Fluval. The version shown here fits pool with a length of 120-145 cm; smaller versions are also available. Aquarium of the appropriate size are completely illuminated. The light bar consists of 696 LEDs. By combining five different LED bandwidth the growth of plants to be optimally promoted. In addition to red and blue light-emitting diode lamp includes in three different color temperatures 3000-15000 Kelvin. The overall color temperature is specified with 5,200 Kelvin.

With a power consumption of 46 watts a light output of 3,475 lumens is achieved. As is also the case with other LED aquarium lighting, can the blue night light switch manually. With the closed housing , the lamp will not be damaged should they again fall into the water. Use the flexible fastening brackets can be adapted exactly to the size of the bowl, the lamp. The customer ratings fall out mixed, most buyers will send the story but. Certainly the expectations are particularly high for a higher-priced product.

The Fluval LED lightbar Overview

  • For large aquariums
  • LEDs in five bandwidths
  • Promotes plant growth

Frequently asked questions about aquariums

How can an aquarium lighting with LED technology to build itself?

build lighting devices

Fundamentally the Eigenbau an LED aquarium lighting can be divided into three areas. First, the Housing should be noted, depending on the design can be chosen between LED Overtank and LED downlights. Secondly, make sure that sufficient power supply, the required power cable should have at least one cable cross section of 0.5 mm. Finally, the LED type to determine. Meanwhile can be found on the market numerous LED versions with different light spectra and luminosity. Exclusively high-power LEDs are suitable for the aquarium area, therefore should the homemade necessarily be paid to sufficient cooling.

Which output in lumens should have LED aquarium lights?

Power LEDs

To determine the correct number of lumens of LED lighting, need to distinguish between a fresh and salt water aquarium. The plants and fish in freshwater aquariums usually require a not so great light spectrum and high lumens numbers like saltwater tanks. An average freshwater aquarium, with normal vegetation and fish stock, is made with 15 to 25 lumens per liter of water. In the demanding marine aquariums, however, should be paid to an output of 25 to 40 lumens per liter.

If the illumination of the aquarium with LEDs for eyes?

See with the eye

Basically, any is too light set lighting permanently damage your eyes. It does not matter to which lamps are. Too much or incorrectly set LED lighting is not harmful, but very unpleasant for the eyes. But be careful with the high-power LEDs now available with reflectors. These powerful LEDs can achieve a malicious glare when direct eye contact.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Overtank against downlights?

Before and discuss drawbacks

The installation and the Aufsetzbeleuchtung are the two most common lighting modes in aquariums. An inset light is usually of an aluminum frame with pre-made versions for lighting. These practical light strips are mainly used in self-built lighting. The ballast required is directly integrated inside the frame section. In an OTL other hand, is a kind of hanging lights, which is set by special Aufsetzhalter on the aquarium. This creates an open pool. The decisive advantage of this design is that much more LEDs in the same space can be used without express too much heat to the pool. Therefore Overtank are ideally suited for saltwater aquariums.

May also be RGB LEDs use? Or it hurts the fish?

A small fish

RGB LEDs come in three colors with red, blue and green LED per. Using this method, up to 1.7 million color shades can be produced. These special RGB-LEDs are used mainly to pleasant colors in the aquarium to produce and are not suitable as the main lighting. The LEDs are used as mere additional lighting in order to illuminate different areas of the aquarium vary. High-quality RGB LEDs stimulate perfectly the plant growth and counteract the growth of algae, also can be adjusted depending on the species the best possible light spectrum.

Lots of light and rich colors

When buying a LED lighting for the aquarium there are several things to consider. For example, some are designed specifically for fresh water, other suitable for sea water or both. The decisive factor is the size of the basin . The lamp must not only fit, but should illuminate the entire aquarium. The number of LEDs and the specified in lumens give information about the brightness of the aquarium lamp.

The lamp of AquaLight and Fluval are both very bright. Although Facilla light has less LEDs than that of Aqua Light, but is also smaller, yet very light. The light beams of Fluval is equipped with LEDs in different colors, covering a broad spectrum of light. So the best conditions for that are photosynthesis of aquatic plants created. However, this light has its price.

LED aquarium lights are the colors of the fish and plants lifelike again. Furthermore, it offers the advantage of less heat. Thus, the water does not heat up and the sensitive ecosystem of the aquarium is not disturbed. Perhaps the best reason for LED lighting in the aquarium: The change can significantly reduce the power consumption.

Proper lighting is one of the most important factors in the aquarium technology. At the present time, the energy-efficient LED technology is becoming increasingly popular compared to the conventional halogen lighting. The advantage is obvious, modern high-power LEDs have an average energy efficiency of 150 lumens per watt and can be adjusted by the broad light spectrum perfectly to the needs of different types of aquariums.

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